Conversational AI:
Start a chat with your documents

Revolutionize how you interact with your data through natural conversation. Our experimental Conversational AI feature for ATLAS.ti Web allows you to query, clarify, and extract key information from your documents using an intelligent AI chatbot.

  1. Let Conversational AI become your assistant
  2. Converse with your data and gain instant insights
  3. ATLAS.ti & ChatGPT technology by OpenAI
  4. Our vision for Conversational AI
  5. The future of AI: An outlook by ATLAS.ti CEO Jörg Hecker
  6. AI Data Security and Privacy at ATLAS.ti

Let Conversational AI become your assistant

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Converse with your data and gain instant insights

Reinvent how you interact with your data through natural conversation. Our groundbreaking, experimental feature equips the OpenAI-powered assistant to be your dutiful research partner – now available for ATLAS.ti Web.

Your key benefits:

👥 Natural Interaction: Using natural language, ask questions, seek clarifications, and converse with documents. The AI chatbot understands your queries and responds appropriately.

🗺️ Focused Navigation: Easily locate and extract specific passages, details, and other vital information without manually searching through texts. Just ask the chatbot.

💡 Enhanced Understanding: Seek clarification on complex passages directly within the chatbot interface, ensuring accurate interpretation of data.

🪄 User-Friendly Design: The chatbot interface is intuitive and accessible. Enjoy a lightweight, familiar way to interact with your data.

⏱️ Real-Time Assistance: The chatbot tirelessly addresses your queries in real-time, no matter how extensive your documents become.

🔍 Improved Insights: Interacting conversationally may reveal connections, themes, and patterns you would have otherwise missed.

📈 Continuous Improvement: Rate chatbot responses to help train the model, ensuring ever-increasing accuracy and relevance.

Please note: Conversational AI is currently only available for ATLAS.ti Web in an experimental phase. AI responses can be inaccurate or misleading. Slower response times may occur during this phase. We are working hard to improve performance.

ATLAS.ti & ChatGPT technology by OpenAI

At ATLAS.ti, we constantly seek new ways to streamline and enhance qualitative data analysis. With Conversational AI’s first iteration, we have integrated AI technology from OpenAI to deliver an intuitive research experience.

OpenAI's GPT model, famously used in ChatGPT, leverages cutting-edge natural language processing to understand queries contextually, carry intelligent dialogue, and provide clarification. This level of comprehension and responsiveness is critical for simplifying complex document interactions.

Our vision for Conversational AI

This initial version of Conversational AI represents the very first step in our ambitious vision. While the current capabilities focus on document interaction, developing more advanced AI interactions is a crucial priority for ATLAS.ti moving forward.

We are committed to pioneering intuitive interfaces that feel like collaborating with a knowledgeable human partner. This breakthrough feature merely hints at what the future holds as we push boundaries in AI-assisted qualitative analysis.

The potential to streamline research workflows through natural conversation is immense. We are thrilled to be leading the way – stay tuned for more groundbreaking innovations!

The future of AI: An outlook by ATLAS.ti CEO Jörg Hecker

In this article, ATLAS.ti's CEO shares how the company is integrating the latest AI developments into its software solutions. Learn how ATLAS.ti is making AI accessible to researchers worldwide through an intuitive approach aimed at accelerating insights.