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ATLAS.ti Mobile for the iPad

Now you can perform essential project tasks wherever you go using ATLAS.ti Mobile for iPad. Record interviews and analyze data with the touch of a finger, and access your QDA work at your convenience.


The ATLAS.ti iPad app lets you do all of the following:

  • Create ATLAS.ti projects
  • Record, assign, segment, and code photos, audio, and videos
  • Assign, segment and code existing photos, audio, and videos
  • Assign, segment and code PDF documents, including Web downloads
  • Create and edit text documents
  • Create fine-grained quotation segments in text, images, audio and video files
  • Create and edit comments for all types of objects
  • Create and edit memos
  • Tag images, recordings, videos, and documents with geo-location info
  • One-step export of full project via Dropbox or iTunes file shares

System requirements: ATLAS.ti Mobile requires iOS 9. Please update your iPad if you use an older iOS version. Updating your iPad (all editions newer than iPad 1) is easy and free.


ATLAS.ti Mobile is the perfect tool for interviews – Record audio or video on location, then start segmenting and coding on the way home. Once there, just transfer your project to the desktop version of ATLAS.ti to fully leverage its analysis tools, visualization, and team collaboration. At work, at home, or anywhere in between, ATLAS.ti keeps you moving right along!


List of HUs – your projects can be commented, edited, and exported to the desktop application. Number of documents, memos, comments are shown.
PD Manager – view, load, comment, and rename your primary documents (text files, pdf, images, audio, video).
Record, segment and code audio and video files on the fly.
Precise audio coding – navigate and segment your audio files with the help of zoomable wave forms. Quotations and codes are displayed in the wave form viewer.
Precise and flexible image coding–not just clumsy “tagging.” Segment and code as many individual details as you need. Define, move, and resize unlimited quotations.
Precise and comfortable text segmenting. Quotations are show in the margin area. Move and resize quotations as needed.
Precise video coding – navigate and segment your video files with the help of zoomable wave forms. Quotations and codes are displayed in the wave form viewer.
Process of coding: Easily create, edit or change codes.
Selecting code colors for added precision and easier orientation.
Geolocation – documents show the geographic location where they were recorded/created. Location information is available for geocoding in ATLAS.ti.
List of codes – codes display their exact range in the document and can be edited and commented.
List of codes and quotations per document.