Face-to-face training

Qualitative Methodology Certified Gold Expert

About this training

Become an industry leader with the Gold level certification, designed for seasoned professionals with extensive experience in teaching qualitative methodology. Showcase your deep familiarity with ATLAS.ti and mastery of qualitative research principles.

You will learn

  • Profound understanding of ATLAS.ti, including teamwork and applications beyond data analysis
  • In-depth knowledge of qualitative methodology, including critical evaluation and diverse data analysis approaches


  • At least one article relevant to qualitative research submitted to a peer-reviewed journal under - major acceptance
  • Completion of the Become an Expert with ATLAS.ti (Windows or Mac) self-paced course with unlimited support
  • Completion of Qualitative Research self-paced course with unlimited support
  • Affiliation with an educational institution (document required)
  • Final project submission, including:
    • A sample project for teaching purposes
    • A syllabus with learning objectives for both qualitative methodology and ATLAS.ti
    • Practical exercises for students
    • Presentation slides on qualitative methodology and ATLAS.ti that provide in-depth knowledge for advanced learners
  • 30-minute oral exam with the certification team:
    • Deliver a 15-minute lecture on requested topics
    • Answer questions from the certification team
Multiple Languages
English, Spanish
Multiple ATLAS.ti Versions
Windows, Mac
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