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Lost License Key/Serial Number

I can't find my license key.

Write to [email protected]. We can retrieve the key for you as long as you provide the exact e-mail address under which the license was purchased or registered.

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Order by Fax

Placing orders by fax

ATLAS.ti can be ordered conveniently by fax from our e-sales partner cleverbridge.

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Student License: Waiting for Reply After Submitting Documentation

I applied several days ago but haven't heard back from you.

We generally process student license requests within 2-3 business days.

If you have been waiting longer than that for a reply, chances are that

a) you provided an incorrect e-mail address on the request form (i.e. we tried to send you a notification but couldn't because of the faulty address), or

b) our reply was erroneously intercepted by a spam filter (including those of your e-mail provider, your campus IT department, etc.)

Please contact us via the ATLAS.ti Support Center and provide an ALTERNATIVE e-mail address to which we can send a copy of your notification.

A third possibility is that we never received your credentials. Make sure that your materials were actually sent. Resubmit them if necessary.

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Splitting Up Multi-User Licenses

Can a multi-user license be "split up" between servers and individual PC? Or are they restricted to LAN installations?

A multi-user license may be "split up," i.e. some copies can be installed on a server, while the rest can be installed on individual PCs. Our licenses are concurrent use licenses (based on the number of users simultaneously accessing the program), and as such are not tied to specific installations. However, it is very important to remember that the maximum of simultaneous users must not be exceeded at any time.

Moreover, the license holder should be aware that there is only one license key for all copies installed under a multi-user license. This means that if even one of the users violates the licensing terms, we will blacklist and disable all copies installed under that license. For this reason, the license holder should exercise care when distributing the license key, e.g. to co-workers and team members for installation on their personal PCs.

NOTE: We do NOT allow to split up multi-user licenses across organizational boundaries, i.e. it is not possible for two organizations (or organizational sub-units) to jointly obtain a and "share" a single multi-user license. The license holder must always be a single, clearly and uniquely identifiable entity, i.e. there can be no "joint" license holders.

(Of course, this does not preclude, for example, a university from obtaining a license for two or more departments. However, in this case only the university can be the license holder, not the individual departments.)

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Will ATLAS.ti Work With Non-Western Languages?

I need to work with material in a non-Western language or character set.

ATLAS.ti 8 and ATLAS.ti Mac are fully Unicode-compatible and can handle documents in pretty much ANY language and character set.

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Where Are My Primary Documents?

Although a document has been assigned to the Hermeneutic Unit and I have already worked with it (coded, etc.) and it shows up in the list of primary documents, it no longer can be accessed.

There is only a small number of reasons why primary documents seemingly become "unavailable" in project. This document explains the causes and and provides detailed instructions on how to solve these problems: KB_20130322_Where_are_my_documents

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Saving/Backing Up Your ATLAS.ti Project

Simply export your Project (Windows: File > Export ; Mac: Project > Export Project). This creates a single file in the .atlproj format that contains your complete project.

This file can be stored securely for backup and also for transferring your project to another computer (e.g. for sharing the data in a team project).

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Problems Downloading Trial Version

I want to download the free trial version but didn't receive the link to do so.

After you have filled out the online form, you should receive an email with a link to download a trial program version of ATLAS.ti.

If you do not receive this email, your spam filter might be configured too restrictively. Please check with your internet /email service provider or your local system administrator and inform them of this problem (other important emails could be blocked as well). You may also want to have them add our domain (atlasti.com) to their "white list."

If the above steps do not help, send us a ticket through the Support Center and we will email you a link directly. However, make sure to provide at least one alternative email address of which you are certain that it can receive email messages.

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License Key / Serial Number Not Accepted

I am trying to install ATLAS.ti, but when I enter license key I was sent, I see the error message: "Please enter the correct serial number".

There are several possible causes for this problem. Please go through the suggestions below in the order in which they are presented.

Note: "serial number" and "license key" are used synonymously!

1) Make sure you enter the license key exactly as provided. Be particularly careful not to include any unwanted spaces before or after the digits when copying and pasting the key. Try copying the row of digits to a plain text editor (such as Notepad) first and be careful to select ONLY the actual letters and numbers, with no additional spaces, dashes etc.

2) Check if your order was for TWO licenses and if you were sent TWO license keys accordingly. Do not accidentally enter BOTH license keys as one.

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Student License: Fax Problems

My fax doesn't seem to get through.

If faxing from overseas, please be aware that we are located in Germany, not in the U.S., as many customers believe.

The "+" in our fax number is an international convention and stands for whatever prefix you may have to dial to make international calls in your region of the world, such "11" or "00". Please inquire with your phone carrier to determine the correct prefix for your region.

International calls can sometimes be tricky and may require more than one attempt to get through. Our fax service is active 24 hrs 7 days a week, so if problems do occur, they are most likely with the international connection.

If you do not hear back from us within approx. three business days, you should assume that your fax didn't get through. Please simply resend the fax or contact us via the ATLAS.ti Support Center.

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Order by Phone

Placing orders by phone

ATLAS.ti can be ordered conveniently by phone from our e-sales partner cleverbridge.

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Non-Profit Organizations and Government Orders

What types of discounts are available for NGOs/non-profit organizations? Are there discounts for government orders?

We have a specially priced license category for NGOs, non-profit organizations, government agencies, state/public institutions, and supra-national institutions. These groups can select from the Non-Commercial/Government license category.

In some cases, ATLAS.ti supports organizations by granting them additional discounts. For information, please see this page.

NOTE: Resellers, please contact us in order to determine the proper license type if unsure in a specific case.

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Section 508 compliance

Is ATLAS.ti 508 compliant?

Yes it is. Please see ATLAS.ti_508_compliance.

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What is the Serial Number?

In some places, there is reference to a "serial number." What's this?

The "serial number" is simply another term for the LICENSE KEY. We use these terms interchangably.

Your license key is the 16, 25 or 32-digit string of characters you received when you purchased your ATLAS.ti license. Please always keep the the license key safe as you may need it later on.

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Training Opportunities

I feel I need more training in ATLAS.ti.

We offer a full complement of training events, ranging from free online webinars to on-site training held at your organization. Please visit our  Training Center for detailed information.

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Selecting the Right License

What license should I get?

Basically, all licenses offer the same technical functionality; they differ only in their access rights, i.e. the number of authorized users and permitted duration of use. There are a number of different variations, combining options to purchase, lease and/or obtain single or multi-user licenses.

With proper credentials (subject to approval), discounted licenses are available for students and persons affiliated with educational institutions.

Please refer to Licenses for detailed information on the types of licenses available.

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Using Cloud Storage Systems like Dropbox, OneNote, etc.

Can I use Dropbox or other online ("cloud") storage systems to host my project data and/or ATLAS.ti libraries?

The short answer is: Don't do it - it could be detrimental to your project data. Read on for details.

Using cloud storage services like Dropbox to store your project data, especially in a team work situation, seems like a convenient solution at first glance.

However, there are certain peculiarities of such services of which many users are not aware and which, if not considered properly, can lead to damage to your projects to the point of rendering them unusable.

While Dropbox and similar services offer many advantages, it really depends on exactly how you use them so you can reap benefits from their use. Other ways can be downright detrimental to your work.

To understand the problem, please consider the basic workings of ATLAS.ti:

If you mark a segment in the primary document, ATLAS,.ti "remembers" the exact location of that segment in your document from the last time you saved your project. If the document is later changed without "informing" ATLAS.ti about it, references will no longer be accurate and your segments will be off, your coding will misaligned, and hence your analysis would be flawed.

Thus, if ATLAS.ti finds a document with misaligned segments, it will no longer load such a document in order to avoid further damage to your project. You can manually correct such misalignments at this point manually, but this is not a desirable thing to have to do and, of course, also frequently a very time-consuming business to boot.

For ATLAS.ti to reference your documents and their content correctly (i.e., for your data to be usable), the program has to rely on the absolute integrity of these documents. This does not mean that they cannot changed, but the changes have to made through ATLAS.ti in order for the program to "know" about them and to adjust its references accordingly.

For this purpose—to guarantee absolute document integrity—we introduced the user and team libraries in ATLAS.ti 7. These specially protected internal folders that serve as repositories for your data files.

Now, some users have thought it a good idea to move their repositories to a cloud-based system like Dropbox. The thinking is that it would be great to have access to the file from another location or to give access to this same file to other users (in a team, for example).

Unfortunately, there is a major flaw with this concept. Users overlook the fact that Dropbox will simply replace the existing file with another copy of the same file if a user—either the original author or another user with access to the file—makes changes to this file. From the point of the document alone this makes sense, but from the point of view of an application that requires the document to remain intact this is catastrophic since Dropbox does not "inform" the application (or the user) of the changes. The required file integrity has been undermined without the user being even aware of it.

To put it differently, it is the very nature of Dropbox and other cloud-based services that they will simply go ahead and change data in your repository without asking if and when this data has been changed elsewhere--with or without the user's knowledge or consent.

Therefore, ATLAS.ti strongly advises users against moving the library to Dropbox (or other cloud-synced services/folders). Loss of data or other unpleasantries are likely to result if multiple users work simultaneously with a repository that resides in Dropbox.

"Simultaneous" in this context means "while ATLAS.ti is running." Taken in this sense, "simultaneous"can thus also refer to two different points in time that lie quite far apart from one another. Consider, for example, the following scenario:

ATLAS.ti is started on computer A on Jan. 1, on computer B on Jan. 6, and is kept running on both computers.

The researcher on computer B saves files to the repository on computer B

The researcher on computer A continues work without restarting ATLAS.ti

ATLAS.ti will not "know" about the files that have been "secretly" changed by the cloud service in your repository in this case and will be unaware of the changes in your documents. This will result in misaligned quotes, unconnected codes, and overall unusable PDs.

We would like to make it very clear that the above is NOT a bug or design flaw of ATLAS.ti in any way. Rather, such problems are the natural consequence of the way in which cloud services work and the user's choice of making use of such a service. You will understand that ATLAS.ti GmbH will therefore also not be able to accept any responsibility and no liability for any data loss caused by moving your libraries to a cloud-based service.

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Will ATLAS.ti work with Word 2007 documents?

I want to assign .docx files.

ATLAS.ti has no problems whatsoever working with Word 2007 (.docx) files, provided Word 2007 is actually installed on your system.

The Word 2007 installation installs all the necessary converters and filters on your system, and ATLAS.ti happily uses them to access your primary data.

However, do not expect ATLAS.ti to be able to work with .docx files if Word 2007 has NOT been installed on your computer.

If you plan to exchange projects with others users who do not have Word 2007 installed yet, you will need to convert your .docx files to either the version of .doc file they can work with, or, better yet, convert to .rtf. Only in this way can you expect the other party to be able to access them.

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Service Pack Manager Live Update: Problems Connecting To Server

I am trying to update my copy of ATLAS.ti but it seems the program cannot connect to the server.

Make sure your Internet connection is active and that no internal or external "obstacles" are preventing individual applications from creating connections with remote sites. Firewalls, some anti-virus programs, and proxy servers are the most common members of the "obstacles" category.

If only SOME applications (such as ATLAS.ti) are unable to connect to the internet, whereas e-mail and web browsers work as usual, a firewall or a proxy server is very likely to be the culprit. You may want to double-check the settings of your firewall or disable it completely for the time of the update. Also, look for other possible obstacles in your internet connection. Check to see if your computer connects to the Internet via a proxy server and change the appropriate settings in ATLAS.ti (Menu Extras|Preferences|Live Update Preferences).

If you are not able to remedy the problem yourself, contact your local system administrator and/or your Internet service provider for assistance. The ATLAS.ti support team will not be able to help you with this type of infrastructure problem.

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