Auto-coding and Smart Coding in ATLAS.ti Cloud

September 27, 2018

With ATLAS.ti Cloud, you can analyse your qualitative data online. Instead of downloading and installing a software, you can simply enter into your account from any computer in the world and continue working on your project. We are thrilled to have this brand-new, fully web-based version of the software, and today we will share with you how you may take advantage of ATLAS.ti Cloud to speed up your analysis process and identify relevant data segments.

Do you want to find a specific word in a document? Instead of having to read through the entire document yourself, you can take advantage of the Auto Coding and Smart Search tool in ATLAS.ti Cloud. Just type in your word in the search bar at the top, and ATLAS.ti will show you where this word occurs throughout the document. You can easily scroll through to see where the word comes up by clicking on the up and down arrows next to the search bar.

With one click, you can automatically quote all the results. Click on the drop-down arrow of the red “Quote” button and choose the size of the quotation you want ATLAS.ti to create: you can quote just the exact word, the full sentence where the word appears, or the full paragraph. Then, simply enter the name of the code you want associated to those quotations. You can also write a comment on all these quotations.

But that’s not all! ATLAS.ti Cloud’s smart coding tool can help you gain further insights. If you click on your keyword at the top, you can also see suggested synonyms. Click on any of them, and ATLAS.ti will also search the document for those words.

You can continue clicking on the different words shown to see more suggested synonyms. So, you can very easily explore all the relevant data in your document. Search for different words, see how many times they are occurring, and quote all of the data segments with just one click.

You can now review the quotations, codes, and comments that have been generated and make sure they are relevant to your research goals. If you identify a coded quotation that is not relevant, simply click on the quotation in the margin area and click on the trash button to delete it. At the moment, the Smart Search tool works in English, and we will incorporate more languages in the future. In addition to this, you will very soon be able to search for keywords across all of your documents in one go and enjoy advanced filter functionality, so you can explore your data in even more detail.

The Auto Coding and Smart Search tools can be used in any research project. Use it to identify data segments where your main concepts of interest are mentioned. If you have an interview or focus group transcription, you can use these tools to automatically quote each passage of speech (for example, to quote the interviewer’s questions or the participant’s responses). You can also simply use the Smart Search tools to explore your data in new ways. Whatever your research goals are, you can use ATLAS.ti Cloud to kickstart your analysis and quickly and easily identify any relevant segments of your data.

Did you know that you can see all of the upcoming features for ATLAS.ti Cloud in our product roadmap? Please feel free to add your own comments and ideas, your feedback is very valuable to us! You can see the product roadmap here:


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