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  1. General Inquiries
  2. Technical Support
  3. Training and Certification
  4. Student Licenses
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  6. Privacy & Data Protection
  7. Administrators & License Management

General Inquiries

For all product-related questions, including technical issues, functionality, product use, sales and licensing, write to this address: [email protected]

Alternatively, you can also call us at one of many numbers worldwide for free or the cost of a local call. (Note: These telephone numbers handle "how to" inquiries about the use the program but no Technical Support of any kind. Write to the above email address for technical support and for all other issues.

We provide telephone support in English and Spanish, and we are available from Monday to Friday:

Note: These telephone numbers handle general inquiries on sales/licenses, product functionality, training/certification and partnering with ATLAS.ti. For Technical Support please follow this link.

Telephone Number
+1 (866) 880-0231 or +1 (541) 286-4391
+43 (1) 253 1794
+33 (1) 856 44135
+49 30 7262 1557
+39 (06) 452 02197
+31 (70) 701 1600
+44 (20) 319 65268
+34 917 893 887
+46 (8) 505 24070
+41 (22) 5607412
South Africa
+27 (10) 594-3781
+54 11 3984 0680
+57 (601) 5086898
+56 (2) 321 49929
+55 (11) 428 07219
+52 (55) 852 61576
+61 (2) 8318 7622
Hong Kong
+852 58060733
+91 117 127 9168
+972 (3) 978 6478
+81 (3) 4540 5926

Technical Support

Experiencing a problem or program malfunction? As a first step, make sure that your ATLAS.ti installation is updated to the latest service pack. If the problem persists, contact us in the following way:

Clearly indicate your program version and operating system/platform (e.g., Windows/Mac) to expedite service.

Include a detailed description: What were you doing at the time this problem occurred, what exactly happened, and can the problem be reproduced and under what circumstances. - In particular, be sure to quote any error messages that you may see and/or send a screenshot.

Training and Certification

Are you looking for training opportunities? For information on upcoming free and premium trainings, please visit the ATLAS.ti Training Center.

For questions related to trainings and/or the certified trainer program, please write to [email protected]

Student Licenses

  • Questions regarding a student license? Information and a registration form is available here.
  • Other questions? Contact us via [email protected]


Privacy & Data Protection

We are fully committed to privacy and data protection, and will be happy to answer your questions about that. Please write to [email protected] for inquiries about data protection.

Administrators & License Management

Information for license holders and administrators about the ATLAS.ti License Management System can be found here.

If you have questions or need assistance, write to [email protected]