Spring Release: Empower your research with smart analysis tools

Elevate your qualitative analysis with our latest AI-powered updates for ATLAS.ti. Our spring release introduces innovative features that streamline coding, enhance visualization, and provide unprecedented data control.

  1. New in ATLAS.ti Desktop
  2. New in ATLAS.ti Web
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🚀 New in ATLAS.ti Desktop

Visualize your research with enhanced networks

Networks have been a powerful tool in ATLAS.ti for visualizing and exploring the relationships between your codes, quotations, and other project entities. You can easily show connections and access related documents with one click to get a clear and comprehensive project overview.

With this release, we've made Networks in ATLAS.ti Desktop even more intuitive and user-friendly. The Network Editor has been completely redesigned with a fresh, modern interface that simplifies creating, editing, and presenting your conceptual networks.

Whether theorizing, presenting findings, or mapping the conceptual landscape, Networks empower you to:

  • Quickly model and visualize complex relationships in your data
  • Link codes, quotations, memos and explore interconnections
  • Illustrate concepts with rich annotations and multimedia
  • Generate insights by identifying reinforcing patterns
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Key enhancements for Networks include:

✨ Intuitive Interaction - Easily add, link and arrange nodes with intuitive drag-and-drop actions. Relation creation is now more straightforward.

🖇️ Role Clarity - We've streamlined the link/relation types to provide clearer visualization of how entities are connected.

🧭 Overview & Details - Smoothly zoom in/out and navigate large networks, while still accessing granular details and annotations.

🔄 Project Integration - All network changes are dynamically reflected across your project and vice versa, maintaining consistency.

Leverage our enhanced Networks to transform your qualitative data into a coherent conceptual framework. The refreshed Networks experience streamlines this process in ATLAS.ti Desktop.

Take control of your data with AI Regions

At ATLAS.ti, we believe in respecting and protecting people's fundamental online privacy and data rights. This is why we've built our products in compliance with industry best practices and global data regulations like the GDPR.

Introducing AI Regions - giving you the power to choose where your data is processed for AI-powered features. Our AI Data Residency Program allows you to select your preferred region: 
United States 🇺🇸 or Europe 🇪🇺

With AI Regions, you get:

🌐 Data Residency Choice - Easily control where your AI analysis is processed.

🔒 Enhanced Privacy - Keep your data protected in your preferred region with advanced encryption.

⚡ Optimized Performance - Experience faster response times thanks to improved server proximity.

💰 No Added Cost - Get all these benefits bundled into your existing ATLAS.ti plan.

ATLAS.ti is focused on providing security you can trust. This way, you get greater peace of mind knowing your data is safeguarded in the region of your choice while still accessing the full power of our AI features like Intentional AI Coding.

Take advantage of cutting-edge AI capabilities powered by OpenAI, with compliance and residency options that give you control.

🚀 New in ATLAS.ti Web

Intentional AI Coding now in our web version

Our groundbreaking Intentional AI Coding feature is now available across all ATLAS.ti products - Desktop and Web.

Enter your intent upfront to guide the AI assistant and get tailored, high-quality codes on autopilot:

👔 Provide context for customized results

📜 Ensure scientific rigor and transparency

⚙️ Retain full control over the AI Coding process

🔎 Unlock deeper insights from your data

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With Intentional AI Coding in our browser-based ATLAS.ti Web version, enjoy the same powerful AI-assisted coding experience from anywhere, on any device with an internet connection.

Experience the benefits of focused AI coding no matter where your research takes you. Simply set up a project, upload your data, and guide the AI for efficient, relevant coding tailored to your study.

Organize and streamline with Code Categories

We're excited to bring Code Categories to ATLAS.ti Web. Now, you can effortlessly structure and organize your codes for better visualization and efficient analysis – whether working in ATLAS.ti Desktop or Web.

Code Categories allow you to:

📁 Categorize related codes together for cleaner project management

🔎 Quickly filter and access specific codes from long lists

⚡ Create custom categories to fit your research needs 

🎨 Visualize connections between conceptual themes

By assigning codes into relevant categories, you'll be able to easily navigate your coding system and apply organization that maps to your analysis.

With Code Categories in ATLAS.ti Web, working across large code lists becomes more manageable. Find relevant codes faster, explore their relationships more clearly, and bring conceptual clarity to your qualitative analysis.