Sample Projects

The sample projects on this page are available for download. Use them to experiment and to explore the many powerful tools and features of ATLAS.ti. They are also explicitly meant for use in teaching.

Children & Happiness

The project examines the relationship between having children and happiness. It consists of two project bundle files to keep it smaller. If you want all data together in one project, you can merge the two bundle files.

Part 1

  • 1 journal article
  • Data from the internet (a blog, comments on the blog, comments on a newspaper article)
  • Summary of research findings regarding the issue of happiness
  • 2 images inviting to reflect on the concept of happiness

Part 2

  • A made-up survey of 24 respondents providing answers to the two questions: What are reasons for having children / what are reasons for not having children.

Experience and Meaning of Friendship

Based on the TQRMUL Dataset Teaching Resources

The project contains 4 interview transcripts.

The aim of the interviews was to enable participants to talk at length about their experiences of friendships. The interviews lasted for between 46 and 63 minutes. The resources are intended to support the teaching of qualitative research methods, and are free to download and use.

Minecraft Evaluation

The project contains the following data types:

  • Survey data
  • Video
  • Images (snapshots from the video)
  • 2 journal articles (not coded)

The content is about the evaluation of the computer game Minecraft. It can be used to demonstrate coding and the various analysis tools.

Literature Review

The project gives an idea how a literature review can be conducted with the support of ATLAS.ti. It contains 10 PDF documents imported via the Reference Manager option. The articles are not fully coded yet. The original Mendeley data set is provided.

Iceland Travel Diary

This project contains:

  • video footage of a tour through Iceland
  • geo and image data

It can be used to practice working with such data. There is no particular research question linked to it. It might inspire alternative usages of ATLAS.ti.

Comunicación Eficaz

Este proyecto contiene una combinación de documentos que representan los distintos tipos de datos con los que puede trabajar en ATLAS.ti:

  • PDF (Revisión Bibliográfica)
  • Texto (datos de encuesta)
  • Vídeo
  • Fotos

Pregunta de investigación: ¿De qué consiste la comunicación eficaz?

Objetivos de la investigación :

  • Identificar los claves de un buen comunicador
  • Evaluar la comunicación verbal y no verbal
  • Investigar los factores comunes de la comunicación y el liderazgo
  • Presentar en qué consiste la comunicación eficaz aplicado al caso de los lideres