From ATLAS.ti to Infinity: Conduct Seamless Literature Reviews with ATLAS.ti Web for Free

We are proud to launch a brand-new feature in ATLAS.ti Web that expands the software’s capabilities beyond qualitative data analysis and offers an all-in-one solution for research projects. The new free to use Paper Search tool represents the next evolution in qualitative research software by fully integrating powerful literature review capabilities.
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ATLAS.ti Web's latest release of a paper search function, encompassing access to over 200 million academic papers, represents a significant leap forward in research technology. This free feature, combined with the ability to seamlessly import selected papers directly into ATLAS.ti Web, transforms the software into an even more comprehensive, one-stop solution for qualitative researchers.

How Does It Work?

Open the Paper Search tool in ATLAS.ti Web and search for any literature relevant to your research. Simply type in keywords or topics related to your research question, and ATLAS.ti Web will instantly search for all relevant papers thanks to its integration with Semantic Scholar. The results are displayed in a dynamic table, so you can easily see an overview of all studies. Read abstracts and AI-generated summaries to decide which articles are relevant for your research question.

Apply filters to focus your literature search on specific types of publications (such as journal articles, books, etc.), publication dates, and open-access articles. Customize the columns in the table to easily order the results by the publication source, year, authors, and more. An especially helpful feature is that you can view the total number of citations and influential citations for each publication, making it easy for you to focus on high-impact sources.

With a single click, you can then import articles into your ATLAS.ti Web project (and view the original source link if desired). Moreover, you can instantly access the full reference for each publication and choose your preferred referencing style, so you have everything you need for your literature review right in ATLAS.ti Web. Bring together all relevant literature and then harness ATLAS.ti Web’s other powerful tools to quickly and easily gain insights for your research, with all tools and features available at no additional costs.

Enhanced Research Capabilities

This integration means researchers no longer need to juggle multiple platforms to conduct their literature reviews and data analyses. The ability to search, select, and import relevant papers without leaving the ATLAS.ti Web environment saves time and reduces the complexity of managing research materials. This streamlined workflow facilitates a more focused and efficient research process.

Seamless Integration with Conversational AI and Intentional AI Coding

One of the most exciting aspects of this development is the synergy between the paper search function and ATLAS.ti Web's AI-powered tools. After importing the papers, researchers can chat with their literature using Conversational AI to ask questions about main findings, research gaps, theoretical frameworks, and anything else they want to know about the literature.

In addition, researchers can leverage Intentional AI Coding to conduct automated analysis. By describing their research questions, objectives, and what they want to know about the literature, Intentional AI Coding can automatically code all the information relevant to the researcher’s interests. These AI-driven capabilities allow for rapid identification of key themes, trends, and insights within the literature, thus helping researchers easily understand the literature while staying in full control of the analysis process.

Benefits of a Unified Research Environment

  1. Efficiency and Speed: By integrating paper search and automated analysis within a single platform, ATLAS.ti Web reduces the time researchers spend on administrative tasks, allowing them to focus more on analysis and interpretation.

  2. Enhanced Data Management: All research materials, from imported papers to analysis results, are stored within the same environment. This integration improves data organization and retrieval, ensuring that researchers can easily access and cross-reference materials.

  3. Collaboration and Sharing: The unified platform of ATLAS.ti Web facilitates real-time collaboration among research teams. Researchers can share their findings, data, and imported papers within ATLAS.ti, promoting a more collaborative and transparent research process.

  4. Novel Analytic Angles and Insights: The automated capabilities of Conversational AI and Intentional AI Coding provide researchers with new perspectives about their literature and qualitative data. The AI tools provide sophisticated analytical techniques that can reveal unexpected aspects of the information and help researchers dig deeper into emerging insights.

Transformative Impact on Research

ATLAS.ti Web's new free integration transforms the software from a powerful qualitative analysis tool into a comprehensive research solution. This development is particularly beneficial for qualitative researchers who often deal with large volumes of text data and require robust tools to manage and analyze their materials. The ability to conduct paper searches, import documents, and apply automated analysis within the same platform marks a significant advancement in qualitative research methodology.

Researchers will find that this integrated approach not only enhances their productivity but also enriches the quality of their research. By providing a seamless and efficient workflow, ATLAS.ti Web supports researchers in achieving more robust and insightful findings, ultimately contributing to the advancement of knowledge in their respective fields.

And we're just getting started with Paper Search. Here's a sneak peek into the exciting enhancements we have planned and that will follow in the next weeks and month:

  • Real Semantic Search: Ask research questions directly and receive contextually informed results.
  • Advanced Filtering Options: More refined search capabilities to narrow down results.
  • AI Integration: Use AI to uncover insights and key information within papers.
  • More Databases: Expanding beyond Semantic Scholar to include other major academic databases.

At ATLAS.ti, our mission is to simplify and enhance the research process for our users. We are committed to providing a seamless, efficient, and comprehensive research experience, ensuring that researchers can focus on their work without worrying about the complexities of software management.

Speed and Continuity

We understand that research is an ever-evolving field, and to keep pace with the latest developments, we ensure continuous improvement of our software. ATLAS.ti releases multiple free updates each year, bringing new features, enhancements, and optimizations directly to our users. Our commitment to speed and continuity means you always have access to the latest tools and capabilities without any delays or additional costs.

One Price, One Version, No Additional Costs

Unlike other software providers that offer multiple tiers with varying features, ATLAS.ti believes in simplicity and fairness. With us, there are no premium, plus, or platinum versions. Every user gets full access to all our features with a single, straightforward pricing model. This approach ensures that you receive the best value for your money, with no hidden fees or unexpected expenses.

Comprehensive Support

We are dedicated to supporting our users every step of the way. Our free 24/5 support is available globally, provided by knowledgeable trainers who are experts in both the software and qualitative research methodologies. This ensures that you receive the best possible guidance and assistance, tailored to your specific project needs. Whether you're a novice or an experienced researcher, our support team is here to help you achieve better insights faster.

Advanced Tools for Better Results

ATLAS.ti's suite of advanced tools, including automated search, AI-powered analysis, and a variety of other features, are designed to help you get better and faster results. Our ATLAS.ti Web software enables you to:

  • Conduct comprehensive literature reviews with ease.
  • Import and analyze large volumes of data seamlessly.

Your Partner in Research

At ATLAS.ti, we are more than just a software provider; we are your partner in research. Our continuous innovation, commitment to quality, and unwavering support are all part of our promise to make your research journey as smooth and productive as possible.

  • Utilize AI tools to uncover deeper insights and trends.
  • Generate reports and visual displays quickly, ensuring that your project is completed efficiently and effectively.

We are here for you, as always, at your side when needed, ensuring that you have everything you need to succeed in your research endeavors.

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