Sample Projects

The sample projects on this page are available for download. Use them to experiment and to explore the many powerful tools and features of ATLAS.ti. They are also explicitly meant for use in teaching.

  1. Sample Project: Children & Happiness-English
  2. Sample Project: Interview Study-Experience and Meaning of Friendship-English
  3. Sample Project: Minecraft Evaluation-English
  4. Sample Project: Literature Review-English
  5. Sample Project: Effective Communication-Spanish

Sample Project: Children & Happiness-English

The project is about the relationship between having children and happiness. The first article in the project introduces the topic. The author Nattavudh Powdthavee reports on a number of academic studies that repeatedly found a negative correlation between having children and levels of happiness, life satisfaction, marital satisfaction and mental well-being. As having children (or not having them) is an issue that most people disregarding of their cultural backgrounds, religions or geographic locations have to deal with; this sample project can be used in a wide variety of contexts.

In addition to the opening article, the project includes a post from a blogger with a parenting blog (document 2) the comments on this post (document 3), the comments of readers of a New York Time Magazine article on the same topic (document 4), and results from happiness research (document 5). Further two images are included to practice working with image files (documents 6 - 7), and a fictional survey with 24 respondents giving reasons for having and for not having children. The project is coded and also contains memos and networks.

The source files for documents 1 to 7 and the raw data for the survey as Excel file are provided. Please also read the project comment when you import the project into ATLAS.ti. It contains further information.

Sample Project: Interview Study-Experience and Meaning of Friendship-English

The data for this project are based on the TQRMUL Dataset Teaching Resources. The resources are intended to support the teaching of qualitative research methods, and are free to download and use.

The project can be used for a simple thematic analysis.

The project contains 4 interview transcripts, of which 3 are coded. The aim of the interviews was to enable participants to talk at length about their experiences of friendships. The interviews lasted for between 46 and 63 minutes. You can download the ATLAS.ti project bundle file and the interview transcripts. For further information, please read the project comment after importing the project into ATLAS.ti.

Sample Project: Minecraft Evaluation-English

This project is about the pros and cons of the computer game Minecraft from three perspectives: Concerned parents who want to find out whether the game is harmful for their children, parents who play the game themselves and teenage players. The data was collected from the website: common sense media that offer reviews for films, books, apps and games, and prepared as a survey for ATLAS.ti.

The project contains:

  • The data from common sense in form of survey data (documents 1 – 40)
  • A screen cast of a person playing and explaining the game (document 47)
  • Snapshots from the video (Documents (documents 42 - 46)
  • Two research articles about the game Minecraft (documents 41 – 42)

The survey data is coded – first, the data was explored using word clouds, then auto coded using the regular text search. This provided the basis for further review and refinement in developing the code system. The data were also coded for sentiment using the Sentiment Analysis Tools. The results that you see in the project have been checked and adjusted.

The research articles are auto coded using the new concept search, but the coding is not refined yet. The project contains memos and sample networks.

The raw data for the survey as Excel file is provided, as well as the video and the two research articles. Please also read the project comment when you import the project into ATLAS.ti. It contains further information.

Sample Project: Literature Review-English

This sample project contains ten research articles on the subject of service learning. The purpose of this project is to conduct a literature review. The project shows some example coding.

In addition to the project bundle file, the original Mendeley data set is provided so you can practice the import of data from a reference manager.

A good way to approach coding for a literature review is through the concept search feature. This gives a good starting point for coding. Based on this initial coding, you can read the coded data segments and further refine the coding system.

Sample Project: Effective Communication-Spanish

This sample project contains diverse kinds of data in Spanish, including text, survey data, YouTube comments, images, and a video with transcript. The data is partially coded, so this project is great for practicing analysis of different kinds of data as well as importing survey data and comments from a social network post.

The overarching research question is: What is effective communication?

The research objectives are to identify the keys of a good communicator, evaluate different kinds of communication (verbal, nonverbal, and paralinguistic), analyze which factors are common to effective communication and effective leadership, and present a model of effective communication that can be applied to leaders.