Take control of your AI Coding results with fine-tuning

Our new fine-tuning capability takes AI Coding to the next level. For the first time, you can adjust the granularity of your auto-generated codes with just the turn of a dial – now available for ATLAS.ti Desktop on Windows and Mac.

  1. Tailor Auto Coding results easily with clusters
  2. Gain more control with fine-tuning
  3. AI Coding powered by OpenAI
  4. The future of AI: An outlook by ATLAS.ti CEO Jörg Hecker
  5. AI Data Security and Privacy at ATLAS.ti

Tailor Auto Coding results easily with clusters

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Gain more control with fine-tuning

Fine-tuning is just our latest advancement to keep pushing AI Coding to new heights. See your codes visually update in real-time as you adjust the dial. Use this visualization to find the ideal level of coding for your unique research needs.

Your benefits:

✅ Precise coding categories: Easily adjust from broad categories down to highly specific ones to match your coding needs.

🔎 Improved coding quality: Fine-tuning lets you home in on more accurate and relevant codes for your documents.

🤝 User control: Take charge of your auto-coding results instead of blindly accepting the AI's suggestions.

⚡️ Works seamlessly: Fine-tuning integrates perfectly into our existing, best-in-class AI Coding workflow.

Please note: Fine-tuning AI Coding results is currently only available for ATLAS.ti Desktop in a Beta phase. Slower response times may occur during this phase. We are working hard to improve performance.

The future of AI: An outlook by ATLAS.ti CEO Jörg Hecker

In this article, ATLAS.ti's CEO shares how the company is integrating the latest AI developments into its software solutions. Learn how ATLAS.ti is making AI accessible to researchers worldwide through an intuitive approach aimed at accelerating insights.