Face-to-face training

Qualitative Methodology Certified Bronze Expert

About this certification program

Start your teaching career with the Bronze level certification in qualitative methodology. Demonstrate your familiarity and experience with teaching qualitative methods and how methodology guides the use of ATLAS.ti in a research project. Receive the qualitative methodology expert certification to prove your capabilities as someone who can teach qualitative methodology!

During this certification process, you will need to demonstrate

  • Basic instrumental knowledge of ATLAS.ti
  • Basic knowledge of qualitative methodology

To complete the certification, you will need to submit:

Background information about yourself:

  • Updated CV
  • Affiliation with a research institution (document required)

Proof of sufficient knowledge of qualitative methodology and ATLAS.ti, which can be demonstrated via one of the following two options:

  • Certification of completion from the "Become an Expert with ATLAS.ti" (Windows or Mac) self-paced training (without support) and certification of completion of the "Qualitative Research" self-paced training (without support)
  • Report of teaching experience that explains how many trainings you have given before, to how many people, what contents did you teach in your trainings, who were the training participants, what challenges you faced and how you overcame them, and what advice you would give to others teaching qualitative methodology and ATLAS.ti in a single training

A sample project (for teaching purposes), including:

  • A clear research question written in a research diary (memo)
  • At least one document coded
  • At least one methodological memo written about the methodology guiding the research
  • At least one analytic memo written about the analysis methods followed
  • At least one network created
  • An explanation in a memo of how at least one analysis tool was used in the project (e.g., code co-occurrence analysis, code-document analysis, etc.)

A syllabus for a training about both qualitative methodology and ATLAS.ti, including:

  • Clear learning objectives
  • Outline of teaching contents related to qualitative methodology and ATLAS.ti
  • Teaching about how to add data to ATLAS.ti
  • Teaching about how to code data in ATLAS.ti
  • Teaching about extracting findings in ATLAS.ti (i.e., using at least one analysis tool)
  • Teaching about qualitative research design (e.g., formulating a research question)
  • Teaching about at least one method of qualitative data analysis

Practical exercises for students, including:

  • How to add data in ATLAS.ti
  • How to code data in ATLAS.ti
  • How to extract findings in ATLAS.ti (i.e., how to use at least one analysis tool)
  • How to design qualitative research (e.g., the elaboration of a research question)
  • How to analyze qualitative data (using at least one analysis method)

Video recording of a 15-minute presentation about qualitative methodology and ATLAS.ti

Please note:

  • We welcome applications in English or Spanish
  • All submitted materials must be related to the current version of ATLAS.ti (Windows, Mac, or Web)
  • ATLAS.ti must be spelled correctly in all submitted materials (i.e., "ATLAS.ti", not "Atlas.ti" or any other variation)

Upon completing the certification, you will receive:

  • Certificate of Bronze Expert in Qualitative Methodology (official certificate from the ATLAS.ti Academy)
  • Badge of Bronze Expert in Qualitative Methodology (official badge from the ATLAS.ti Academy)
  • Free educational ATLAS.ti Desktop+Web single-user license
  • Right to offer a 20% discount for ATLAS.ti licenses and trainings to all your training participants
  • Qualification to partner with ATLAS.ti GmbH in future training and consultation projects
Multiple Languages
English, Spanish
Multiple ATLAS.ti Versions
Windows, Mac
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