Face-to-face training

Qualitative Methodology Certified Bronze Expert

About this training

Get started with the Bronze level certification, perfect for anyone beginning their career as a teacher or professor of qualitative methodology. Gain a solid understanding of the qualitative methodology and ATLAS.ti.

You will learn

  • Basic instrumental knowledge of ATLAS.ti
  • Basic knowledge of qualitative methodology


  • Completion of the Become an Expert with ATLAS.ti (Windows or Mac) self-paced course without support
  • Completion of Qualitative Research self-paced course without support
  • Documented proof of affiliation with an educational institution (document required)
  • Final project submission, including:
    • A sample project for teaching purposes
    • A syllabus with learning objectives
    • Practical exercises for students
  • 15-minute virtual oral exam with a senior ATLAS.ti trainer
  • Answer questions from the senior ATLAS.ti trainer about using ATLAS.ti in qualitative research
Multiple Languages
English, Spanish
Multiple ATLAS.ti Versions
Windows, Mac
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