Update History

We frequently publish updates and service packs. They are not only bug fixes, but most of the time they introduce useful and valuable new features, thus expanding the capabilities of ATLAS.ti still further. So, it is definitely worth making it a habit to regularly check for the latest releases.

ATLAS.ti makes it extremely easy to stay up-to-date. Its built-in Live Update Service Pack Manager is fully automated and makes downloading and installing updates and service packs a breeze.

ATLAS.ti 8 Windows

The following changes were implemented in previous updates and service packs. These changes are all contained in the most recent service pack, so you do NOT need to look for these older service packs or download anything beyond the most current one.

Version 8.1.27

Release date: 2017-11-23

  • Multi-language interface (English, German and Spanish available for now, other languages to come)
  • Global filters
  • Switchable library location (create new libraries, switch to different existing libraries, move documents to a different library); supports work from different locations
  • Project snapshots (document the work process by saving different versions)
  • Savable project preferences (remember windows positions/sizes, open tools, etc. )
  • Savable application preferences (customize important aspects of the program)
  • Improved work flow for scope option in Query Tool
  • Drag and drop in Query Tool
  • Word List option replaces Word Cruncher,
  • Improved dialog for auto coding
  • Universal Excel export
  • Import and export of code lists
  • Improved team project workflow
  • Renaming option when importing projects
  • Many reworked and improved dialogs
  • Revamped icons

Version 8.0.43

Release date: 2017-09-12

  • Fixed a bug that would prevent some users from saving changes to comments and memos

Version 8.0.42

Release date: 2017-08-18

  • Fix context menus in document viewer…
  • Fix content menus in document editors
  • Ignore already coded locations in manual auto coding
  • Fix data file declaration in SPSS syntax file
  • Fix a bug in the document group section of the SPSS syntax file
  • Fix for HTML Editor Control Crashes
  • Fix jumping geo quotations in geo viewer
  • PDF number of page problem fix
  • Improvements to text search control
  • Bug fix for survey import
  • Preview for Audio and Video
  • Project Search: fixed bug

    Version 8.0.41

    Release date: 2017-06-28

    • Bugfix: Rendering of PDF page areas for rotated pages
    • Filter VM and Filter UI
    • Bugfix for crash on videos without pixel ratio property assignment
    • Modify determining quotations for the quotation browser using document and quotation filter
    • Modify auto coding confirm dialog to react on changes to the document filter
    • Fix code list import for rejecting rows with invalid code names
    • Import Codes UI changes
    • Added element text content to classification
    • CodeCoocTable: fixed overflow bug
    • Fixed package content
    • Filter codes in auto coding according to global filter
    • Global network filters
    • Allow content alignment in check boxes
    • Added Memory Statistics to System Bundle Report
    • Created memory query function
    • Fix a bug with smart groups in code list import
    • Fix bug with models without entities
    • Display Name / Number properties on Quotation
    • Hyperlink Preview

    Version 8.0.40

    Release date: 2017-06-09

    • Modify PDF file check
    • Survey import update
    • Fix for Crashes
    • ProjectInfo: added “Archived” info to tooltip
    • Project Import: archive only projects with same name and id; rename (pending) work copy
    • Resizing corrected for PDF annotation handles; display of quotation annotation corrected in margin
    • Projects Integrity Check: fixed report format issue
    • Swapped Cooc table resultlist headers
    • Project Import: Import of memos or comments pointing to the same content will now create own media instances
    • A-Doc: Avoid deleting documents that are part of a DocumentAssociation
    • Bundle Import: added archive / delete existing project option

    Version 8.0.39

    Release date: 2017-06-02

    • Better PDF resize annotation handles for multi column selections and quotations
    • Query term update correction after failed tests
    • Improved updating of query term and query results; Network editor link bugfix
    • Rtf2AHtml Converter Fix
    • Fix for HTML framework “toLowercase” problem.
    • Project Export: assembled default bundle file name
    • Bundle Transfer & Merge: persist & reuse last used directory paths
    • Project Import: restricting int values
    • Adapt split code action to support inter coder reliability flag
    • Preventing null refs when getting linked quotations
    • Bug fix for illegal file names in analytics exports
    • Bug fix for PDF control
    • Icons Changed
    • Archive flag for local library ProjectInfo
    • File Name Extension will not be displayed in the treeview
    • Change actions and paths in configuration for switching to default library based on the existence of a library in the default path
    • Global filters for memos by memo groups and quotations by code
    • Project Import: fixed a bug
    • Fix issue in using special character filters in word cruncher
    • Fix backup name in the backup control and for the merge action…
    • Remove global filter if term argument was deleted
    • Notify changes when filter source collection changed or filter term arguments collection changed
    • Updater: var. improvements
    • Fix issue with completed terms when performing coding actions
    • Bug fixes; improved term caching in smart groups
    • Create new comments when merging, splitting or duplication codes and merging comments
    • Drop invalid links when opening the link manager
    • Fix a bug with invalid code ranges
    • Fix crash in updating smart groups in object explorer
    • Minor Crash Fix
    • Add backup functionality in Merge Project
    • Missing Attribute added
    • Work on library switching
    • Minor Crash Fix: ignoring Converter property
    • Fix a crash in open recent projects control

    Version 8.0.38

    Not released

    Version 8.0.37

    Release date: 2017-05-15

    • Library Locking: lock related actions and unit tests implemented.
    • DeleteCodingLinksAction added.
    • Fix for quotation retrieval in context for user “impossible” selection of quotations in text doc. viewer.
    • Fix for IOException .
    • Application Icon Path fixed.
    • Fix word cruncher over groups in document manager.
    • Process added to start the command line Roslyn Tool.
    • Stuffing memory leaks in cooc-table.
    • Access modifier problem during assembly merge solved.
    • Fix for ArgumentNullException [Quotation.Layer] .
    • Fix for issue JavaScriptException [replaceChild] When Trying to Save Text.
    • Fix for Exception on Save Text .
    • PDF Clickselection bug fix.
    • Fix calculating the word count for the document code table.
    • Fix check if the annotation group of an annotation is null when resizing the …
    • Added a numerical preference control.
    • Bugfix for PDF text extraction on specific location spanning multiple pages.
    • Better check on illegal local db and project db versions.
    • Replace ExplicitEntries with IQeryContext in group view models in object
    • Add additional system folders to FolderManager.
    • Add classes for checking if a path is located in a cloud storage service.
    • Fix memory leaks in network editor.
    • Fix determining merged quotations for the result.
    • Updated to .Net 4.6.2 and VS2017.

    Version 8.0.36

    Release date: 2017-05-05

    • Fix crash with quotations linked to a tag but not to a document in word cruncher.
    • Project & Legacy Import: fixed failure on (hyper)link duplicates.
    • Fix for WIX installer.
    • Add “Core” and “Prerequisites” installed path to registry.
    • Fix collection events in object explorer…
    • Datatemplates extended.
    • Unsafe flag added and a missing project integrated.
    • Ignore disposed projects when checking if a project is open. Ignore invalid URLs when importing Endnote import files. .
    • Reload word list when opening a word cloud from the word frequency dialog.
    • Fix update issue in open project backstage dialog.
    • Data template in Sample project changed.
    • Legacy Import: Integrated new version of Rtf2AHtml converter.
    • Fix for Vertical Text Scrolling is (Sometimes) Blocked if Windows Scaling has been changed (125%).
    • Implemented Model for Preferences System.
    • Fixed Memory Leaks in Core Functionality.
    • Report/Output: Added (more) debug info to graphic extraction service.
    • Fix cyclic references in MSHTML implementation.
    • UNC Path Check added.
    • Bug fix for export of networks with quotation preview enabled.
    • Add coordinator to application session for editing stop word list .
    • Fix an issue in the object explorer .
    • Improve installer path logic.
    • Data inconsistency repair rules improved.
    • Set Download Timeout to 20 seconds.
    • Reordered coding procedures according to v.7 and consistency.

    Version 8.0.35

    Release date: 2017-04-13

    • Fix for project search selection bug.
    • Merge Projects & Migrate Medium: fixed bug where media were attempted to be added for different entities with the same guid.
    • Global input bindings no longer steal keystrokes from embedded dialogs.
    • Twitter: display busy indicator immediately.
    • Bugfix: Cleanup AdHoc networks on project load.
    • Bug fix when exporting or printing empty network.
    • Resolve default PDF text location with valid start and end.
    • Use the document name when creating a code using in-vivo coding when only whitespace characters are selected.
    • Handle sharing medium in project merge.
    • Fixes for HTML Bugs.
    • Allow only one auto coding at a time.
    • Bugfix for NWE frequency display.
    • Fix bug in object explorer for showing quotation or tag count for documents .
    • System Report / AHtml Validation: reset LastValidatedHtml property on sucess .
    • System Report: added windows dpi info – enumerating all displays with device name and size.
    • Stemmer hot fix, ribbon support & tools, twitter behavior on disconnect.
    • Do not perform menu command when the project control is not active.
    • Autocoding.
    • Define usable titles and Excel report names for word cloud and frequency list .
    • Additional null checks for PDF text content.
    • Fix some issues with importing notes from Evernote.
    • Graphic Location Previews: fixed preview-failures on empty graphic locations for browser preview and report/output content.
    • A8 Startup: fixed bug on trial version: validating of project list containing broken projects failed (trial version only).
    • Fix extract and convert problems with Evernote notes.
    • Additional null check before using Aspose HTML converter.
    • Project Bundle Import/Export: added comment support for users.
    • Changed tiptext for Import Legacy Project, changed coding action messages.
    • Fix updating counts in navigator and object explorer.
    • Transactional Collection now correctly trigger Changed event for the Count property.
    • Bug fix for ad-hoc network undo problem.

    Version 8.0.34

    Release date: 2017-03-31

    • Added last validated HTML to system report bundle.
    • Additional Project Repair Rules.
    • Perform Auto-Check and Auto-Repair Async.
    • Fix threading issue with warn dialog when survey import failed.
    • Ensure that each document is only placed once into the list for documents for auto coding.
    • Add Contracts to coding actions for the quotation provide.
    • Check if in-vivo coding action is valid prior to executing it.
    • Catch exception and inform user crash when the text converter fails in document …
    • Fix some settings issues in dialogs and auto coding confirm control.
    • System Report: Added version info to folder dump.
    • Fix Crash when closing the project while the auto coding confirm dialog is open.
    • Speedup opening the object explorer.
    • Fix Repair Rule for missing creation log entry when there is no creation log entry but some modification log entries.
    • Enhance Endnote Import for references with direct links.
    • Fixed AutoTooltip on truncated names, more work on hyperlinkpreview.
    • Margin Quotation Contect Menu: fixed null reference issue on action for UnlinkAll.
    • Deleting all network nodes when deleting entities; do not remove AdHoc network from
      database any longer because of possible data inconsistency problems.
    • Fix for “Size: Width and Height must be non-negative” on some VM’s.
    • Fix error handle for blocked documents in document import.
    • Catch file blocked in word frequency list export.
    • Warning if the ATLAS.ti installation is broken.
    • Project Repair Request Dialog: (in default text) changed the guid for the project from project id to project library id.
    • Bug fixes for auto coding problems with PDF.
    • Fix to avoid crashing when adding unsupported multimedia files.
    • Warning if MediaFoundation is not installed.
    • Fix for sorting exception when opening report on a sorted and filtered list.
    • Improved cursor-load stability and temp folder handling.

    Version 8.0.33

    Release date: 2017-03-22

    • Added project repair rules
    • Save enumerations as integer in word cruncher UI
    • Context menu in NWE corrected
    • Fix merge code test
    • Report/Output: Catching IOException; added message to close the/a blocking application when trying to save report output
    • System Report: Added integrity section to project session part of system report
    • Some improvements to prevent D&D errors
    • Add checks for missing source tags and smart tags to validation of the merge code action
    • Add location column to document manager
    • Inform the user to restart ATLAS after resetting the Evernote account
    • Merge codes secured in network editor against missing merge code action rules
    • Extend annotation bounds with handle positions

    Version 8.0.32

    Release date: 2017-03-16

    • Project Integrity Broken Dialog
    • Backup Tagging Tool
    • More project repair rules, started hyperlink popup, license dialog remove tab
    • Fix a bug in adding document when the source is a memo
    • Developer/Project Repair: Added tool to tag a (fixed) backup file as partial restore file
    • Restore Tool: added support for partial project migration
    • Fixed an issue with illegal characters in an Endnote URL
    • Fixed an issue with open coding in DocumentViewer
    • Fixed an issue in manual auto coding
    • Rendering PDF pages with tiles
    • Text No Longer Vanishing When Coding with Keyboard Shortcuts
    • Misc. report issues, fixed margin click on overview annotation, Geo search results removed extra highlighting of selected item on mouse over
    • Repair model inconsistencies
    • Create rule for resolving project in Queries after merge and “save as”
    • Fixed an issue with missing or invalid quotation helper in in-vivo coding
    • Fixed a threading issue in the merge project control when saving another project

    Version 8.0.31

    Release date: 2017-02-28

    • Fix project bundle ex- and import of illegal PDF graphic locations.
    • Bugfix: Virtual links hidden after refresh in NWE.
    • Install a repair functionality for finding missing locations to quotations or for creating default locations when no location could be retrieved from other projects.
    • Drop on network.
    • Project Bundle Import: fix for Mac bundles – top level query terms (“and” or “or”) came with only one operand (even if two or more are specified as required in the schema).
    • Model repair rule that removes orphan codings.
    • Fix display issue with total count of merged quotations in project merge.
    • Fix collect merge conflict unit test.
    • Make progress messages in survey import user friendlier.
    • Fix cancel in survey import.
    • Terminalserver info in sysrep & telemetry on startup.
    • Fix small issues with reverse geo coding.
    • Bugfix: Change path for EF model cache.
    • Catch errors when upgrading settings, rearranged gis-q-tooltip, catch twitter change account errors.
    • Update Aspose document converter and survey.
    • Add geo coding cache for reducing access to the open street mat geo server.
    • Speedup merging codes and links in Merge Project action.
    • Fix an issue with the step order in the Endnote import step. Catch IO exception when trying to access a referred file in the Endnote import.
    • Model repair rule for orphan links.
    • Edited messag etext for failed imports. Fixed gis tooltip, added warning to gis search when not connected.
    • Project Bundle Import: fixed crash on older (A7) bundles .
    • Bugfix: Negative width or height for rectangle in PDF exchange format from Mac project bundle.
    • Fix sanity check for deleted networks; Remove networks from groups when deleted.
    • Add address to geo location tool tip.
    • Fix numbering issue in merge project.
    • Fix issue with merging projects with Geo docs.
    • Add address search for Geo Docs.
    • Integrated Project-Auto-Repair into project loading.
    • Model integrity check rule for NetworkView corrected; Repair projects with orphan links.
    • Bug fix: Merge duplicating document and quotation numbers.
    • Fix Merge Quotation Unit tests.
    • Fix crash when resizing an invalid location.
    • Fix crash when quotation providers are not set in coding actions.
    • Fix crash when quotation providers do not provide quotations.
    • Fix numbering issue in document and quotations while merging projects.
    • List/Report: Stripping control characters on text content used for (list)report output.
    • Project Bundle Export: Fixed wrong handling of semantic operators in query terms on export – import works already well.
    • Support for CTRL+A selection in text documents.
    • Fix for need to r-click twice to get context menu in text documents and coding hyperlinks in text documents.
    • Catch shell execute errors. They mainly occur when launching an application fails.
    • Do not delete deleted quotations (layer is null). Show all projects in the merge project dialog and disable open projects.
    • Update project list in merge project dialog when a project is opened or closed.
    • Filter deleted quotation when getting documents for a quotation list in the project or text search.
    • Fix a bug when trying to add an invalid file.
    • Check if session is valid in delete entity helper.
    • Modify tests for using transactions and.

    Version 8.0.30

    Release date: 2017-02-14

    • Missing TaskFolder.dll added to setup.
    • Work-around for COMException when setting a selection in AHTML documents.
    • Fix for D&D Arg-Null-Exception.
    • Legacy Import migrated new version of the Rtf2AHtml2 converter to fix the 3.11 validation error on (legacy) import.
    • Added Open Rel Manager button to Network Editor, tried to set focus to a text field.
    • Fixed bug in MergeTagsKeep.
    • JavaScript Exception – When Trying to Store Comments for DefaultRelationTypes on Project Create. Update of JS library.
    • Fix Crash for not fully loaded document.body.
    • Option to Enable Disable Sanity Check from Dev Ribbon.
    • Merge failed message fixed. Added date and stats to project integrity test.
    • Improvements to Project Sanity Checker.
    • Handle exceptions in database version check.
    • Fix AdHoc-Network data inconsistency on Undo/Redo.
    • Legacy Import: fixed issue on user creation method – (adapted from Project Bundle Import). Also restricted sanity check to be done only once after consolidation.
    • Mobile Bundle Import: fixed issue on user creation method – (adapted from Project Bundle Import).
    • Fix an issue with undefined quotation provider in InVivo coding. Fix an issue with null selection list in split code dialog.

    Version 8.0.29

    Release date: 2017-01-26

    • Diagnostic functionality to trap opened MM preview sharing violation errors.
    • Libraries Backup App: Backup&Restore – works (currently) only on default libraries base path.
    • Hide query tool tags; Remove deleted groups from networks; Check query tool tags before deleting document groups.
    • Automatic Data Integrity Check on Project Load.
    • Backup and Restore Application added to Build Script.
    • Query term tests corrected.
    • Data integrity checks including query terms.
    • Backup and Restore Application.
    • Data integrity checks (terms missing yet); Store check state in project.
    • Fix test setup for two merge tests (user must be added to project and no longer to session).
    • Fix copying layers and locations into the master project.
    • Sanity Checker.
    • Fixes for NullReferenceException when clicking on multimedia quotations.
    • Do not execute any action if session is already disposed in the tag manager.
    • Sanity check to transaction walking algorithm to avoid illegal references .
    • Fix an issue with determining the text around a hit in Project or manager queries.
    • All space in the list filters in checkable list views.
    • Lower PDF memory footprint.
    • Added test upon startup to verify that at least 50 temp files can be created; exit if temp folder is full.
    • Completed CRG generator, new Dictionary extension addToSet(key,value) very helpful for creating maps.
    • Implemented Work-Around for Out-Of-Memory related exception when the PDF framework needs temporary memory bitmaps.
    • Use the same rule for finding groups as used by the create group action when creating groups in the survey import.
    • Improved better diagnostics to trace errors if the embedded dialog layer crashes.
    • Exclude invalid project infos from the welcome screen, the open project lists and the merge project list.
    • Prevent EmbeddedDialog Framework from showing hidden windows when the app is closing.
    • Fix a bug when creating authors in survey import…
    • Link Manager: checking Name property for null before using for search avoid crash].
    • System Report: minor fixes (libraries path, formatting).
    • First check in of CRG, license key fix.
    • Fix a bug when checking if items can be removed from groups in the object explorer.
    • Add missing menu items to context menus in browser and object explorer.
    • Fix displaying smart network groups in object explorer.
    • Open Network view editor with context menu for a network view node in the object explorer.
    • Project Bundle Import: reject given file if not may be opened as zip archive.
    • A-Doc List: check if requested document to be opened is not null.
    • Legacy Import: fixed an error condition on the converter.

    Version 8.0.28

    Release date: 2017-01-13

    • Ask the user to delete orphaned quotation when deleting tags.
    • Fixing Twitter issue, user isadmin in system report, better setup icon.
    • Inform the User if MediaFoundation Framework is Missing.
    • Implemented improved diagnostics mechanisms to debug the object cache ID problems.
    • Fix an issue with encrypted PDF files.
    • Fix an issue with dead links when merging projects.
    • Fix an issue with reading legacy library files with duplicate sections.
    • Disabled “Cleanup Project Library” function until thoroughly tested.
    • Improved logging of Wix Bundle Application.
    • Project Bundle Import: avoid exception if given relation type is null or empty.
    • Report/Output: catching exception on report dispose/finish.
    • Fix for recursively closing a primary window.
    • Fix for broken unit tests.
    • When the last project closes, ATLAS.ti no longer closes but re-opens the Welcome Window.
    • Fix for SaveHtmlDocument.
    • CopyBundle (Legacy) Import: catching exception when retrieving bundle info – gives (embedded) message to the user instead.
    • Remove the current project from the project list in the merge back stage control. It makes no sense to merge a project into itself. .
    • Ask the user if the quotations coded by a code shall be deleted when the code is deleted.
    • Do not add target code to code groups of the merged codes when merging codes.
    • Fix an issue when dropping a code onto an invalid text quotation.
    • All Project Imports: ensure that GUIDs will only be used once for documents and quotations on ProjectBundle, Legacy and Mobile import.
    • Project Bundle Export: fixed time export issue (even if a explicit format was given, the separators were interpreted region-dependent).
    • System Report: added (thread) culture infos.
    • Disable merge in merge dialog when no project is selected. Fix an issue with merging new projects. .
    • Fix issue with list coding.
    • Fix issue with quick coding.
    • Block deleting items from smart groups in project explorer. .

    Version 8.0.27

    Release date: 2016-12-21

    • Fix for “TypeInitializer / IOException” while loading cursor and Temp folder is full.
    • [Project Bundle – Creation] catched exception on archive dispose
    • [Legacy Import] Handled exception when given file is no valid project
    • Update memo and tag manager when unlinking tags or memos from other entities
    • Fix issue in quotation browser when changing entity
    • Fix an issue with not updating grounding and density in memo and tag manager when deleting quotations
    • Fix an issue with double clicking in the main quotation browser and quotation manager.
    • Ensure that selected item is set before triggering show quotation in document in quotation browser.
    • [System Report] moved session infos to separate bundle entries – added [Dev] button to create system report bundle – added time zone info (offset).
    • License and Update Dialogs Deadlock Fixes.
    • Fixed creator/Author in startup screen project info.
    • License and Updates Dialogs Deadlock Fix
    • Access denied on incompatible library; PDF zoom protection.
    • Store and restore windows coordinates for quotation browser.
    • Show quotation an single click in entity quotation browser
    • Bugfixes in installer
    • Installer uses last installation path
    • [Query Tool Report] avoid report output settings dialog, when neither query nor scopy is given.
    • [Project Bundle Import] fixed the issue on double used comments – also causes the current stage 2 sample to be crashing.
    • Deactivate the functionality until editing HTML is done and comments can be merged.
    • Fixed solution file.
    • Installer cosmetics, icons replaced, quicktour and whatsnew added, project control startup info reworked
    • fixed typo on switch user tip.
    • [Document Assignment] catched IoException when trying to write normalized html back – switched to alternative temp file in this case
    • Keep failed items in document import pipeline. Inform user about failed import items.
    • Fix an issue with too long paths in Evernote import
    • Fix issue with corrupted data in survey import
    • Color name column darker (black) in entity manager
    • Code colors in single column mode, license texts for trial versions fixed, freeze column, fixed width toggle and width setting in tagdoctable, changed trial limit notification, some cosmetic in Installer dialog, removed red coloring in start screen
    • [Project Bundle] fixed issue in reading “header” – assumed pass-attribute to be there on non-Win7 bundles – but is absent on current Mac bundles – caused an exception instead of rejection message
    • [Edit Comment] in some cases, the session seems to be null, when trying to execute – added check wth skip (instead of exception)
    • Implement Min and Max size for document viewers correctly
    • Color name column darker (black) in document manager
    • Remove Map type menu from GIS document viewer as we only support OSM. Fix converter for showing the entity type and the hit field in the hit list control.
    • Keyboard shortcuts for window navigation (Ctrl+F4, Ctrl+Tab).
    • Corrects positioning of play cursor in multimedia documents.
    • Improved Business Action Validation Error Exception.

    Version 8.0.26

    Release date: 2016-12-12

    • Fixed and refactored TagDocTable calculation, include license information in system report
    • Debug API for setting CPU affinity
    • Bugfix for clean-up of temp library
    • Added “Update Available” telemetry counter
    • Improvements to Error Reporting
    • Improvement of the SA error reporting mechanism
    • Enable merging of comments while merging codes as plain text comment…
    • Add group column to network view manager
    • Add group support for the network view manager to the model
    • Prevent launching a second instance of A8
    • Fix for margin D&D and update problems
    • Corrected license info in UI, new project start screen display, code single column with color, credits activated
    • Fixes to plain text HTML generator
    • Open a context menu for only the selected QuotationAnnotationGroup when the selected quotation is under the mouse cursor. Ignore the other quotation under the mouse cursor
    • Bug fix: Creating temp-directory failed in document conversion step
    • Fix a crash when updating the usage count in the relation type manager. Show the quotation in the document when double clicking a code that has only one quotation. Open the quotation browser if the code refes several quotations
    • Fix a bug when trying to drop a smart code into the margin area
    • Ignore whitespace and dashes in license key text field. Fix entity count in smart groups (don’t count operator)
    • Show correct code groups after Twitter import
    • Add network groups to project search
    • Add rename context menu item to code list in quotation manager
    • Wrap getting words for word cloud/list into progress dialog
    • Fixed student expiration
    • Implemented text viewer and display system report
    • Linked Documents: fixed issues on project bundle import, merge bundle and …
      project merge
    • Import of Broken Graphic Content: handled exceptions if imported graphic is not loadable
    • Broken ProjectBundle Model: handled exception when (XML) model is invalid on bundle
    • Mandatory Email: added logic to check if e-mail filed content is not useless on ProblemReport
    • Re-enabled single character names
    • Improved System Repport
    • Reinstall can execute for auto coding in main ribbon
    • Add network view groups to project search
    • Fix for broken SmartAssembly file

    Version 8.0.25 – First Public Release Build

    Release date: 2016-12-06

    • Fix for video margin zoom.
    • Improved text editor stability.
    • Some tooltips corrected, include paths in system report.
    • Modified icons and tip texts.
    • Margin does not vanish after comment save.
    • Reduced transaction size for bundle import.
    • Trigger execute for auto coding in main ribbon when documents are added or removed.
    • Change license dialog proceed button.
    • Problem/Crash Report: added report bundle (incl system report) – validation e-mail prompter.
    • Icons, twitter colors renamed, rearranged, prepared separate routing/layouting, rearranged NWE buttons one more time.
    • License Dialog: catching exception on wrong key.
    • Collapsed print button on report/list output.
    • Icons, screentips completed and edited, credits removed.

    Version 8.0.24

    Release date: 2016-12-05

    • Installer fixes
    • Sysreport, group list transparency reduced, hitlist color, icons
    • Check closing AdHoc-Network; grid-splitter between scope and query in query …
    • Make Scrollbar in Cooc-table dynamic
    • Make scrollbars visible in hit lists.

    Version 8.0.23

    Release date: 2016-12-02

    • Close button for NWE overview control
    • Modified hitlist presentation
    • Support tab: resources menu; icons modified and added
    • Close button for NWE overview control
    • Transfer/Project Bundle Import: removed (internal) option to replace a default relation type by an incomming one
    • Update Quotation lists after renumbering quotations
    • System report extended, double click on NWE background
    • Implemented WorkUnit Transaction Tracing
    • Network Editor: Missing unsubscribe from comments collection corrected
    • Changes to ObjectCache to simplify usage
    • Fix issue with multiple opened quotation browser and object explorer. Prevent multiple projects created when pressing CreateButton in Create new project dialog multiple times.
    • Fix some merge unit tests
    • Change status bar of manger to several items
    • Add merging plain text comments when merging codes
    • Remove User back references to Entity and ChangeLogEntry; Undo corrections in MigrateMediumAction
    • System report, final splash
    • Clean source medium from user references in media migration action
    • New app.ico, welcome screen icons, networkgroup icons, user icons, neutral gray color in image selections, wording transfer to project bundle.
    • Change public types and members to private or internal in the license key logic
    • Overridden Graphic Locations Overlay-Item Template
    • Fix issue with not showing memo limits in save as dialog in demo mode.
    • Fix an issue with double clicking hits in a docked hit list.
    • Some cosmetics, support tab, sys reporter started
    • [Crash Reporting] The exception “handling” on transactions (showing the stack …
    • Correct bundle conditions check and license key defaulting
    • Install update events for the quoations in a quoation browser to remove deleted …
    • Fix an issue in the project search with grep
    • Project Bundle: changed file extension to “.atlproj” – still supports import on old (A7) extension (if not from Mac)
    • Project Import/Export handles control characters contained in names
    • Hook the context menus into the text document viewer. Fix the Expand split button in the object explorer manager
    • Add word count as option to Document-Tag-Table
    • License bugs fixed
    • Improvements to Installer
    • Some fixes and extensions
    • Implement user manager
    • User management – CurrentUserId added to project info in local lib
    • Report Settings as “NormalDialog” (modal but movable and resizeable over the desktop) – increased default size (height)

    Version 8.0.22

    Release date: 2016-11-24

    • [Rtf2AHtml Converter] update of converter used for legacy imports -> improved speed on converting plain text – fixed splitted diacrit chars (in different spans)
    • Disable list grouping in managers Implement sorting for end and lenghth of locations for the quotation manager
    • Table (cooc, tagdoc) fixes and improvements
    • Auto-Scroll in Lists and Margin
    • Bugfix deleting docs and doc groups used in query terms
    • Bug fix for wrong AHTML for special combining character
    • Add Context menu to all document viewers except text document viewer Handle Keep code and Keep quotation flags
    • Fix an issue in merging projects
    • Rename entity in network; linking; network group support
    • Comment indicator on margin sub-annotations
    • AutoTooltips for tables and managers, changed Grr icon, renumber button in q-manager, disable renumber in doc manager if nothing is selected (default was ALL)
    • Fixed crash (executed wrong command on misleaded LBMouseUp) [only avoid the execution not fixed the misleading – added debug log]
    • Update SaveAs and Option backstage page when license changed
    • Fix project name issue when duplicating a project Fix thread bug in updating children lists in object explorer
    • Fix Start button label in auto coding dialog
    • Link nodes in network using shift+left mouse button down
    • Sorting Quotation Start
    • Fix an issue with network view groups in the object explorer
    • Fix displaying filters in status bar
    • Added color to modellists, extended filters, replaced filter icon, added twitter option, added and modified nwe layouts, changed default position and size for nwes, activated iremember for nwes.
    • Provide status on the filtering in the status bar in the managers
    • Code retrieving corrected, dag&drop in network editor corrected
    • Fix deleted item issue in saving a project as a new project Add filter functionality and ribbon buttons to the managers
    • Redesigned node popup, changed transfer to project bundle, some table refactorings
    • Margin Layout performance improvement, Test data gen bugfix
    • Cooc export reactivated, previous icon (hopefully)
    • Modify quotation browser for displaying quotations for project, tag, memo, tag group, memo group and smart codes
    • Add show quotation command and context menus to the object explorer
    • Naming rules and quotation naming
    • Fixed: Test reference to Rtf2AHtml converter nuget package

    Version 8.0.21

    Release date: not released

    • AHtml2 validation was incomplete when Rtf2AHtml converter was tested – converter missed to specify table style: “word-wrap:break-word” – fixed in A7 and A8 (no fix for old TBs)
    • Add Open menu item to Object Explorer. Add Edit Smart Code and Smart Group Query menu item to Object Explorer
    • Fix Update issues when in and outgoing links changed in Object Explorer
    • Add remove from group menu item to Object Explorer
    • Add Split Link menu item to Object Explorer
    • Reworked the text editor ribbon
    • “D” Readibility, drag links to networks, improved icon for new entities
    • Fix for resizing crash in regard to text editor
    • Update the selected entities to a group when the entity count changed or a query in a smart group has changed
    • Add a code number to the new code fields in the split code dialog
    • Prepare for document viewer context menus
    • Fixes for merging network view groups
    • Offers (on stores) e-mail given on last contact using the registry [same will be used on crash reports]
    • Update groups in entity manager when entity group relation changes. Make item under mouse selected when right-click in the project explorer.
    • Fixed: adhoc networks appear in margin
    • NW groups merge, display names
    • Implemented support for network groups on project bundle im- and export
    • NW groups related fixes and tunings, e.g. drag & drop
    • Model change: introduced network groups requires db upgrade (nr. 29) for all new and when saving old projects.
    • Fix for Closing floating Comment editors brings main window on top
    • Fixes the not appearance of TagDocumentTable (Checked Documents, Documentgroups, Code, CodegroupsViewModels Count should be consulted, not the Selected *.
    • Fix an issue aligning check boxes in search tab in managers
    • Keyboard shortcuts for zooming
    • Fix an issue with merging code comments. Fix an issue with opening Excel in Word List Export
    • Fix an issue that prevent populating the type column in the relation manager. Add a column for the usage count to the relation type
    • Add title to the relation type context menus
    • Fix an issue with dropping an entity to a quotation that already is linked to the entity
    • Fix group context menu for the code manager#
    • MM: Now possible to skip back before a selection / quotation start end while playing

    Version 8.0.20

    Release date: 2016-11-04

    • Text Document resize correctly after deactivation and activation
    • Moved embedded notification to the bottom part of the window
    • Disabled Quick-Access-Toolbar item customization in ribbons
    • Correct sub-annotation width calculation in margin
    • Dbl-click on primary tab item floats it, Middle click closes it. Enlarged the expand click area in the tree view of object explorers
    • Cooc Table fixes, row col list swapt, indicator, removed selection ribbon group
    • Multiselect back in town, lighter comment icon, started viewmodel forTwitter query, naming: family -> group
    • Pop out editor icon, code colors in browser, changed network splitbutton to button
    • Deletes selection after the right clicking into empty area
    • Replaces “P” with “D” in the comment editor caption.
    • Fix for capture video image
    • Asynchronous Twitter authentication
    • Edit comment context menu in NWE
    • Margin Doubleclick via double dispatch (almost complete)

    Version 8.0.19

    Release date: 2016-10-28

    • Set open duration for quotation comment in margin area to 30 sec.
    • Icons and Ribbons fixes, preparing double-click action in margin, several
      sandbox fixes
    • Fix help text for quick coding ribbon buttons. Change dropping entities onto the margin area to replace coding/hyper link or add coding or hyper link when CRTL is pressed
    • Performance improvements
    • NWE preview, relations, open network on link

    Version 8.0.18

    Release date: 2016-10-26

    • Add open group manager / open manager to document, tag, meno and its group managers
    • Icons and Ribbon rearrange
    • Refactored tab groups and names, new A8 icon
    • New selection handle look, settings upgrade call relocated, Twitter apponly auth improved
    • Let the user define the document name in the endnote import. Allow only one author as document group in endnote import
    • Add two columns to the relation type manager for visualizing the layout and line style
    • Add Auto Coding the Analyse Tag to Main Window.
    • Common keyboard short-cuts, Standard message boxes instead of embedded boxes, MM F4-pedal support
    • Numeric column alignment, margin and twitter settings survive updates/builds, header double-click fixed
    • Edit link Comment in document margin, icons modified
    • Fixes the Argument out of range exception caused by selection on the QuotationManager
    • Right align numbers for Tag Document Table
    • Selection of Listview items deleted after a click into empty area of the Listview

    Version 8.0.17

    Release date: 2016-10-21

    • Replaced “P” with “D” in PD number
    • Fix for the Add Files Command in the Document Manager
    • Changes the text of “Create Codes”-button in the Create Codes Dialog to “Create”
    • Moving bootrapper app back to deployment

    Version 8.0.16

    Release date: 2016-10-20 (skipped)

    • Network editor D&D re-enabled
    • Only allow codes, memos and quotations to be dragged onto the margin area
    • Reduced PDF memory consumption
    • Add “Remove Color” to color menus in Code and relation type manager
    • PDF extraction problems solved
    • Unify user experience of query tool and smart group editors
    • Open Network Editor allays floating
    • Fix object explorer crash when undo breaks the layers in a document (undo in …
    • Icons, Column alignment, update text formatting, Changed retweet/favorite label …
    • HTML Converter update, part 2
    • Legacy Import Exceptions: catch all exceptions during (main part of) legacy import
    • Fix combo box style. Click inside box opens pop up
    • Add additional columns to the relation type manager
    • Query Tool: improve deleting rules
    • Convert generic commands in link manager to property observer commands for …
    • Fix a issue with not releasing change events when closing an object explorer
    • Fix cached relations in NWE
    • Add Context menus to Browser
    • Terminology: Relations, Project Explorer
    • Added VSIX installer to Code Analyzers
    • Bug fix 2387 Network Editor showing Save-Button
    • Add context menus to network view manager, link manager and relation type …
    • Command line; silent mode
    • Add Context menus to document manager, document group manager, memo manager, memo group manager, tag manager, tag group manager, quotation manager.

    Version 8.0.15

    Release date: 2016-10-11

    • Project Icons, setmemotype, edit button in group managers, fixed naming
    • Fix a bug when openng the memo group manager
    • Improvements to Text Editor Stability
    • screen tips, icons
    • Fix for Closing a comment editor brings window underneath its parent to front
    • Add Context menu to memo manager
    • Implemented X-ing event for primary and auxiliary items
    • fixed some more warnings
    • Legacy Import: fixed two bugs (fewer exceptions to handle) – also fixed some (code analysis) AT warnings
    • Open manager in front of main window when opened using double click in the object explorer
    • Add edit memo context menu to margin area
    • Add context menu and commands for opening an entity in its manager to the margin area
    • Fixed missing ressource bug, refresh icon
    • Added Undo Redo buttons to floating windows
    • fixed unit tests – session user now will be added
    • Default User: Every time a session is created, it will be ensured a user with the name of the Windows user is set as current (creates one if absent “without modification”) – this fixes imported projects where the owner may be different from the current one.
    • Icons, helptexts update
    • Fix for disabling pasting images into comments
    • IE11 issues almost solved; bootstrapper app on .Net 3.5
    • Modify managers and group manager for showing some entities programmatic ally…
    • Fix dependency issue
    • Network and entity comment editor from NWE
    • Goodbye Network Views! Renamed with some regrets …, disabled memo creation in NWE
    • Analyzers for Dependency Properties
    • Project Import: exchanged buttons/unified icons
    • Add Context menus to Object Explorer
    • Fix: Exception on start of word cloud
    • Disable double click in List Coding Dialog

    Version 8.0.14

    Release date: not released

    Version 8.0.13

    Release date: 2016-10-07

    • Icons and split code dialog changes.
    • Quotation location description for manager and reports, reworked media type name.
    • Improvements to Text Selection from Code and Quotations Browser
      A-Docs Manager: implemented delete, rename, search and list update – disabled create – removed “preview” (points list)–exists as extra viewer (open button will follow soon).
    • Window state persistency (code-pd table, cooc table, query tool), some cosmetics.
    • Add Context menus to the Object Explorer Navigator.
    • Fix drag&Drop issues in the document business logic.
    • IE install enabled.
    • Fix a bug where Evernote ignores external references with invalid filenames.
    • Fix a bug that ignores multimedia when importing from Evernote.
    • Moving the position slider of a multimedia document no longer stops the player.
    • Fix a bug with invalid filenames for external resources in the evernote import. Use a popup when linking quotation in the margin area.
    • Use a context menu for selecting the relation type for changing the relation type in the link manager.
    • Legacy Import: cancel support – more progress feedback – minor fixes.
    • Fixes to multimedia documents play / stop issues.
    • Fixed an issue with MM playback rate when the mouse is clicked and hold down to change the playback rate.
    • Fix to avoid the playback rate slider in a multimedia control to avoid a loop where the playback rate commands are enqueued in a long queue for processing.
    • Use a context menu for selection the relation type for linking codes or quotations using drag & drop in their managers.

    Version 8.0.12

    Release date: not released

    Version 8.0.11

    Release date: 2016-09-27

    • Fix to GMaps to display correctly
    • Fix for add multimedia document crash and cannot capture video frame at position zero.
    • Style changes code pd table, split code button moved a bit
    • Fix for the Multimedia Time Line Playhead to avoid being partly covered by Preview and Waveform in horizontal orientation
    • PDF model fix. Bug caused wrong PDF locations for legacy A7 HU import.
    • Improved Stability of “PumpMessages” function
    • Add preview for selected quotation to split code dialog
    • Naming, bug fixes, icons, tagdoc table stuff, NWE layout menu.
    • Activated ATLAS.ti Code Analyzers in Solution
    • Mobile Bundle
    • Transfer Bundle
    • Cancel on Transfer Bundle import – fixed ATLASti legacy path (re)naming bug
    • Fixed PDF (compact model) attachment issue on legacy import
    • New project becomes recent
    • Delete Project uses MsgBox for confirmation
    • Fix for font drop down in text editor
    • Fix issue with not updating delete ribbon button in relation type manager when relation is used
    • Update usage counter in relation manager when new links are created or links a cut
    • Double click on a quotation shows the quotation in the document
    • Fix button style for show all and show none buttons in the split code dialog
    • Update Tweet import, new memo in NWE, name fixes
    • Redesign of SplitCodeDialog
    • Fixed CTRL-MouseWheel Zoom in Text Documents
    • Texteditor no longer opens always on top of project window but dependent on the mode of the parent window
    • Fix for AccessVialoation on Back-Step at End of AHtml
    • HTML code is no longer copied and pasted in the comment editor
    • Fixed: PDF Selection/Highlight color update
    • Flatten margin options menu and let iit stay open
    • Naming (cooc), open Geo in doc tab, moved ribbon buttons
    • Bugfix to Text Lookup Table after JavaScript update.
    • Added “Has Comments” indicator to quotations in document margin
    • Fix to Support Coding of Selections and Quotations by Drag&Drop in a Text Document
    • Open the SPSS export in Notepad when choosing Editor as output
    • Fix to enable font family, font size, font color and list elements in the AHTML2 text editor
    • Register adding and removing entities to/from a group for the object explorer
    • Much improved rename dialog icon and image, fixed a entity/quotation comment confusion.

    Version 8.0.10

    Release date: 2016-09-22

    • Edit entity comment for margin brackets, more context menu icons
    • Edit margin entity comment
    • Edit comment for current document
    • Text editor improvements
    • Separate highlight behavior for mouse over and display all
    • Improvements to text editor validation
    • Rotate layout back in all smart editors
    • Fixed merge quotations dialog appearance and wording
    • Bugfix for text telection in non-default DPI
    • Edit comment for all managers, some steps regarding color change in code manager
    • Merge changes from the “improve text selection” branch
    • Allow entry of TAB in text editor
    • Fixed NWE issues, new layout option, import doc neighbors
    • Greatly improved text selections
    • Set cursor when text editor opens
    • Fixed installer build

    Version 8.0.9

    Release date: 2016-09-14

    • Fix to keep selection visible when HTML editor loses focus
    • PickRelations as NormalDialog, icons, text and format changes for send suggestion/problem report, set relationtype names to nlsNeutral for now
    • Changed feedback URL to use HTTPS
    • Implemented in-application feedback functionality
    • Fix to resize document viewer correctly when the margin is hidden
    • Backstage tips currently disabled, new icons, new ribbon order
    • Fix to Avoid Exception when Trying to Generate Multimedia Preview of Unsupported File
    • Changed Open-Coding and List-Coding dialogs
    • Multimedia Viewer Timeline Horizontal Mode
    • Fixes and fresh icons for import/export, output
    • Fix for first-time click on a quotation also starts playing it automatically
    • Fixed “Create Report” button label on output/report settings dialog
    • Workaround for crashing MSHTML selection
    • Fixed margin quotations disabled open network view
    • Fixed Network on groups in margin, refactored open nwv from group manager
    • Show current name for project save as, changed an icon
    • Tiles for Rename and Delete project and rename network
    • Twitter, quotation browser caption shows q-count, bug fixes

    Version 8.0.8

    Release date: 2016-09-05

    • Fixed: No margin scrolling on mouse click
    • Twitter fixes and improvements, eula, ribbon
    • Fixed Tracing Text Selection Bug
    • Ribbon re-reworked, images
    • Use sort expression for sorting the quotation list by name
    • Override key Up behavior of List View when on first item
    • Delete the codes that can be deleted and inform the user about codes that cannot be deleted Do not allow deleting groups when used in a smart group
    • Corrected misspellings
    • Changed title style for margin context menus
    • Ribbon reworked, images, stop scroll in treeviews
    • Allow deleting codes when at least one selected code can be deleted
    • Fixed duplicating tag quotation links when splitting tags
    • Fixed manual confirm with auto coding when invalidate current selection
    • Fix a bug when canceling the Evernote login dialog
    • Redesigned Auto Coding Dialog
    • Open AdHocNetwork (via button) on margin object
    • Credits updated
    • Show incoming and outgoing links as children for memos in the object explorer
    • Updated icons, screen tips, margin ribbon
    • Limit branching of the tree in the object explorer when a node alreay is part of the parent branch
    • Fixed null check in Evernote import
    • Added Validation Error handling to AutoComplete Text Box
    • Support case sensitive grep in project search…
    • Added coding s selected area in document viewer with tags dropped onto it.
    • Create smart code from quotation manager
    • Support for SSPS export
    • Moved export directory for the Evernote Export/Import to appdata
    • PDF preview
    • MergeCodes image restored
    • Added check of TB version (rejecting versions less than 1.1)
    • Added scroll wheel support for open and merge backstage controls
    • Fixed header for list views
    • Fixed some border and visibility issues with the auto complete text box
    • Merge Quotations: fixed issue on transfer of hyperlink
    • Merge button in Q-manager now executes also merge action
    • Added quotation icon and header to the list for selecting the merge target
    • Created a merge quotation dialog.

    ATLAS.ti Mac

    ATLAS.ti 8.1.2 (build 517)

    Release date: 2017-12-08

    ATLAS.ti Mac is now ATLAS.ti 8 Mac!

    Version numbers for ATLAS.ti for Windows and Mac now follow the same scheme, which makes talking about new features much easier. Your current ATLAS.ti Mac license is, of course, still valid.

    Fixed Bugs and Crashes

    • Fixed an issue with project imports.
    • When closing a project, the cancel button now behaves as expexted.
    • Resolved an minor issue with previews in the project explorer.

    ATLAS.ti 8.1.1 (build 515)

    Release date: 2017-12-04

    Fixed Bugs and Crashes

    • Fixed a crash when importing documents.
    • Fixed a crash in Project explorer.
    • Project explorer does not close branches unexpectedly anymore.
    • Resolved a graphics issue with the navigator filter.

    ATLAS.ti 8.1.0 (build 510)

    Release date: 2017-11-23

    ATLAS.ti Mac is now ATLAS.ti 8 Mac!

    Version numbers for ATLAS.ti for Windows and Mac now follow the same scheme, which makes talking about new features much easier. Your current ATLAS.ti Mac license is, of course, still valid.

    New and Improved

    • Choose library location: Move your ATLAS.ti library to a directory of your choice, or switch between libraries.
    • Geo documents: Go to Documents -> New Geo Documents to try it out. (Requires macOS 10.11 or newer)
    • Global filters: Right-click on any group to set it as global filter.
    • Import projects from ATLAS.ti for Android.
    • Multimedia playback speed now has more fine-grained options.
    • Import cooccurring codes in networks via context menu.
    • Code-Documents table now shows a quotation list for the selected cell.
    • New look for networks (same as ATLAS.ti 8 for Windows).
    • Stop lists can now also be imported from Excel files.
    • Many small UI improvements.
    • Performance improvements in managers, project and survey import, networks, inspectors, queries…
    • Support for importing HEIC/HEIF files introduced with iOS 11. (Requires macOS 10.13)

    Fixed Bugs and Crashes

    • Fixed issues in project import.
    • Stop lists now survive restarting ATLAS.ti.
    • Fixed crash that could occur when using ATLAS.ti in full screen mode and switching desktops.
    • Graphical Quotation previews now display correctly for transformed PDFs.
    • Reports now show comments for nested entities when enabled.
    • Fixed overlap query operators.
    • Undo adding nodes to a network works now.
    • Fixed display of selections in PDF documents on macOS 10.13.

    ATLAS.ti 1.6.0 (build 484)

    New and Improved

    • Improved performance for large projects.
    • Export and import code lists.
    • Replaced XLS exports with XLSX, which supports larger tables.

    Fixed Bugs and Crashes

    • Fixed a crash with hyperlink previews on macOS 10.8.
    • Fixed a crash when importing a corrupted project.
    • Fixed a crash when attempting to play back certain unplayable multimedia files.
    • Show correct mouse pointer when linking entities.
    • Improved wording and translations.

    ATLAS.ti 1.5.4 (build 477)

    New and Improved

    • Double-clicking on a link in the margin now shows a preview.
    • Improved Spanish translation.
    • ATLAS.ti now shows an on-screen notification when auto coding finishes.

    Fixed Bugs and Crashes

    • Fixed a rare issue where the application would crash on startup after an update.
    • Resolved a crash when opening certain projects.
    • Corrected an issue where project users would multiply when merging.
    • Passwords are not required for new users anymore.
    • Relations are now preserved completely when exporting and importing projects.
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when importing projects with linked documents.
    • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused the View menu in network editors to stop working.
    • Quotation inspector now updates properly when merging quotations.
    • A few buttons looked wrong on macOS 10.12. They look alright now.
    • Fixed a crash when attempting to export a corrupt project.
    • Fixed misleading undo menu item titles in certain situations.

    ATLAS.ti 1.5.3 (build 466)

    New and Improved

    • Improved performance for large projects.
    • Network inspector now shoes group membership.
    • Under-the-hood improvements to queries.

    Fixed Bugs and Crashes

    • Fixed a compatibility issue with macOS 10.12.4.
    • Resolved an issue importing projects from ATLAS.ti 8 for Windows.
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when clicking on inaccessible documents.

    ATLAS.ti 1.5.2 (build 462)

    Fixed Bugs and Crashes

    • Fixed a crash on startup that occurred for some users after the last update.
    • Many stability improvements.
    • Fixed an issue exporting projects with geo documents.

    ATLAS.ti 1.5.1 (build 446)

    New and Improved

    • If the last update left you with unavailable documents, memos, or comments, this update will fix them.

    Fixed Bugs and Crashes

    • Fixed an issue where projects suddenly start asking for passwords, even though none was set. Please re-export projects that ask for passwords on import when they shouldn't.
    • Fixed issues when working with text selections.
    • Fixed an issue where all quotations were named "Quotation" after project import.
    • When dragging multiple codes onto a quotation, smart codes are now skipped instead of preventing the operation.

    ATLAS.ti 1.5.0 (build 431)

    Please note: After applying this update, ATLAS.ti will migrate your project library. This process can take a long time - up to several hours for libraries with lots of text documents or comments.

    New and Improved

    • Exported projects can now be opened in ATLAS.ti 8 for Windows, and vice versa.
    • Project-wide full-text search.
    • Network groups.
    • Improved German translation.
    • Support for linked (external) multimedia files.
    • Projects can now be password protected.

    Fixed Bugs and Crashes

    • Memory use will not grow so much over time.
    • Fixed an issue with link display in reports.

    ATLAS.ti 1.0.51 (build 403)

    New and Improved

    • ATLAS.ti now always merges group members when merging projects, regardless of merge strategy.
    • ATLAS.ti now always merges comments when merging projects, regardless of merge strategy.
    • Reports now have a more meaningful default name.
    • Improved suggestions when typing code names.

    Fixed Bugs and Crashes

    • Fixed text display of HUD notifications on macOS Sierra.
    • It is now possible to delete short name and symbolic name from relations.
    • Code names are now exported properly in Excel exports.
    • Resolved an issue that could result in duplicate codes when in-vivo coding the same long text twice.
    • Buttons in group managers now update correctly.
    • Project explorer now uses the correct icons for query operations.

    ATLAS.ti 1.0.50 (build 282)

    New and Improved

    • Project Merge.

    Fixed Bugs and Crashes

    • Improved reliability when importing projects from ATLAS.ti 7.
    • Fixed a few rare crashes.

    ATLAS.ti 1.0.49 (build 264)

    Fixed Bugs and Crashes

    • Under certain conditions, not all codes chosen by the user were actually used for coding. They are now.
    • For some videos, previews and snapshots were rotated incorrectly. This has been rectified.
    • Multimedia documents and comment previews in network editor have been repaired, and are now playable again.
    • Repaired adding entities to groups in group managers.
    • Reduced RAM usage when creating very large reports.
    • Fixed some crashes when trying to delete entities very quickly.
    • Fixed an issue where sometimes a line break would not show in reports.
    • Report now shows quotation names as you see them in ATLAS.ti
    • Project explorer now shows the correct group icons.
    • Various stability improvements.

    ATLAS.ti 1.0.48 (build 231)

    New and Improved

    • Added Project Explorer.
    • Added Code Tree.
    • Added Code Forest.
    • Added menu and keyboard shortcuts for zooming in PDF, image, and multimedia documents.
    • Improved context menus.

    Fixed Bugs and Crashes

    • Improved stability especially after undo/redo operations.
    • Newly created relations now have the proper black color again.
    • Fixed an issue where an imported project would be missing network nodes for groups and networks.
    • Improved Spanish translations.
    • Resolved an issue where code preview area would not update properly when switching between smart codes.
    • Report preview now correctly resizes when dragging the sheet corner.
    • Improved sorting of links in quotation inspector.
    • Various other stability improvements and crash fixes.

    ATLAS.ti 1.0.46 (build 208)

    New and Improved

    • Improved performance for documents with many quotations.
    • Improved performance for large project libraries.

    Fixed Bugs and Crashes

    • Fixed a crash when attempting to create a report on OS X 10.8.
    • Resolved an issue where quotation overlays would become invisible after switching back and forth between documents on OS X 10.8.
    • Improved stability.

    ATLAS.ti 1.0.45 (build 185)

    This is a re-release of yesterday's update 1.0.44 that fixes compatibility issues on OS X 10.8 and 10.9.

    ATLAS.ti 1.0.44 (build 183)

    New and Improved

    • Powerful new reporting.
    • Improved performance for larger projects.
    • Improved project restoration after a crash.
    • Various small improvements to the user interface.

    Fixed Bugs and Crashes

    • In Excel exports, cells starting with an apostrophe did not show that apostrophe. They do now.
    • Fixed an issue where graphical quotation previews for some PDF documents display incorrectly.
    • Fixed an issue with keyboard selection in code cooccurrence and code document table.
    • Fixed a crash when aborting waveform generation for multimedia files.
    • Fixed an issue that could prevent Excel exports from working.
    • Tooltips in the margin were sometimes wrong, which has been corrected.
    • Resolved an issue where entities could be linked to themselves.
    • "Add last used codes" from document editor context menu now does what it says.
    • Various stability improvements.

    ATLAS.ti 1.0.43 (build 176)

    Fixed Bugs and Crashes

    • Fixed a performance regression when closing projects.
    • Resolved an issue with certain document imports.

    ATLAS.ti 1.0.42 (build 175)

    New and Improved

    • Added memo content preview to memo manager, code manager, and network nodes.
    • Queries can now search memo content.
    • Improved text selection for paragraphs with text indent.
    • It is now possible to change the color of relations.
    • Text in quotation and memo previews in managers can now be selected and copied.

    Fixed Bugs and Crashes

    • Code preview in code manager is back.
    • Fixed an issue with duplicating projects.
    • Corrected some keyboard shortcut indicators.
    • Fixed an issue that could prevent Excel exports from working.
    • Made project import more reliable.
    • Improved survey import.
    • Fixed crash that could occur when autosaving or when modifying text color while comment editor in inspector are was hidden..
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when generating the waveform for a multimedia document or quotation.
    • More stability improvements.

    ATLAS.ti 1.0.41 (build 163)

    New and Improved

    • Improved performance for large projects.

    Fixed Bugs and Crashes

    • Many stability improvements and crash fixes.
    • Improvements to German and Spanish user interface.
    • Fixed an issue where license checking may fail for users of non-gregorian calendars.
    • Improved Word/RTF document import.
    • Fixed an issue where comments could seem to be corrupted after exporting and importing a project.
    • Fixed multiple issues with multimedia files.

    ATLAS.ti 1.0.38 (build 155)

    Fixed Bugs and Crashes

    • Fixed a crash in Code Cooccurrence Table.
    • Resolved an issue that prevented ATLAS.ti from migrating the Library after updating.
    • Fixed an issue where ATLAS.ti would wrongly display in German or Spanish for some users on Mac OS X 10.8.
    • Text documents now display properly again on 10.8.
    • Fixed a crash when trying to show dialogs on 10.8.
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when trying to drag the tab of a network.
    • Fixed a crash that could occur during XML export.
    • General stability improvements.

    ATLAS.ti 1.0.37 (build 151)

    New and Improved

    • Spanish and German localizations.
    • New keyboard shortcuts
    • Improved text document handling.
    • Improved performance when switching documents with many quotations.
    • Improved performance with multimedia content.
    • Reduced memory load when exporting or importing projects.
    • Various other stability and performance improvements.

    Fixed Bugs and Crashes

    • Fixed an issue that prevented document printing from working with some printers.
    • Fixed crashes with multimedia documents.
    • Resolved a display issue with previews for videos with non-square pixels.
    • Fixed some GUI issues with multimedia documents
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when creating feedback mail.
    • Fixed an issue preventing ATLAS.ti from importing a project when launched by double-clicking an atlpac file.
    • Fixed a crash that could occur in text documents.
    • Improved stability with queries.
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when trying to preview certain image quotations.

    ATLAS.ti 1.0.36 (build 129)

    Fixed Bugs and Crashes

    • Fixed a crash that could occur when renaming entities in managers with active group filter.
    • Fixed a crash when trying to create a code containing of only whitespace.
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when changing grouping in managers.
    • Resolved an issue where creating multiple codes at once only created some of them.
    • Fixed a crash when attempting to send feedback twice in one session.
    • Other stability improvements.

    ATLAS.ti 1.0.35 (build 126)

    New and Improved

    • Improved Word document import. Some documents that could not be imported in previous versions can now be imported.
    • Added some more grouping options to managers.
    • Managers now remember their filters, grouping, and sorting across application restarts.
    • General improvements to navigators and managers.

    Fixed Bugs and Crashes

    • Many stability improvements.
    • Resolved an issue where relations would sometimes not show in the relation manager for imported projects.

    ATLAS.ti 1.0.34 (build 120)

    Fixed Bugs and Crashes

    • Fixed a crash when adding nodes to networks.

    ATLAS.ti 1.0.33 (build 119)

    Fixed Bugs and Crashes

    • Resolved an issue when swapping codes between quotations in different margins.
    • Queries can now properly search with case-sensitivity enabled.
    • Fixed a crash that could occur after closing the code cooccurrence table.
    • Fixed a display issue after undoing a deletion.
    • Fixed a crash when trying to create a new group by dragging in a group manager.
    • Improved stability of multimedia editor.

    ATLAS.ti 1.0.32 (build 118)

    New and Improved

    • Queries now default to case-insensitive search.
    • Improved zooming performance in large images.
    • It is now possible to open multiple Code Cooccurrence Tables or Word Crunchers by holding ALT when clicking on the menu item.

    Fixed Bugs and Crashes

    • Fixed updates on El Capitan.
    • Fixed preview images being wrong for some images.
    • Fixed quotation name display in quotation-quotation link manager.
    • Fixed queries for parents and children being inverted.
    • Fixed wrong quotation numbering after importing certain projects.
    • Fixed an issue where renaming quotations in the network one after the other led to all being renamed to the last name.
    • Many stability fixes.

    ATLAS.ti 1.0.31 (build 117)

    New and Improved

    • Improved display of code color in margin.

    Fixed Bugs and Crashes

    • Various stability improvements.

    ATLAS.ti 1.0.30 (build 114)

    New and Improved

    • Powerful new query and filtering system in all managers.
    • Grouping in managers.
    • Filters in code-document table and code cooccurrence table.

    Fixed Bugs and Crashes

    • General stability improvements.

    ATLAS.ti 1.0.29 (build 110)

    New and Improved

    • Added in-document info to selected quotations.
    • Improved word/rtf/odt document import quality.
    • Improved text document printing.

    Fixed Bugs and Crashes

    • Fixed a crash when opening multimedia documents on OS X 10.8.
    • Fixed display issues when creating multimedia quotations on OS X 10.8.
    • Fixed an issue when importing surveys containing certain characters.
    • Fixed crash that could occur when deleting quotations.
    • Fixed a rare issue where new codes would be created instead of re-using existing codes.
    • Fixed a crash that could occur after editing a comment.
    • Fixed an issue where the export button would not be enabled in the code-document table if only groups were selected.
    • Fixed an issue where PDFs generated from reports weren't properly searchable.
    • General stability improvements.

    ATLAS.ti 1.0.28 (build 106)

    New and Improved

    • Improved performance when creating or modifying multimedia quotations.
    • ATLAS.ti now uses much less hard drive spaces. Updates are also smaller.
    • Some improvements to RTF/doc import.

    Fixed Bugs and Crashes

    • Fixed a code signing issue on OS X 10.11 El Capitan beta.
    • Undo improvements in network editor.
    • Fixed an issue where comments were saved to the wrong entity.
    • Reduced memory usage when playing multimedia files.
    • Various stability improvements.

    ATLAS.ti 1.0.27 (build 104)

    Fixed Bugs and Crashes

    • Fixed a regression when saving.

    ATLAS.ti 1.0.26 (build 103)

    New and Improved

    • Improved performance for projects with lots of documents.

    Fixed Bugs and Crashes

    • General stability improvements.

    ATLAS.ti 1.0.25 (build 102)

    New and Improved

    • Added code/documents table analysis tool.
    • Improvements to network editor.
    • Added ability to create video snapshot documents

    Fixed Bugs and Crashes

    • Improved reliability of backups.
    • Fixed some issues with project imports.
    • General stability fixes.
    • UI improvements.
    • Improved El Capitan compatibility.

    ATLAS.ti 1.0.24 (build 94)

    Fixed Crashes

    • Fixed a crash when deleting multimedia quotations.
    • Fixed a crash when editing multimedia quotations after changing a comment.
    • Fixed a crash when having multiple PDF documents open and selecting a heading in the outline view.

    Fixed bugs

    • Fixed an issue where text files would not import under certain circumstances.
    • Made importing projects from ATLAS.ti 7 more reliable.

    ATLAS.ti 1.0.23 (build 93)

    New And Improved

    • Added Quick Coding to quotation context menu.
    • Improved performance when creating multimedia quotations.
    • Improved waveform rendering: Now zooms in as far as you want.
    • Manager windows now show project title.

    Fixed Crashes

    • Fixed a crash when deleting network nodes.
    • Fixed some seemingly random crashes.
    • Fixed crash when closing network editors.
    • Fixed a crash that could occur on 10.8 when changing selection in code manager.
    • Fixed a crash when applying grid layout with two selected nodes in network editor.
    • Fixed a crash when attempting to drag entities from one project to another.
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when changing/renaming codes.

    Fixed bugs

    • Fixed an issue that made it impossible to create graphic quotations on some PDF pages.
    • Fixed "Number is too small" validation error when importing iPad projects.

    ATLAS.ti 1.0.22 (build 92)

    Fixed Crashes

    • Fixed a crash in Network Editor.
    • Fixed some seemingly random crashes that occurred after closing certain windows.
    • Fixed crash that could occur when merging codes that had comments.

    Fixed bugs

    • Memo dropdown is now correctly updated when deleting a memo.
    • Multimedia quotation/document preview now properly indicates unplayable media.
    • Fixed some other display issues with multimedia previews.
    • Text quotation/document previews now don't display a useless vertical scrollbar on systems that have scrollbars set to always visible.
    • Fixed a project import issue, and improved performance.
    • Fixed a survey import issue.

    ATLAS.ti 1.0.21 (build 91)

    Fixed Crashes

    • Fixed a crash in the multimedia quotation preview.
    • Fixed a crash in code quotation previews.
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when trying to select Emoji or certain other glyphs in PDF documents.
    • Fixed a crash in the network editor when deleting links or removing linked codes.
    • Fixed a crash when closing the network editor.
    • Fixed a crash when trying to import videos that have no audio track.

    Fixed bugs

    • Fixed an issue that caused unnecessarily high memory usage after extended periods of use.
    • Fixed an issue that prevented some rich text documents from being imported.
    • Resolved a project import issue.
    • Improved performance of multimedia previews.
    • Backups are now smaller and faster.
    • Fix a minor display issue in Cooccurrence Table.
    • Miscellaneous stability and data integrity improvements.

    ATLAS.ti 1.0.18 (build 87)

    Fixed Crashes

    • Fixed crash when closing network editor
    • Fixed crash when importing memo or code neighbors in network editor

    ATLAS.ti 1.0.17 (build 86)

    New And Improved

    • Network editor improvements:
      • Display quotation and comment numbers
      • Can now drag multiple edges at once
      • Indicates whether an edge dragging action is possible
      • Added node alignment/distribute options
      • Adding common neighbors to quotations now also adds their document
    • Quotation previews in Code Manager
    • Audio monitoring when creating or changing multimedia quotations
    • PDF documents now show graphically in document manager preview
    • Printing improvements
    • Importing iPad projects is now possible (necessary iPad app update is currently pending approval)

    Fixed bugs

    • Fixed various network editor bugs
    • Fixed an issue where some PDFs would display content outside of the intended document bounds
    • Fixed a display issue in quotation-quotation link manager
    • Fixed a display bug in multimedia edit handle time labels
    • Hitting the spacebar in multimedia editor should now work more reliably
    • Hitting delete in multimedia editor now deletes the selected code/link/quotation
    • Feedback mail attachments now also work for non-standard mail clients and on 10.8
    • PDF document icon is now easier to tell apart from text document icon
    • Fixed project exports for projects with extremely large files
    • Fixed some project import issues
    • Many improvements to further improve data integrity

    ATLAS.ti 1.0.16 (build 82)

    New And Improved

    • Improved context menus
    • Some smaller improvements to network editor
    • Cosmetic update to rule editor
    • Multimedia quotations now show timecode as default name

    Fixed bugs

    • Some query fixes
    • Networks should now print and copy without huge black blobs
    • Networks now print and copy without selection highlight
    • Project export now includes memo comments
    • Margin and inspectors now update immediately after any changes
    • Some projects containing survey imports would not be importable after exporting. Fixed export.
    • Some spellling fixes 😉
    • Quotation-Quotation Link Manager now properly shows names

    ATLAS.ti 1.0.15 (build 81)

    New And Improved

    • Print Network Views
    • Copy Network Views as scalable PDF with transparency
    • Improved performance for text documents with many quotations
    • Link inspector now shows quotation numbers

    Fixed Crashes

    • Fixed crash in audio waveform generator
    • Fixed crash when creating multimedia quotations
    • Fixed crash when trying to flip links
    • Fixed crash when trying to import projects containing ASF files/li>

    Fixed bugs

    • Improvements in audio waveform generator
    • Fixed a problem where migration would fail if no projects existed
    • Project export now filters illegal characters
    • Quotation list window now filters correctly on first launch

    ATLAS.ti 1.0.14 (build 80)

    New And Improved

    • Print Documents with Margin
    • Delete unused quotations when deleting a code
    • Force graphical quotations in PDF documents by holding down ALT while selecting

    Fixed Crashes

    • Fixed a crash in the word cruncher
    • Fixed a crash in the group membership inspector
    • Fixed a crash in the network editor
    • Fixed a crash with deleted codes
    • Fixed some crashes when creating or modifying audio/video quotations
    • Fixed crash when merging codes

    Fixed bugs

    • Prevent creation of circular queries
    • Fixed performance problems when running ATLAS.ti for extended periods of time
    • Reduced memory usage when running ATLAS.ti for extended periods of time

    ATLAS.ti 1.0.13 (build 79)

    New And Improved

    • Create and edit Smart Groups
    • Create and edit Smart Codes
    • Swap codes via drag and drop
    • Fast grouping in managers (right-click multiple items or drag them to the group filter on the left side)
    • EXIF geodata on images is now imported

    Fixed Crashes

    • Fixed crash related to drag and drop in managers
    • Fixed crashes when manipulating multimedia quotations
    • Fixed rare crash that could occur during code entry

    Fixed bugs

    • Fixed Word Cruncher display issues on Yosemite
    • Fixed video not showing for files from certain Sony cameras
    • Fixed page bounds for rotated images
    • Fixed some survey import issues
    • Copy now works properly for text documents
    • Project import improvements
    • Fixed a bug where quotation handles would not show for certain PDF quotations
    • Fixed some cooccurrence table issues
    • Improved default naming for groups
    • Reduced PDF document editor memory footprint
    • Group filter now updates immediately after an entity has been added to a group
    • Fixed some texts in the user interface
    • Fixed inspector background color
    • Improved robustness of after-update backup
    • Memo editor now automatically closes when a memo is deleted
    • Fixed some minor text issues

    ATLAS.ti 1.0.12 (build 78)

    New And Improved

    • Survey Import
    • Split Tabs, move tabs to new window, etc. via context menu
    • Improved autocompletion for code entry
    • Improved Word Cruncher output for separate documents
    • CSV exports now use UTF-16 to work around limitations in Microsoft Excel 2011 for Mac

    Fixed Crashes

    • Fixed a crash when creating multimedia quotations
    • Fixed crash when cancelling import
    • Fixed a crash when adding certain code names
    • Fixed a crash when checking the license
    • Fixed a crash after previewing multimedia quotations in manager

    Fixed bugs

    • Fixed undo for multimedia quotations
    • Added cut/copy/paste context menu in memo editors
    • Fixed an issue where ATLAS.ti had problems deleting old backups
    • Fixed a rare text document import issue
    • Fixed PDF editor single-page mode
    • Fixed an issue where double-clicking a quotation would sometimes not highlight it in PDF documents
    • Fixed a display issue in managers
    • Made project import more robust

    ATLAS.ti 1.0.11 (build 77)

    New And Improved

    • Performance optimizations

    Fixed Crashes

    • Fixed a crash in the Word Cruncher
    • Fixed crash when importing projects with certain Smart Codes
    • Fixed some other rare crashes

    Fixed bugs

    • Fixed a severe bug regarding saving
    • Fixed drag images for Retina screens
    • Fixed a bug that would result in seemingly corrupt exports
    • Fixed a bug that prevented Reports from working in some projects

    ATLAS.ti 1.0.10 (build 76)

    New And Improved

    • Added Word Cruncher
    • Added Quick Coding
    • "Show all Quotations" is now off by default
    • Document tabs now fill all available space to make names easier to read
    • Keyboard scrolling (page up/page down and home/end) for PDF and text documents

    Fixed Crashes

    • Fixed several crashes in multimedia editor
    • Fixed a crash when merging codes
    • Fixed several crashes on Mac OS X 10.8
    • Fixed a crash when opening broken PDFs
    • Fixed a crash when doing extremely fast drags from the margin
    • Several other stability improvements

    Fixed bugs

    • When dragging editors around with the mouse, the area shouldn't linger anymore after dropping
    • Several improvements to project import
    • When moving the cursor out of view in a text document, it now automatically scrolls back into view

    ATLAS.ti 1.0.9 (build 75)

    Fixed Crashes

    • Fixed crash when creating or modifying quotations under certain circumstances

    ATLAS.ti 1.0.8 (build 74)

    New And Improved

    • Added "+" button to easily split the main window

    Fixed bugs

    • Fixed a bug with dragging tabs
    • Improved project import

    ATLAS.ti 1.0.7 (build 73)

    Fixed bugs

    • Fixed a regression with coding
    • Improved project import

    ATLAS.ti 1.0.6 (build 72)

    New And Improved

    • Continuous scrolling for PDF documents (you can disable it in the bottom toolbar)
    • Outline for PDF documents (see bottom toolbar - only available on PDF documents that carry outline info)
    • Easy "go to page" in PDF (click on page number in bottom toolbar)
    • Merge codes by dragging one onto another
    • Create new groups by dragging documents/codes/memos to the group sidebar
    • New command line registration and updater settings for administrators (see ATLAS.ti --help)

    Fixed Crashes

    • Fixed a crash when modifying multimedia quotations
    • Fixed a crash when trying to import broken documents
    • Fixed some more rare crashes

    Fixed bugs

    • Fixed time display in multimedia editor
    • Fixed several AtlPac import problems
    • ATLAS.ti should now remember your margin width after restarting
    • ATLAS.ti should now remember your "show only selected quotations" option after restarting
    • Fixed some report bugs
    • Many smaller fixes and improvements

    ATLAS.ti 1.0.5 (build 71)

    New And Improved

    • Improved text selection in certain cases
    • Added tooltips to the margin
    • Improved performance of text search for very large documents

    Fixed Crashes

    • Fixed a crash when importing certain corrupt projects
    • Fixed a crash in PDF documents
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when closing projects
    • Fixed many crashes when running on Mac OS X Yosemite

    Fixed bugs

    • Text selections are visible again when auto-coding in rich text documents
    • Fixed a bug where it was impossible to select the last character in a line in some PDF documents
    • Fixed an issue that prevented some projects from being imported
    • Fixed a memory leak in network editor
    • It is now possible to delete and undo from the Quotation list window
    • Fixed a project import bug that led to illegal queries
    • Control+click now works as expected in network editor, margin, and on document overlays
    • Memo Reports now include Memo content (as plain text)

    ATLAS.ti 1.0.4 (build 70)

    Fixed Crashes

    • Fixed a crash when creating reports for projects containing certain PDFs imported from Windows
    • Fixed a crash when trying to import certain rich text documents

    Fixed bugs

    • Fixed compatibility issues with Mac OS X 10.10 (Yosemite)
    • Fixed some project import issues
    • Clicking in a PDF document does not result in a single-character selection anymore
    • Dragging codes onto a text selection nested within a larger quotation now correctly codes the text selection
    • Fixed graphical selections in PDF documents

    ATLAS.ti 1.0.3 (build 69)

    Fixed Crashes

    • Fixed a crash when trying to import projects

    ATLAS.ti 1.0.2 (build 68)

    New And Improved

    • Flip links from context menus
    • Delete links directly in network
    • Inspector link lists now show tag colors
    • Large projects should now import faster and use less memory

    Fixed Crashes

    • Fixed a crash when dragging groups from group inspector
    • Fixed crashes when importing projects
    • Fixed a font-related crash that could occur on some system configurations
    • Many more stability improvements

    Fixed bugs

    • More lenient license date checking
    • Many fixes to project imports
    • Relation direction now imports and exports properly
    • Fixed a bug that made it hard to select text under an existing quotation
    • Wav files can now be imported
    • Fixed a bug that resulted in duplicate colors when repeatedly exporting and importing projects
    • Made links in networks easier to select

    ATLAS.ti 1.0.1 (build 67)

    New And Improved

    • Video preview when mousing over the waveform
    • Multimedia editor now properly shows when a document is unplayable
    • Show warning when license is about to expire
    • Clicking on a quotation in a text document now selects the quotation. Hold the Alt key while clicking to select text instead

    Fixed Crashes

    • Fixed crash when trying to export projects with unnamed Quotations
    • Fixed crash when having a user name of only whitespace
    • Fixed crash when trying to open unplayable multimedia document
    • Fixed crash when trying to code an unnamed quotation via drag and drop
    • Fixed crash when importing or displaying certain multimedia files
    • Fixed crash when closing a comment text editor popover

    Fixed bugs

    • Many improvements to ATLPAC import (if you couldn't import before, be sure to also update ATLAS.ti for Windows to 7.5.1 and export again)
    • Older student licenses now have their correct duration
    • Pasting licenses from emails should now work much more reliably
    • Hide Merge Projects menu item until functionality is ready
    • Fixed quotation name display in reports
    • Fixed quotation name display in Code Cooccurrence Table and inspector lists
    • Improved display of link names in margin and inspector lists
    • Code-Quotation list window is now always on top

    Older versions

    Update History v.7

    Download update history for v.7

    Update History v.6

    Download update history for v.6

    Update History v.5

    Download update history for v.5