Upgrading to ATLAS.ti 9

Users of older program versions can upgrade to ATLAS.ti 9 at a substantially reduced rate (approx. 50% discount in most cases!). This offer is limited and may end at any time.

How to order your upgrade

Upgrade your license now

If your license (except semester license) was purchased after May 1, 2020, it qualifies for a free upgrade. Click the above below and enter your license key to find out about the exact status of your license upgrade. – Free upgrade offer good until Dec 31, 2020.

System Requirements

Before ordering an upgrade, please make sure your computer is actually ready for the latest version of ATLAS.ti. See system requirements .

Existing Data

If you have an installation of ATLAS.ti 8 on your computer and install ATLAS.ti 9, your library will be automatically copied to the new version. No manual steps are required.

If you have an older installation of ATLAS.ti (e.g, v.7), create a project bundle in .atlproc or .atlcb format. Import these bundles manually in ATLAS.ti 9 via the “Import Project” option from the start screen.

License and registration, please!

Only registered licenses can be upgraded. — If you have an older license, something goes wrong with the online upgrade, or if you’re not sure how to proceed, contact our Support Team write to [email protected]. Please include your license key and license information.

Please note: Your ATLAS.ti license can only be upgraded to a newer license of the same category. A single-user license can only be upgraded to a single-user license, and multi-user licenses only to multi-user licenses of the same volume. — Student licenses cannot be upgraded. But if you still hold official full-time student status, you may be eligible for a new student license. To find out about our substantially reduced student rate, please see our Student License page for details.