Accelerate and customize your research with Intentional AI Coding

Customized results driven by AI: Provide your intention and research goals to produce highly relevant codes your research deserves – on autopilot. Now available for ATLAS.ti Desktop and Web.

  1. Guide AI to do the work and amplify productivity
  2. More control, more transparency, better results
  3. ATLAS.ti & ChatGPT Technology
  4. AI Privacy Mode for sensitive projects
  5. Chat and interact with your documents in ATLAS.ti Web
  6. AI Data Security and Privacy at ATLAS.ti

Guide AI to do the work and amplify productivity

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More control, more transparency, better results

We're thrilled to introduce the world’s first Intentional AI Coding solution – now available for ATLAS.ti Desktop and Web. Fueled by the technology behind ChatGPT from OpenAI, the latest evolution of our groundbreaking AI coding assistant gives you the power to steer automated coding in the right direction.

For the first time, you can:

🧭 Guide the AI and get codes tailored to your needs – Explain your intentions, concepts of interest, and research scope. This additional context produces more accurate, relevant suggestions, customized to your research goals.

👁️ Ensure scientific rigor and transparency – By seeding the AI with information on what your goals are, Intentional AI Coding creates relevant research questions and enables traceability from generated codes back to your research methodology and objectives.

🕹️ Retain full control over AI coding – Review, refine, and customize your research questions and code categories before you apply them. The final codes remain entirely yours, keeping you as the human firmly in the loop. Ultimately, you decide.

Unlock deeper insights even faster – With improved precision from the start, easily identify themes and draw robust conclusions even faster and more reliably.

Please note: Intentional AI Coding is currently only available for ATLAS.ti Desktop and Web in a beta phase. AI responses can be inaccurate. Slower response times may occur during this phase. We constantly improve performance.

AI Privacy Mode for sensitive projects

We understand some users require increased privacy. With one switch of a button, you can now deactivate OpenAI integration across all AI features in ATLAS.ti – ensuring no data gets submitted externally.

User Control: Activate AI Privacy Mode in the ATLAS.ti app to ensure your data stays private, with no external submissions.

Admin Control for Multi-User Licenses: Admins can manage this feature at an organizational level, overriding individual settings to maintain uniform standards across all users.

Chat and interact with your documents

Available in ATLAS.ti Web

Transform your data analysis with our enhanced Conversational AI feature in ATLAS.ti Web. Engage in natural conversation to explore, clarify, and distill key insights from your documents.

NEW! Leverage multi-document conversations

Our experimental feature now allows you to interact with multiple documents simultaneously, broadening your analytical scope. Start conversing with your data like never before. With our improved Conversational AI, you can dive deeper into your research by querying and comparing across various documents in one seamless dialogue.