We frequently publish updates and service packs. They are not only bug fixes, but most of the time they introduce useful and valuable new features, thus expanding the capabilities of ATLAS.ti still further. So, it is definitely worth making it a habit to regularly check for the latest releases.

ATLAS.ti makes it extremely easy to keep up-to-date. Its built-in Live Update Service Pack Manager is fully automated and makes downloading and installing updates and service packs a breeze.

Get Latest Update

The most current version of ATLAS.ti is v.7.5.2 (released: 2014-09-26 ). - View full version history

Download and installation of updates and service packs has been automated in all newer versions of ATLAS.ti. Simply run the Live Update  via Help > Updates and License > Tech Support Info> Check for Updates Now. (In older versions, run Tools > Service Pack Manager.).  This will perform the update for you. That’s it–the update is now taken care of!

How can I get administrator rights under Windows Vista or Windows 7?

On some systems, especially under Windows Vista and Windows 7, ATLAS.ti might tell you that you are not authorized to perform some actions (update, change the user database) since they require explicit administrator rights. You can solve this as follows:

  • *Right-click* the ATLAS.ti entry in your start menu (or your ATLAS.ti desktop icoin) instead of just left-clicking to start it.
  • Select “Run as administrator” from the context menu.
  • Supply the administrator password for this computer.

If you are already logged in on your computer with administrator rights, ATLAS.ti should now directly start up and you can perform the desired action.

If you don’t have admin rights and/or you’re not sure how to obtain administrator status on your Windows systems, you will need to seek assistance from a knowledgeable local source.

Service Packs

If you run into a problem, it might be a “bug” in the software. As we become aware of them, we remove any bugs as soon as we can through our frequent service packs. Always be sure that your installation is on the very latest available version. Running the Live Update from the Help menu might already solve your problem. In fact, we strongly recommend that you leave automatic update checking turned on permanently.

We request that you update your software to the latest version before contacting our support hotline.

You find the version number of your software on ATLAS.ti’s main screen and under the Help menu. It consists of three different parts, the major version number (4 , 5. 6, 7,…), the minor version number (0, 1, 2, 3) and the “build” number (e.g, 6.2.27, 7.0.75, etc.,) .

Update History

The following changes were implemented in previous updates and service packs. These changes are all contained in the most recent service pack, so you do NOT need to look for these older service packs or download anything beyond the most current one.

ATLAS.ti 7.5.2

Release date: 2014-09-26

Fixed and Improved:

  • Check compression state of HU more reliably
  • Automatic retry when transfer bundle converter module quits working
  • Dont overwrite existing bundle when bundling fails
  • Problems with writing text and PDF locators to transfer bundle affecting Mac import

ATLAS.ti 7.5.1

Release date: 2014-09-18

Fixed and Improved:

  • Report converter modules in system report
  • Include geo locations in transfer bundle (but not yet interpreted on Mac side)
  • Clip code names to 200 characters (we had a 80.000 character code name making some problems)
  • Allow replacement of modified (non textual, non editable) documents in library via reassignment
  • Too early initialization of cloud view in code manager
  • Transfer bundle mappping
  • Transfer bundle recursion crash
  • Export selected codes in XML falsely reported inclusion of dependent items
  • PDF Table in bundle

ATLAS.ti 7.5.0

Release date: 2014-09-09

Fixed and Improved:

  • Project specific libraries avoid huge amounts of files shared by many projects and prevent accidentally sharing sensible data
  • Export Mac compatible project bundle (currently of interest for the Mac beta users)
  • Cooc table browser redesigned and improved
  • German user interface
  • Resettable merge strategies
  • Replaced old style browse for folder dialog (Vista and better)
  • Memorize folder settings for different tasks (networks as graphics, spss, transfer bundle, etc)
  • Import F4 media files as external linked
  • Some dialog windows resized to improve fit of localized text versions
  • Modified user manual
  • Multimedia quotation modification artifact (the quotation selected in the HUeditor was modified)
  • Queries with many PDFs involved (ticket 106487)
  • Survey import ignore empty columns without failing
  • Issue copy bundle with managed files ( same original files were already in the library but imported from a different location)
  • Invalid XML characters under certain conditions
  • HTML doc external references did not work
  • Unification of ADocs during merge
  • Dimmed icons for codes in q-manager side panel – finally
  • Relation editor selection aware
  • Adding ADocs when merging
  • Issue with renaming of SkyDrive to OneDrive by Microsoft when detecting cloud services

ATLAS.ti 7.1.8

Release date: 2014-03-04

Fixed and Improved:

  • Import ATLAS.ti for Android projects
  • Audio Video:
  • scroll pagewise in non-sync mode
  • let Video perforations scroll smoothly
  • Ensure side panel splitter in managers to always be visible
  • Inform the user which data source is deleted when deleting datasources in the library manager.
  • Add a progess dialog to the delete datasource functionality in the library manager
  • Do not display already entered codes in the new code dialog
  • Mark Codes in side panel of quotation manager according to selected quotations
  • Sliding the splitter between side panel and main list too far could result in inaccessible manager items
  • Closing an unsaved HU could result in removing documents used by other HUs
  • Fix for not unplayable videos (with objects not shown in the margin)
  • RichText printed with margin was sometimes misaligned
  • When a pd family was used as a filter the survey import failed
  • Empty NWE throws error when trying to copy nodes to clipboard
  • In some cases the user was always asked for the UI language on startup

Update History v.7:

see update log for v.7

Update History v.6:

see update log for v.6

Update History v.5:

see update log for v.5