We frequently publish updates and service packs. They are not only bug fixes, but most of the time they introduce useful and valuable new features, thus expanding the capabilities of ATLAS.ti still further. So, it is definitely worth making it a habit to regularly check for the latest releases.

ATLAS.ti makes it extremely easy to keep up-to-date. Its built-in Live Update Service Pack Manager is fully automated and makes downloading and installing updates and service packs a breeze.

Service Packs

If you run into a problem, it might be a “bug” in the software. As we become aware of them, we remove any bugs as soon as we can through our frequent service packs. Always be sure that your installation is on the very latest available version. Running the Live Update (see below) might already solve your problem. In fact, we strongly recommend that you leave automatic update checking turned on permanently.

We ask that you update your software to the latest version and check if the problem still persists before contacting our support.

Update – Windows

To update ATLAS.ti 8, run the Live Update manually via **Windows Start** > Scientific Software > Check for ATLAS.ti 8 Updates. (In ATLAS.ti 8 .1 or higher, you can also do this: On the Welcome screen, select Options > ATLAS.ti > License and Version Information > Check for Updates).

The most current version of ATLAS.ti Windows is v.8.4.26 (released: 2021-08-16).
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How can I get administrator rights under Windows Vista or Windows 7?

On some systems, especially under Windows Vista and Windows 7, ATLAS.ti might tell you that you are not authorized to perform some actions (update, change the user database) since they require explicit administrator permissions. You can solve this as follows:

  • *Right-click* the ATLAS.ti entry in your start menu (or your ATLAS.ti desktop icoin) instead of just left-clicking to start it.
  • Select “Run as administrator” from the context menu.
  • Supply the administrator password for this computer.

If you are already logged in on your computer with administrator rights, ATLAS.ti should now directly start up and you can perform the desired action.

If you don’t have admin rights and/or you’re not sure how to obtain administrator status on your Windows systems, you will need to seek assistance from a knowledgeable local source.

Update – Mac

To update, simply run the updater via menu ATLAS.ti > Check for Updates.

Please leave the option “Automatically download and install updates in the future” checked on. This ensures that your installation is always up to date.

The most current version of ATLAS.ti Mac is v.8.4.5 (released: 2020-11-05).
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