Upgrading to ATLAS.ti 8

Users of older program versions can upgrade to ATLAS.ti 8 at a substantially reduced rate (nearly 50% discount in most cases!). This offer is limited and may end at any time.

How to order your upgrade

Buy upgrade now

  • Enter your existing license key
  • Follow instructions

Please note: your copy of ATLAS.ti can only be upgraded to a newer version of the same category. A single license can only be upgraded to a single license, and multi-user (site) licenses only to multi-user licenses of the same volume (five users, ten users, etc.)

System Requirements

Before ordering an upgrade, please make sure your computer is actually ready for the latest version of ATLAS.ti.

The system requirements for the most recent version of ATLAS.ti are available here.

Additional Information

License and registration, please!

To order and install an upgrade, your existing license must be registered. with us. Only registered licenses can be upgraded.

If you purchased your original license after January 2004, your license is automatically registered.

If you have an older license, or if you’re not sure, contact our Support Team write to [email protected]. Please include your license key and license information.

Student Licenses

Student licenses cannot be upgraded. But if you still hold official full-time student status, you may be eligible for a new student license. To find out about our substantially reduced student rate, please see our Student License page for details.

We are delighted to announce that the new generation of ATLAS.ti will be released on September 7th! If you purchased ATLAS.ti within the last few months (from the 1st of May, 2020), you will be eligible for a free upgrade to version 9 (valid for all purchase /permanent licenses - lease licenses include the new versions automatically).