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ATLAS.ti helps you uncover actionable insights with intuitive and automatic research tools powered by the latest AI and machine learning algorithms with best-in-class technology. Built for every need: from basic analysis tasks to the most in-depth research projects.

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Our analysis tools allow anyone to unveil the insights they are looking for.
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Analyze what you want, the way you want. ATLAS.ti removes the headache from qualitative data analysis and lets the software do the heavy lifting. Generate deep insights automatically, leveraging the latest AI and machine learning algorithms for faster results.

Import and organize your files

Import from any source and manage all of your data and files in one software package. Then, start discovering valuable insights using intelligent automation to make more informed decisions – in hours, not days.

Easily import:

  • Text Documents
  • PDF Files
  • HTML Files
  • Images
  • Audio Data
  • Video Data
  • Social Media Data
  • Survey Files

Analyze and refine your data

Anyone can take control of their data analysis without prior knowledge: edit content, refine, and structure your data the way you need. Simply use codes to tag qualitative insights, and embrace auto coding plus team collaboration for lightning-speed outcomes.

Unlock insights for:

  • Survey Data Analysis
  • Interview Analysis
  • Focus Group Analysis
  • Literature Review and Analysis
  • Content Analysis
  • UX Research
  • Homework
  • Bachelor & Master Thesis
  • Doctoral Dissertations
  • Term Papers
  • ...

Visualize and share your insights

Let your data speak and get a deep understanding of the meaning behind your research findings. With ATLAS.ti, you can share your insights through clear visualizations that turn dull numbers into eye-opening results – presenting your conclusions with confidence.

Make use of:

  • Bar Charts
  • Sankey Charts
  • Donut Charts
  • TreeMaps
  • Networks
  • Word Clouds
  • Tables
  • And more

Why our users love ATLAS.ti

Get all-in-one platform access to our desktop apps on Windows and Mac, plus our cloud-based Web version.

One Package, All Features

ATLAS.ti licenses offer access to all features on all platforms for one flat fee. No hidden costs, no surprises. And maximum flexibility for multi-licenses – when one user logs off, their seat instantly opens up for another user.

Free Live Support, 24/5

Our research experts and ATLAS.ti specialists work around the clock to provide the support you need. We will do everything to help you keep your analysis project running and uncompromised.

Full Compatibility: Win, Mac, Web

With ATLAS.ti, you can choose whether you want to work with our desktop apps on Windows and Mac or our Web version at no extra cost. Seamlessly exchange projects with each other – no matter which platform you use.

Team Collaboration in Real-Time

Working together with your entire team doesn’t have to be complicated. ATLAS.ti has simplified the process for you – easily invite team members and collaborate efficiently on your projects in real-time.

AI-Powered Tools and Features

Let ATLAS.ti do your work and save valuable time thanks to various automatic research tools. With leading AI technology and natural language processing developed by our ATLAS.ti AI Lab, you get analyses of your documents at the touch of a button.

License Management Redefined

"My ATLAS.ti" enables you to manage users and licenses the way you want for the best efficiency: Share multi-user licenses with as many people as you want, with no restrictions on people, seats, or machines When one user logs off, the seat instantly opens up for another user.

ATLAS.ti has been a great tool for my PhD research which I have been using to analyze qualitative interviews from Ghana and Nigeria. Our research team is located in different parts of the world, and we needed a software that would make it easy for us to collaborate in multiple research projects. ATLAS.ti was the perfect solution, and we were happy to learn that we could collaborate with researchers in any country or institution without having to obtain some special type of license.
Dr. Kwabena Kusi-Mensah
FWACP (Psych), MSc.CAMH (Ib.), PhD Candidate in Psychiatry, University of Cambridge
ATLAS.ti is the easiest and most comfortable software to use for coding qualitative data.
Svetlana Poleschuk
PhD, Education Researcher, UNICEF
I have been an ATLAS.ti user for over 20 years, and during that time the software has always been my first choice for qualitative research. ATLAS.ti continues to innovate and improve each year adding new features and benefits for its user community. I highly recommend it for your qualitative research.
Ken Riopelle
Research Professor, Wayne State University