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ATLAS.ti bridges human expertise with AI efficiency to provide fast and accurate insights. Communicate directly with your documents and have them automatically coded based on your intentions, providing customized results. Only ATLAS.ti offers complete insight and verifiability of your AI analysis results at all times. This enables you to unpack the black box of AI in your research and uniquely make it your own.

AI empowers, but you decide
Experience the world's leading AI tools for qualitative insights
I have been using ATLAS.ti for a long time, and I am blown away with the latest developments, especially the range of AI tools integrated into the software. Automatic coding and summaries have really sped up my analysis but I still have control over my research and can critically reflect on the most important insights. 
Katharina Hamann
Manager, People Advisory Services at EY
ATLAS.ti boasts many benefits including intuitive design. But its customer service really is what wins them the gold star. Especially for those who are not too technologically savvy, ATLAS.ti is the software that will have the patience to deal with you!
Cristina Parajon
Sociology student, Harvard University
ATLAS.ti is the easiest and most comfortable software to use for coding qualitative data.
Svetlana Poleschuk
PhD, Education Researcher, UNICEF
ATLAS.ti has been a great tool for my PhD research which I have been using to analyze qualitative interviews from Ghana and Nigeria. It was the perfect solution, and we were happy to learn that we could collaborate with researchers in any country or institution without obtaining a special license.
Dr. Kwabena Kusi-Mensah
FWACP (Psych), MSc.CAMH (Ib.), PhD Candidate in Psychiatry, University of Cambridge
We have learned quite a lot by interacting with ATLAS.ti. It is a powerful tool for qualitative data, especially for its ability to translate qualitative data to quantitative to get more insights into the data, this gives me a rich analysis of data having to view data both qualitatively and quantitatively
Sarah Mukisa
Head of MEAL and Research
The use of ATLAS.ti has radically changed the way our graduate and doctoral students manage their research. ATLAS.ti makes the research transparent, easy to develop and helpful for sharing their progress with their advisors. Their good experience is shared with other students, and many other students are eager to use ATLAS.ti.
Paula Feder-Bubis
Chair of the Israeli Center for Qualitative Research of People and Societies
The ATLAS.ti support desk helped me a great deal with several challenges in ATLAS.ti. On the way I learned how to solve issues in future! I can recommend working with ATLAS.ti and diving into its possibilities because you'll be surprised by what this fantastic analysis software can have you discover from your data!
Marieke De Wijse-Van Heeswijk
PhD researcher - Radboud University
The Canadian Foundation for Animal-Assisted Support Services {CFAS} is a grateful recipient of the ATLAS.ti software. I have gradually learned more about using the software to share our charity's narrative, presentation content, and research project outcomes. ATLAS.ti staff have been highly supportive and patient with me as I continue to embark on this incredible journey of discovery.
Joanne Moss
CEO/Founder - The Canadian Foundation for Animal-Assisted Support Services {CFAS}
The ATLAS.ti organization has a strong support team available to researchers and the trainers are excellent. Their webinar presenters are world-class experts who show how ATLAS.ti can be used to analyze data from a wide variety of disciplines.
Dr. Karin Olson
PhD, RN, FAAN, Adjunct Professor, School of Nursing - The University of British Columbia
Qualitative data offers great value in really understanding the context for any research endeavour, and ATLAS.ti is the go-to software to pull analyses together in a systematic way.
Prof. Michelle J. Hindin
Founder and Director - Evidence 4 Global Impact, LLC
I want to say thank you for helping me today. With your help I am now able to use ATLAS.ti easier to finish my dissertation. Again, I want to say thank you. The ATLAS.ti support is by far the best support I have ever received from a software company
Nicholas Belongie, PhD
Nicholas Belongie, PhD - University at Buffalo, USA
I have been an ATLAS.ti user for over 20 years, and during that time the software has always been my first choice for qualitative research. ATLAS.ti continues to innovate and improve each year adding new features and benefits for its user community. I highly recommend it for your qualitative research.
Ken Riopelle
Research Professor, Wayne State University
We are an early-stage startup building the world's first virtual clinic specialized in Team-Based Care. I used ATLAS.ti first in studies. Then I used it for my work at the World Health Organization. Now we are using it for many of our research activities at Consulto.
Basem Higazy
Co-founder and CEO of Consulto
A smarter way to better
research findings
Analyze what you want, the way you want. ATLAS.ti removes the headache from qualitative data analysis and lets the software do the heavy lifting. Generate deep insights automatically, leveraging the latest AI and machine learning algorithms for faster results.

Import and organize your files

Import or upload data from any source and manage everything in one software package. Then, start discovering valuable insights using intelligent data analysis tools to make more informed decisions – in hours, not days.

Easily import:

  • Text Files
  • Word Docs
  • PDF Files
  • HTML Files
  • Images
  • Audio Files
  • Video Data
  • Social Media Data
  • Survey Files
  • Reference Manager Data
  • Other Qualitative Data

Analyze and refine your data

Anyone can take control of their qualitative analysis without prior knowledge: edit content, refine, and structure your data the way you need. Simply use codes to tag qualitative insights, and embrace AI Coding plus team collaboration for lightning-speed outcomes.

Unlock insights for:

  • Survey Data Analysis
  • Interview Analysis
  • Focus Group Analysis
  • Literature Review and Analysis
  • Content Analysis
  • UX Research
  • Homework
  • Bachelor & Master Thesis
  • Doctoral Dissertations
  • Term Papers
  • Customer Feedback
  • Qualitative Customer Data
  • ...

Visualize and share your insights

Let your data speak and get a deep understanding of the meaning behind your research findings. With ATLAS.ti, you can share your insights through clear visualizations that turn dull numbers into eye-opening results – presenting your conclusions with confidence.

Make use of:

  • Bar Charts
  • Sankey Charts
  • Donut Charts
  • TreeMaps
  • Networks
  • Word Clouds
  • Tables
  • And more

Why our users love ATLAS.ti

Get all-in-one platform access to our desktop apps on Windows and Mac, plus our Web version for browsers. Leverage our cutting-edge QDA software today!

One Package, All Features

ATLAS.ti licenses offer access to all features on all platforms for one flat fee. No hidden costs, no surprises. Moreover, our multi-license options deliver exceptional flexibility for teams, simplifying the qualitative research process.

Free Live Support, 24/5

Our qualitative data experts and ATLAS.ti specialists work around the clock to provide the support you need. We will do everything to help you keep your analysis project running and uncompromised.

Full Compatibility: Win, Mac, Web

With ATLAS.ti, you can choose whether you want to work with our desktop apps on Windows and Mac or our Web version at no extra cost. Seamlessly exchange projects with each other – no matter which platform you use.

Team Collaboration in Real-Time

Working together with your entire team doesn’t have to be complicated. ATLAS.ti Web has simplified the process for you – easily invite team members and collaborate efficiently on your projects in real-time.

OpenAI-powered Tools

Reduce your overall data analysis time by more than 90% with the power of OpenAI and uncover insights that otherwise may have been missed. Enabled by leading AI technology, we provide a game-changing solution that makes automatic data coding a reality.

License Management Redefined

"My ATLAS.ti" enables you to manage users and licenses the way you want for the best efficiency: Share multi-user licenses with as many people as you want, with no restrictions on people, seats, or machines. When one user logs off, the seat instantly opens up for another user.

#1 Qualitative Data Analysis Software
➔ Learn more about the benefits of ATLAS.ti

If you're considering ATLAS.ti for qualitative data analysis, you're making a wise choice. Our top-rated QDA software is perfect for students, researchers, academic institutions, and commercial enterprises – offering a wide array of AI-driven analysis tools to help you succeed. Here are just a few reasons to choose ATLAS.ti:

An intuitive interface made for qualitative research

ATLAS.ti caters to both research professionals and beginners. It covers everything from qualitative text analysis and evaluation of customer interviews to web content analysis and specific business intelligence tasks.

Users can collect and analyze data on the major operating systems (Windows and macOS), even with our Web version for browsers. Our user-friendly qualitative data analysis software makes it easy to upload files and analyze data quickly and efficiently so that you can make the most out of your research.

Quick and easy AI-powered coding

Transforming text-based data into valuable insights can be time-consuming. With ATLAS.ti, you can import data from any source and gain deeper insights using AI. In addition, our qualitative data analysis software offers tools to automatically create coded segments in your data and quickly identify themes.

ATLAS.ti's qualitative data analysis tools enable you to organize all your text data (i.e., from customer interviews or focus groups) in one place. This way, you can analyze qualitative data faster than ever. Plus, you can utilize a code hierarchy with a tree structure for better code management.

Our automatic AI Coding feature uses OpenAI's GPT model, which can understand natural language on a human-like level. More than text mining: This groundbreaking analysis tool empowers users from all fields of work by drastically reducing the overall coding and analysis time.

Cover all your qualitative data analysis needs

Whether you rely on transcripts from focus groups, observation notes, survey responses, or even audio and video files – you can analyze it all with ATLAS.ti. Unlike quantitative data tools, our software supports all major forms of data so that you can conduct qualitative data analysis on any research project, even customer feedback, textual data, pictures, and video recordings.

Whatever it is, you can import data into one central location in ATLAS.ti – enabling you to leverage qualitative and mixed methods for your research projects.

Powerful data analysis on autopilot

Our artificial intelligence and machine learning tools make finding insights in your research project easy. Qualitative data analysis tools such as Sentiment Analysis and Opinion Mining can perform text analysis across multiple documents to analyze large projects faster and more insightful.

Whether you want to analyze customer data or identify keywords from research materials, our AI tools can help you finish the job quickly. Regardless of what you want to achieve: pure qualitative data analysis or mixed methods research, ATLAS.ti offers the leading solution trusted by academics and businesses.

Deeper insights through qualitative analysis

We understand that any qualitative data analysis tool is only as powerful as the insights they provide to you and your audience. ATLAS.ti is more than a text analyzer – we develop our QDA software to visualize your data analysis in multiple formats:

Bar charts, Sankey diagrams, word clouds, and network visualizations help you identify data themes and patterns for robust and accurate insights.

Seamless collaboration across teams

Qualitative research and mixed methods research often relies on collaboration between team members. That's why multi-user licenses for ATLAS.ti allow you to share our qualitative data analysis software with your colleagues.

Now all your team members can work together on the same project to analyze qualitative data. Unlike other QDA software, ATLAS.ti allows you to capture customer insights with the collective power of your colleagues.

Expert support and training

Customer satisfaction is our top priority at ATLAS.ti. We offer technical and methodological support for all users, whether conducting mixed methods research, qualitative research, statistical analysis, thematic analysis, market research, or academic research.

ATLAS.ti experts worldwide are always just a click away from supporting the users of our #1 software for qualitative data analysis.