ATLAS.ti Campus Licenses

Under the ATLAS.ti Campus Licensing model, you pay a fixed annual license fee and all employees and students of the organisation have access to the latest version of the software for the duration of the subscription. Concurrent use of the software is limited to 100 users and a total annual use of up to 500 users, but can be increased at any time by an upgrade when this limit is reached.

  1. Request a quote for your organization
  2. Refinancing Option
  3. Organizational Sub-Units

Request a quote for your organization

The annual fee for a Campus License is based on the size of the institution and on other factors (e.g., such as number of ATLAS.ti licenses already in use).

Please follow the link below to request an initial quote for your organization. Please provide the following information. You can start the request via our support or send us an e-mail.

  • Name of Institution
  • Number of students
  • Contact Data

Refinancing Option

It is possible for the organization to charge their end-users a fee for the individual copies of the software, thereby refinancing part of the cost of the Campus License. We transfer the revenue to the license holders account on a monthly basis.

Organizational Sub-Units

ATLAS.ti Campus License cannot be obtained by organizational subunits of a larger institution (e.g., an individual department). Please refer to our regular multi-user license models for those cases.

If, however, you believe that your organizational subunit is a self-contained, entity independent of a larger institution and should therefore qualify for a Campus License, simply inquire directly with us re. your specific case. Please include a short description. Send mail

Free Group Sessions

If your organization is in the process of evaluating ATLAS.ti for a multi-user or campus license, or if you would like to introduce it to your students in class to ATLAS.ti, schedule a one-hour FREE demonstration of the software through web-conferencing.

On-Site Training

Campus License holders receive a substantial discount for On-Site Training. Please contact our Training Center at [email protected] for detailed information and to make arrangements.

United States / Canada from USD $ 6,000
Europe from EUR € 3,500*