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ATLAS.ti 8 for Windows is coming later this year.
All licenses and upgrades purchased after April 1, 2015 qualify for a FREE UPGRADE once version 8 is released.
So there is no need to wait–start your analysis today,
and switch ATLAS.ti 8 for free later.

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Rewritten from the ground up, Mac users can run ATLAS.ti natively, bringing the power and flexibility of our leading QDA software to your Mac.

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Join our FREE product demonstrations through web conferencing

Register for a scheduled webinar or request one for your group exclusively. Don’t wait to get a free overview and see the amazing and easy to learn opportunities of the world leading QDA software.

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The Next Generation of QDA Software. Fast. Intuitive. Comprehensive.

With ATLAS.ti 7, you hold the world of your data in your hand. You can now use ATLAS.ti’s unique margin area for video and audio. Analyze all of your data side-by-side in multi-window frames. Get an overview of your findings …


Create your own business by providing first-step training to fellow students in and around your university.

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Mobilize your Research with the Next Generation of QDA Software.

Perform essential project tasks wherever you go using ATLAS.ti Mobile for iPad. Record interviews and analyze data with the touch of a finger, and access your QDA work at your convenience.

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Mobilize your QDA work with the FREE ATLAS.ti Mobile for Android.

Get ready to take ATLAS.ti out with you on your smartphones or tablet wherever you go. ATLAS.ti Mobile for Android offers an easy way to collect data in the field and start with basic analysis on their smartphones or tablets…

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What users say

Muchas gracias equipo de ATLAS.ti.
El mejor y más amigable software de apoyo a la investigación cualitativa.

Elvis Trejo, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Honduras

Thank you for making research more interesting by simplifying data analysis further. I have used ATLAS.ti and it made my work very simple. I am a researcher and my work is always around research and data analysis.

Joan Aliobe, Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development

In my research I used ATLAS.ti extensively, to code a massive amount of quotation (about 106000). ATLAS.ti is the only software around that makes truly mixed quantitative and qualitative analysis possible.

Gerben Moerman,

I am grateful for the generous discount you provided to enable our non-profit organization to buy a license for ATLAS.ti. I've been coding and memoing a set of interviews about Urban Plant and Mushroom Gathering and Foraging Practices and ATLAS.ti (...)

Melissa R. Poe, Ph.D., Environmental Anthropologist, Institute for Culture and Ecology

When working on a complex subject like our "suicide" project, it is important that we are able to grasp every detail people are telling us about. For this reason we use a qualitative research design. A good research tool, like ATLAS.ti, is an essential part of conducting reliable research.

Vita Poštuvan, University of Primorska, Koper, Slovenia

During my career as a qualitative and quantitative market researcher in the field of social media research and co-creation for the food, media, automotive and cosmetics industries, I have had the opportunity to work with diverse software products for qualitative data analysis.

Steffen Hück, Project Manager, Innovation Research, HYVE AG: The Innovation Company

A loud "yipppiiieeeh"! I just updated and am in heaven: Viewing complete PDFs without clicking between pages--it's like a dream! And all the other new features as well: So incredibly smooth and user-friendly!

Christina Herkommer,

Without the use of your product I would still be hand-coding and manually organizing many, many, many pages of transcripts for my thesis. As it stands, my thesis was successfully defended and accepted. ATLAS.ti is truly a "mighty mite!"

Joanne Salay, Outreach Coordinator, Kent State University Stark

My research involves a lot of qualitative data analysis, and I have been doing it manually all this time. After being introduced to several software packages, I chose ATLAS.ti over all the others, mainly because it is straightforward and easy to use (...)

Ani Munirah Mohamad, Young Lecturer / PhD Researcher, Law Faculty, Malaysia

My best wishes and sincere thanks because ATLAS.ti has helped me make my work so fast and because it works with any language. It really saves me time from translating the whole transcript.

Kyu Kyu Than, Department of Medical Research, Myanmar

This term I evaluated three current CAQDAS packages and elected ATLAS.ti over NVivo and MaxQDA as far and away the best tool for my research. I experimented deeply with all three [leading QDA software packages] and found that ATLAS.ti ideally supports the way my mind works (...)

Donnie S. Coleman, PhD student, Virginia Tech

As a nursing researcher, I recommend ATLAS.ti as a powerful tool to support qualitative data analysis. My colleagues and I have conducted nursing research using Grounded Theory. ATLAS.ti, with its broad functionality, can be used for many research purposes (...)

Hiroki Fukahori MS, RN, Mie Prefectural College of Nursing

Outside of any kind of conceptual discussion about the glib association between Grounded Theory and ATLAS.ti or other software, I like to use ATLAS.ti since I take in its freedom to build up links involving codes, memos and quotation.

Cesar A. Cisneros Puebla, International Institute for Qualitative Methodology, University of Alberta

I have taught qualitative research methodology for quite a few years now and consequently I have shopped around for QAQDAS software quite a bit. I have probably tried most packages on the market and after all is said and done there is only one I would use or recommend - ATLAS.ti.

Catharine Payze, Department of Psychology, University of South Africa

I used ATLAS.ti to code and analyze the data for my dissertation. I collected my data from March through July, transcribing 25 interviews and 15 observation periods as I went along. I never attended a training and am pretty clueless when it comes to technology, but the tutorial and user guidebook (...)

Lois MacNamara, Assistant Dean for Student Affairs, Graduate School of Education, University of Pennsylvania

I think that this community knows that it is a really good product in and of itself, but more than that the responsiveness of the designers is incredible, and the community built around this software package is something that is very rare indeed.

Zeno Franco, Research and Technology Coordinator, RIMS, University of California

Five years ago I took a leap and told our small research team that we should switch to ATLAS.ti. I still have my job and ATLAS.ti has not let us down! It has kept pace with the advancing complexity of our analytical needs.

Douglas Fernald, University of Colorado

We like this software. We use it. It helps us to think about what we do. We are delighted to recommend ATLAS.ti to our clients.

Paul Humphreys, Founder & Managing Director, Oxford Continuity Group

In contrast to other commercially available packages, two advantages of ATLAS.ti are its handling of graphics and digital audio recordings as primary data, and its features for generating conceptual diagrams. Its flexible structure allows users to choose their individual approach.

Tadashi Kimura, School of Development Studies, University of East Anglia

In 2001 we started using ATLAS.ti in our research team on suggestion from a colleague and co-PI from the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health. Since then we've been using ATLAS.ti in all our qualitative studies in the field of HIV/AIDS and drug abuse here in Brazil - it is an amazing and highly recommendable software!

Monica Malta, Oswaldo Cruz Foundation / Brazilian Health Ministry

Being the member of the IT Services department at LSE who supports ATLAS.ti and is involved with giving training in it to staff and students, I can certainly say that ATLAS.ti is well liked here at the London School of Economics and Political Science and is heavily used.

Angela Aubertin, London School of Economics and Political Science

As the library researcher at the Carnegie Mellon University Libraries, I've had many opportunities to analyze qualitative data, but never with the help of specially designed software. I can't imagine the difficulty of the task for our last study (in-depth interviews of 100 graduate students) had we not used ATLAS.ti.

Carole A. George, Carnegie Mellon University Libraries

Thank you soooo much. I really appreciate your prompt assistance. Yet another reason why I like using ATLAS.ti!

Mary P. Martinasek, Research Associate, Florida Prevention Research Center, University of South Florida

As an academic and researcher, it is hard to imagine data analysis without the aid of ATLAS.ti. The program helped me easily organise, mine, code and analyse mountains of data and ultimately I could extract very meaningful reports.

John Rautenbach, Dept. Social Work & Social Development, University of Fort Hare, South Africa

ResearchTalk consultants have worked with users of qualitative software for over ten years. At a recent conference we were asked a question no one had ever asked us: "Can you summarize the benefit of ATLAS.ti in one word."

Raymond C. Maietta, Ph.D., President ResearchTalk Inc.

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Arizona State University

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BRT College of Education

Brunel University

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Cal Poly Pomona

Cal State University Channel Islands

calgary board of education

California State Polytechnic Unversity, Pomona

California State University

Cambridge University

Canadian Aboriginal AIDS Network

Cancer Care Ontario

Cancer Institute of New Jersey

Capella University

Cardiff School of Journalism

Cardiff University

Cargo Connection Co.

Caring Health Center, Inc

Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg

Carleton University

Carlow University

Carnegie Mellon University

Carolina Population Center

Case Western Reserve University

Cass Business School

Castle Estates

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Catholic University of America


CCV Distributors, Inc.

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CDE – GIUB – University of Berne

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Cegep regional de Lanaudiere

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Center for the Ethnography of Everyday Life

Center for the Study of Evaluation

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Center on Drug and Alcohol Research

Center on Social Disparities in Health

Centers for Disease Control

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Central Food Research Institute

Central Manchester PCT

Central Missouri State University

Central Queensland University

Central State University

Central Washington University

Centre for Applied Ethics

Centre for Computing Services

Centre for Health Policy

Centre for Health Services Studies

Centre for Higher Education Studies

Centre for the Study of Women and Gender

Centre Informatique

Centre of Gerontology

Centro Internacional De Educacion y Desa


Chapin Hall Center, University of Chicago

Chapman University

Character Education Partnership

Charité Berlin

Charles Drew University

Charles University Prague

Chatham College

Checchi And Company

Cheonan University

Chestnut Hill College

Chiba University

Children FIRST of Fordham University

Childrens Hospital Los Angeles

Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

Children’s Service Society of Wisconsin

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Christian Aid

Chugoku University

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CISTL, Washington University, St Louis

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Clark University

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Coastal Carolina University


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Columbia University

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Columbus Children’s Research Institute

Comisión de la Verdad y Reconciliación

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Compass Consulting Group

Computer Sciences Corp

Copenhagen Business School

Cornell University

Corporación Universitaria de Ibague


Coventry Universit

Cranfield University

Curb Center at Vanderbilt

Curtin University, CBS Graduate School of Business

Czech Assoc.for Health Services Research

DaimlerChrysler/Research and Technology

DALE Inc. (Digitally Acquired Learning for Entrepreneurs)

Dalhousie University

Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Danish University of Education

Danmark Tekniske Universitet

Dartmouth College

David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA

Davidson Consulting

Deakin University

Defence Academy of the UK

Demenz Support Stuttgart

Denver Health Medical Center

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DePaul University

DePauw University

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Deutsches Institut für Entwicklungspolitik

Deutsches Zentrum für Alternsforschung

DGB Bildungswerk e.V.

Dickinson College

Dine College-Shiprock

Division of Behavioral Intervention, NCAIDS, CDC

Doane College

Doculus KB

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Donau-Universität Krems

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Douglas Hospital Research Centre, McGill University

Dowling College

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Family Planning Council

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Florida Marine Research Institute

florida state university

Fødevare Økonomisk Institut

FoGS, University of Britsh Columbia

Fondazione G. Rumor – Centro Produttività Veneto

Fontys Hogescholen

Fordham University

Fordham University GSSS

Företagsekonomiska institutionen


Frauen geben Technik neue Impulse e.V.

Fraunhofer Institut für Chemische Technologie

Fraunhofer ISE

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Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena

Friends Social Research Center

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Fundacion Meicana para la Salud

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FUNDASC – Fundação dos Administradores de S.C.

GaDuGi SafeCenter

Gallaudet University

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GEMAA/University of State of Rio de Janeiro

General Motors Research & Development Center

George Mason University

George Washington University

Georgetown University

Georgia Department of Early Care & Learning

Georgia State University

Ghent University

Glasgow Caledonian University

Glendale Community College

Global Health Council

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Goldsmiths’ College


Gordon Institute of Business Science

Goshen College

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Institut für Sozialforschung an der Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universität

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Institute for Science Learning

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Maryville College

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Mathematica, Inc.

Max Planck Institute for Soc. Anthropogy

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Max-Planck-Institut für Gesellschaftsforschung

Max-Planck-Institut für Strafrecht

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Mental Research Institute

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National University of Ireland Galway

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Northeastern University

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Prevention Research Center


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Qualitative Research & Consulting


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Why ATLAS.ti?

Working in Qualitative Data Analysis?

If you need to make sense of qualitative data using analytic software, ATLAS.ti is for you. Here’s why – ATLAS.ti is the software of choice by professionals for productive data analysis. No other qualitative analysis software provides the same level of flexibility and functionality for analyzing unstructured data – data that cannot be meaningfully studied by formal, statistical approaches. ATLAS.ti offers the widest variety of tools for accomplishing tasks associated with a systematic approach to this kind of analysis. It helps you find and explore complex phenomena hidden in your textual and multimedia resources. ATLAS.ti offers a powerful, intuitive environment for coping with inherently complex tasks – keeping you focused on the analyzed materials.

High-Quality Data Analysis

At its core, ATLAS.ti is a suite of tools that supports analysis of written texts, audio clips, video files, and visual/graphic data. These tools are tightly integrated and designed to support the work flow of the qualitative researcher. ATLAS.ti also includes highly sophisticated tools to help you manage, extract, compare, explore, and reassemble meaningful segments of information from large amounts of data. It does so in flexible and creative ways that are systematic and intuitive.


It has been said that qualitative analysis is equal parts art and science. ATLAS.ti is the sophisticated tool that lets you amalgamate both parts seamlessly. It sets the standards for qualitative research software. If your job calls for qualitative data analysis, no other CAQDAS package provides you with the same power, elegance, number of tools and support – nor does it work with such a wide range of data formats. Researchers all over the world rely on ATLAS.ti for all of their data analysis needs. So join the ATLAS.ti family of qualitative research today and see quality results!