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One-On-One Expert Coaching

About this training

Our personalized One-On-One Expert Coaching aims to place you at the heart of your learning journey. Drawing upon the deep expertise of our seasoned trainers, we offer an exclusive chance to explore the comprehensive capabilities of ATLAS.ti within the framework of your unique project. In this dedicated one-hour Zoom session we provide solutions specifically designed to fit your needs.

You will learn

The One-On-One Expert Coaching is designed to cover an extensive range of individual needs such as:

  • Direct resolutions: We clarify and directly address your specific ATLAS.ti software questions.
  • Methodological guidance: We help resolve any methodological inquiries related to your project and show you how to utilize ATLAS.ti to address them.
  • Project-based application: Learn how to tap into ATLAS.ti's power to augment your project's reach and effectiveness.
  • Tactical planning: We'll assist you in translating your project's goals into actionable steps within the ATLAS.ti environment.
  • Software navigation: Understand both the common and advanced functionalities of ATLAS.ti to optimize your workflow.
  • Real-time guidance: We'll help you overcome potential software hurdles during our session.
  • Post-session strategies: We equip you with the knowledge and confidence to leverage ATLAS.ti independently once our session concludes.
  • Personalized tips and tricks: We share insights on how ATLAS.ti can be seamlessly integrated with your unique research methods.
Multiple Languages
English, Spanish
Multiple ATLAS.ti Versions
Windows, Mac
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