Transform your analysis with AI Code Suggestions

Dive deeper into your qualitative data and save time with the release of our latest experimental feature that gives you AI-driven code suggestions as you code. Streamline your workflow and explore your data from new perspectives.

  1. Seamless integration into your existing workflow
  2. Coding becomes more intuitive and insightful
  3. Designed to assist, not replace
  4. Unlocking AI Power for Qualitative Insights - An Interview with ATLAS.ti CEO Jörg Hecker
  5. AI Data Security and Privacy at ATLAS.ti

Seamless integration into your existing workflow

Struggling to find the perfect code for your qualitative data? Let our AI be your personal coding assistant. With ATLAS.ti AI suggestions, you're always in control - simply highlight relevant text segments and choose which codes to attach.

Allow our experimental AI feature to serve as a sounding board for you by suggesting potential codes that are directly applicable or sparks of inspiration for your coding process.

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Coding becomes more intuitive and insightful

Experience a new era of qualitative data analysis: Designed to enrich your research process, this AI-driven solution offers a range of benefits that streamline your coding process, improve the quality of your analysis, and deliver new insights. Learn how it can transform your research here:

  • Streamlined Coding Process ⚡: No more guesswork or manual search for the perfect codes. The AI system suggests potential codes that directly apply to your selected text, making the coding process quicker and more efficient.
  • Improved Research Quality 🔬: By providing different coding perspectives, our AI helps you discover hidden patterns and insights that you may be missing, enriching the quality of your research.
  • Increased Productivity ⏱️: With AI handling suggestions, you save valuable time, allowing you to focus on interpreting data and deriving meaningful conclusions.
  • Personalized Coding 🎨: Edit and rename the suggested codes to better suit your research needs, providing you with a tailored coding experience.
  • Unlimited Assistance 🤖: Our AI will tirelessly offer suggestions, no matter how extensive your research becomes, constantly sparking new ideas for your analysis.
  • Available for all platforms 💻: You can use AI Code Suggestions in our native apps for Windows and macOS in addition to our Web version for browsers.

Designed to assist, not replace

With the release of AI Code Suggestions, we want to provide you with a dutiful assistant that suggests code ideas and offers new angles for your data analysis. Remember: the AI suggests, but you decide.

Please note: AI Code Suggestions is currently available for ATLAS.ti Web and Desktop versions in an experimental phase. Due to high demand, slower response times may occur during this phase. We are working hard to improve performance.

Unlocking AI Power for Qualitative Insights - An Interview with ATLAS.ti CEO Jörg Hecker

In this interview, you will learn why and how ATLAS.ti decided to take this important and groundbreaking step in qualitative analysis for the research community worldwide.