ATLAS.ti Web for browsers:
The easiest way to uncover qualitative insights

Qualitative analysis doesn't need to be difficult. With ATLAS.ti Web for browsers, you can turn your data into actionable findings in no time – powered by OpenAI's GPT model. It's easy to use, collaborative, and powerful.

Work smarter, not harder – with the power of OpenAI

ATLAS.ti Web speeds up your analysis workflow so you can spend more time discovering insights and less time doing tedious manual tasks. Save time and energy with AI-driven analysis tools fueled by the groundbreaking GPT model from OpenAI – all in your web browser.

  • Manage all your documents and material in one place, 100% online
  • Import Word and PDF files or ATLAS.ti desktop projects for seamless project exchange
  • Structure, refine and analyze your data with the help of machine learning algorithms

Get results in minutes, not hours – efficient, fast and easy

With ATLAS.ti Web, you can make sense of all your data in one clear, intuitive and collaborative analysis solution. Whether you want to work alone or collectively with your entire team – unlocking qualitative findings has never been that effortless and efficient.

  • Automatically code qualitative insights assisted by AI-driven tools
  • Smart Search and Auto Coding features provide super-fast results
  • Invite your team members and collaborate with others in real-time

Present your insights with confidence – professional visualizations included

Our web-based platform enables you to analyze your data anywhere, anytime, with the power of the world's leading qualitative data analysis tools. No matter how large or complex your project, ATLAS.ti Web will help you visualize and share your findings faster than ever before.

  • Capture your qualitative analysis journey and conclusions
  • Leverage meaningful charts and visualizations for your reports
  • Export your projects and expand your analysis with ATLAS.ti desktop versions

Made for your analysis tasks, powered by AI


Find out why people give particular answers and refine your survey’s analysis.


Develop a profound understanding of your interviewee’s attitudes, behaviors, and emotions.

Focus Groups

Determine and comprehend a group’s perspectives and attitudes.

Literature Review

Analyze books, articles, and other publications in order to discover qualitative insights.

User Research

Identify hidden customer opportunities and make your analysis workflow faster.

Field Notes

Extract qualitative findings based on observations like actions or processes.

The smartest analysis tools at your fingertips


Paper Search – Get free access to 200M+ papers

Search, cite, and import research papers, journal articles, and studies directly into your ATLAS.ti Web workspace. Streamline your literature review process and access over 200 million scientific resources.

Intentional AI Coding
– Customize your research with precision

Let our AI seamlessly create tailored and precise codes to align perfectly with your specific needs, all on autopilot. Leverage the cutting-edge ChatGPT technology of OpenAI and ensure results reflect your specific objectives and maintain scientific rigor.

Conversational AI – Chat and interact with your documents

Revolutionize how you interact with your data through natural conversation. Our experimental Conversational AI feature for ATLAS.ti Web allows you to query, clarify, and extract key information from your documents using an intelligent AI chatbot.

AI Code Suggestions – Make coding more intuitive and insightful

Dive deeper into your qualitative data and save time with this feature that provides you with AI-driven code suggestions as you code. Streamline your workflow and explore your data from new perspectives.

Content Editor
The ATLAS.ti Web interface is built with efficiency and usability in mind – everything is flexible and enables you to keep track of all your data analysis.
Auto Coding
Do you want to speed up your analysis process? Auto Coding is the fastest way of kick-starting your projects and discovering new insights.
Smart Search
The Smart Search supports you in identifying relevant content in your documents and automatically offers matching synonyms.
Team Collaboration
Combine the forces without effort: Invite your team members and easily collaborate with others on your analysis projects – instantly in real-time.
Sentiment Analysis
Leverage Sentiment Analysis to automatically identify and categorize a piece of content according to the tone conveyed by it.
Desktop Version Compatibility
Bring your ATLAS.ti Web projects to the next level and expand your research using our full-featured desktop versions on Mac and PC.

Your privacy & security
is our priority

Data Encryption
We fully encrypt the data exchanged between your browser and ATLAS.ti Web using the latest TLS authentication, providing you with the maximum level of security available.
Secure Servers
Servers can be a weak spot when it comes to safety and data privacy. This is why we exclusively use highly secure servers, data centers, and hosting solutions located in Germany.
GDPR Compliant
ATLAS.ti Web fully complies with GDPR privacy regulations. Your personal information will be protected, and we offer a clear privacy policy to all our users.
100% Data Ownership
We understand you are dealing with sensitive information. With ATLAS.ti Web you fully own your data. We will never sell it to any third party, and we won’t look at it unless you ask for it.

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