Interview analysis that helps you leverage every piece of data

With ATLAS.ti, you can simplify making sense of interview data and get instant access to interview analysis tools that uncover more valuable insights.

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Unlock qualitative insights from interview data – without a hassle

Easily organize and analyze your entire interview data in one powerful research platform. Whether you have basic analytical needs or more complex requirements – with ATLAS.ti, you can effortlessly discover qualitative findings for your projects.


Easy-to-use workflow with no stone left unturned

With ATLAS.ti, you can analyze every piece of data that comes from your interview participants – no matter if it's transcriptions, raw audio material, or video recordings. Easily code your data, make sense of motivations behind responses and discover qualitative insights that make a difference.


Harness the power of visualization for your interview analysis

With ATLAS.ti, you can turn your analysis results into beautiful charts, networks, and diagrams that actually make sense. Streamline your interview analysis process with help from the leading qualitative research platform instead of trying to figure out how to deal with complex data.

I have been an ATLAS.ti user for over 20 years, and during that time the software has always been my first choice for qualitative research. ATLAS.ti continues to innovate and improve each year adding new features and benefits for its user community. I highly recommend it for your qualitative research.
Ken Riopelle
Research Professor, Wayne State University

Deepen your interview analysis effortlessly


Import and organize interview data

Import and analyze any type of interview data – ATLAS.ti supports all standard text and transcription files such as Word and PFD, as well as audio and video recordings.


Analyze with ease and speed

Make use of powerful analysis tools that save you valuable time such as auto coding, sentiment analysis, team collaboration, and more.


Visualize and present findings

With just a few clicks, you can create meaningful visualizations like charts, word clouds, tables, networks, among others.

The faster way to make sense of your interview data. Try it for free, today.