Research tools for qualitative data analysis

Research software and research tools enable researchers to gain quick insights, find answers to research questions, test and build theories and communicate findings.
Jörg Hecker
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Research Tools in Qualitative Research

Professional research software help researchers in managing and analyzing their qualitative data. New data visualization techniques make it easier to understand complex interrelations between phenomena. Further, it is also possible to quantify qualitative data and extract easily comprehended tables for reports and presentations.

Scholars and researchers working with so-called “soft” data – ranging from text to images to audio and video – can rely for their work on a unique and singularly powerful research tool in the form of ATLAS.ti.

Figure 1: Visualize complex interrelations in networks

Working with “soft” data

ATLAS.ti for Windows and Mac is your platform for analyzing unstructured data of all forms.

Interrogate all kinds of data using powerful search, query, and visualization tools. Get the big picture or get into the detail. Uncover subtle connections, justify your findings rigorously, and share your work effortlessly.

With ATLAS.ti, you can quickly check full texts and supplement them with your research data. By linking to databases such as Google Scholar, it is possible to directly examine countless open sources and integrate useful facts into your research. Use the tool to check content for meaningfulness and elicit useful research results. ATLAS.ti offers you the possibility to use a wide range of market research tools to find relevant data that fits your target group.

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ATLAS.ti is used by researchers, evaluators, policy advisers, social and health officials, educators, and students in nearly all disciplines in which “soft data” comes into play. It gives them innovative, time-saving research tools and helps them deliver quality results on multiple levels.

ATLAS.ti lets you collect, organize and analyze content from interviews, focus group discussions, surveys, audio, social media, videos, and the Web. It contains a managed library and is uniquely suited for writing and sharing array-oriented scientific data, including time series, matrices, satellite or medical imagery, and multidimensional numerical grids.

The application enables the user to experiment with and directly compare multiple sources documenting the same phenomenon. Be one step ahead of your competitors by using our innovative possibilities.

Figure 2: Manage and analyze a variety of data types

Drive your research process

Drive your research process using the latest technologies and handle any research questions efficiently. Whether in academic research or for businesses, the possibilities are suitable and applicable for various occasions. ATLAS.ti's tools will help you conduct a thorough investigation and identify relationships quickly and effectively. This new knowledge discovery technique will save you a lot of time and help you reach and engage your target audience.

Due to its ease of use, it is also possible to let your team manage the software and work even more efficiently. Share tasks with your colleagues and benefit from teamwork. Develop a research guide and discover the breathtaking possibilities of innovative research technology. You will notice how easy it is to achieve high-quality results in the shortest possible time and even overcome seemingly unmanageable challenges. Give it a try and let this incredible technology convince you. You will be thrilled to see what is now possible.

ATLAS.ti is the ultimate toolbox for researchers, evaluators, policy advisers, social and health officials, educators, and students in nearly all disciplines in which "soft data" comes into play.

Dedicated research software like ATLAS.ti helps the researcher catalog, penetrate, and analyze the data generated in any research project.