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Fueled by OpenAI, ATLAS.ti revolutionizes qualitative data analysis – bringing you AI-driven research tools for light-speed insights. Discover what's new: 🚀


Intentional AI Coding – Customize your research with precision

Let our AI seamlessly create tailored and precise codes to align perfectly with your specific needs, all on autopilot. Leverage the cutting-edge ChatGPT technology of OpenAI and ensure results reflect your specific objectives and maintain scientific rigor.


Conversational AI – Chat and interact with your documents

Revolutionize how you interact with your data through natural conversation. Our Conversational AI feature for ATLAS.ti Web allows you to query, clarify, and extract key information from your documents using an intelligent AI chatbot – operating on the breakthrough technology of OpenAI's ChatGPT.


AI Coding – Gain qualitative insights in minutes instead of weeks

Stop wasting time and uncover valuable insights in a fraction of the time compared to other software. With AI Coding, you can say goodbye to endless manual coding and hello to AI-driven results on autopilot – driven by ChatGPT's famous model from OpenAI.

Fine-tune AI Coding – Take control of your AI Coding results in ATLAS.ti Desktop

With our new slider control in ATLAS.ti Desktop, you can now customize the granularity of AI Coding results based on your specific needs. Propelled by OpenAI's ChatGPT technology: Get fewer, broader categories or more fine-grained, nuanced ones with just a click.

AI Summaries – Turn your research data into summarized insights

Discover a faster way to extract crucial information with AI Summaries – the latest innovation for ATLAS.ti Desktop on Mac and Windows. Powered by the technology behind ChatGPT from OpenAI, you can simplify your qualitative analysis and get summarized insights fast.

AI Code Suggestions – Make coding more intuitive and insightful

Dive deeper into your qualitative data and save time with this feature that provides you with AI-driven code suggestions as you code. Empowered by OpenAI's ChatGPT model, you can streamline your workflow and explore your data from new perspectives.

More AI features for faster results

Discover our fully self-developed AI features without the use of OpenAI technology.

Benefit from better results with Smart Search
Instead of searching for every single word, you can directly search for synonyms and all their inflected forms or leverage regular expressions to tailor your search precisely to your needs.
Utilize Opinion Mining for deeper insights
Take sentiment analysis to the next level and explore the most important aspects in your data. Opinion Mining helps you understand where your analysis should develop next - blazingly fast.
Get a fast overview with Named Entity Recognition
Natural language processing finds words that are probably a named entity, i.e. a named place, a person, or an organization – without the need to manually search and code them individually.
Understand emotions with Sentiment Analysis
Advanced natural language processing helps you determine the sentiment in your data with high accuracy. Maintain full control of the results and adjust your findings anytime.
Find connections with Concept Search
Simply run a concept search to find the most mentioned nouns in a document as well as associated words. Identify what kind of segments you coded and if there is a pattern.
Make visible what matters with Word Cloud
Instantly analyse important words and filter out the clutter. Use word types, base forms, thresholds and stop lists to create beautiful word clouds that focus on what matters most.
AI Data Security and Privacy at ATLAS.ti

Find out about our multilayered security approach that provides peace of mind knowing your data is in good hands.

Connecting with OpenAI for maximum impact

At ATLAS.ti, we believe that AI will revolutionize data analysis by increasing speed and efficiency. As a pioneering software company in our field, we have integrated OpenAI's leading GPT model for AI-driven assistance. Widely recognized as one of the most advanced in the industry, it is known for its human-like language comprehension and interpretation.

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