Get the most from
your data with
qualitative analysis

ATLAS.ti supercharges your data analysis by rapidly pinpointing qualitative findings that add value to your reports.

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manage your research workflow all in one place

Speed up your analysis with the help of AI

Manage all your data across different media formats, leverage AI-driven research tools, and unlock data insights in a structured way.

validate your hypothesis with reliable data

Validate your hypothesis with reliable data

Decide which concepts are worth moving forward based on insights from your interviews, surveys, focus groups, and other research data.

Visualize your research findings like never before

Empower stakeholders with meaningful visualizations

Make your data speak with beautifully presented charts and visuals for data reports that fuel your organization's decision-making.

ATLAS.ti is the easiest and most comfortable software to use for coding qualitative data.
Svetlana Poleschuk
PhD, Education Researcher, UNICEF

Enhance your analysis, from data management to reporting



Develop a profound understanding of your interviewee’s attitudes, behaviors, and emotions.



Find out why people give particular answers and refine your survey’s analysis.

digital content

Digital Content

Unveil valuable insights in images, audio, video, social media data, and more.


Field Notes

Extract qualitative findings based on observations like actions or processes.

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