Multi-User Licenses

We offer very flexible multi-user licenses that are ideal if your institution needs to accommodate more than just a few ATLAS.ti users. All multi-user licenses include free support and maintenance.

  1. One Price - No Nonsense!
  2. License Management

One Price - No Nonsense!

  • Our software package is a one-shot solution. There are no artificial limitations built in (what other manufacturers euphemistically call their "starter" versions), and there are no hidden or added costs of any kind. Everything is always included.
  • When comparing prices between ATLAS.ti and its competitors, please note that ATLAS.ti always comes fully equipped. There are no necessary add-ons to buy and no additional purchases ever required to perform analytical tasks, team work, or to use advanced visualization tools. One single purchase--and you're ready to go with the full, professional tool that you need!
  • All ATLAS.ti licenses are true cross-platform licenses, i.e. they include both the Windows and the Mac versions as well as the online platform, ATLAS.ti Web! Under a multi-user license, you can freely divide installations between Mac and Windows users, and log into ATLAS.ti Web from anywhere at your leisure.

We also offer campus licenses to accommodate an unlimited number of users.

See Campus Licenses

License Management

Our multi-user licenses can be managed easily and conveniently with a modern, web-based license management system (included in your license). Seats and users can be dynamically assigned, activated, and revoked. And they allow on-site as well as home use.

You always have full control and the full overview. And it’s easy to buy additional seats and licenses as and when you need them.

Please see here for information about the management of our multi-user licenses.