Branding & Identity

Downloads for business partners, conference organizers, and other parties in need of basic promotional material.

Contact us if you have specific requirements.

The ATLAS.ti logo and word mark and all other branding and identity design graphics are for promotional purposes only. All graphics of ATLAS.ti are copyrighted by ATLAS.ti. They may not be used in such a way as to create the impression that the user is an official or authorized ATLAS.ti entity. In particular, websites and social media sites must always point out that the user is an independent or certified partner and not an official site or platform of ATLAS.ti. Resellers and partners of ATLAS.ti (including certified partners) must use the appropriate partner logos. The logo and the word mark may never be used without authorization.

Download multiple versions of logo, product shots, the official ATLAS.ti brochure, and other promotional files in one .ZIP file. For use by press, partners, trainers, and resellers.