Improve decision making with better survey analysis software

With ATLAS.ti, you can take a deep dive into the minds of your survey participants and unlock to-the-point qualitative findings.

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Generate qualitative insights from surveys – fast and intuitive

Leverage a seamless research workflow that saves you time without cutting corners. ATLAS.ti takes the confusion out of managing and analyzing your survey data. Our qualitative analysis tools help you reveal insights and share results without steep learning curves.


Unlock behaviors and emotions in survey data

Analyze responses to any type of question and discover your survey's participants' behavioral and emotional drivers. Our proven survey analysis tools are powerful enough to help you identify even the most nuanced attitudes and motivations.


Go beyond quantitative data analysis

Get more than just quantitative reports: ATLAS.ti provides you with research tools that help you uncover the "why" behind your participant's answers. Our survey analysis software enables you to grasp the full picture by discovering qualitative insights that lead to better results.

ATLAS.ti is the easiest and most comfortable software to use for coding qualitative data.
Svetlana Poleschuk
PhD, Education Researcher, UNICEF

Qualitative survey analysis doesn’t need to be complex


Import and manage survey data

With ATLAS.ti, you can easily import and analyze any type of questionnaire data – whether it's responses to standardized or open-ended questions.


Analyze with ease and speed

Make use of powerful analysis tools that save you valuable time such as auto coding, sentiment analysis, team collaboration, and more.


Visualize and present findings

With just a few clicks, you can create meaningful visualizations like bar charts, word clouds, diagrams, networks, among others.

The faster way to make sense of your survey data. Try it for free, today.