System Requirements

Please read the system requirements carefully and make sure that your computer is adequately equipped to run ATLAS.ti.

  1. ATLAS.ti Windows System Requirements
  2. ATLAS.ti Mac System Requirements

ATLAS.ti Windows System Requirements

  • Hardware: 64 bit Intel® or AMD® compatible CPU, 4GB RAM minimum (8-16GB strongly recommended), 1.5 GB free hard disk (SSD strongly recommended).
  • Operating systems: Windows® 11 64-bit; Windows® 10 64-bit, at least Version 1607, "Anniversary Update." - NOTE: Some special Windows editions, such as Windows 10N and Windows 10 for Virtual Desktops, are NOT supported.

ATLAS.ti Mac System Requirements

  • Hardware: Any Mac® with an Intel® or Apple Silicon CPU and at least 4GB RAM; SSD strongly recommended.
  • Operating systems: macOS 11 Big Sur or higher. We recommend macOS 13 Ventura or higher.

For better natural language processing results, ATLAS.ti can optionally use bigger machine learning models, which require at least 8 GB of RAM on Windows and Mac computers.