Student Licenses

Undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students can apply for a specially priced license type to use the unrestricted program version of ATLAS.ti in their degree studies.


To obtain an ATLAS.ti student license at its substantially reduced rate, you must supply us with the following documents before we can process your order:

  • A facsimile of your valid and current student ID, clearly stating your affiliation with an officially accredited institution of higher education*
  • A facsimile of a second, official ID or passport, containing a photo and with matching name(s)*

* Be sure that your student ID shows an expiration date or indicates in some other way that your enrollment is current. If your formal ID does not indicate current enrollment, please send an alternative form of proof (e.g., registration slip). — Include an English translation if in a language other than English, French, Italian, Spanish or German!

These are the steps:

  1. Click the “Apply now” button below.
  2. Fill out the short form and select if you wish to submit your credentials via fax, email, or postal mail.
  3. Send copies of these documents either by fax (number provided in the form) or as a PDF document (email address provided in the form). Orders submitted without these accompanying documents will not be processed
  4. After your credentials have been approved, you will receive via email a link to a special section of our online store where you can then purchase and download your copy of ATLAS.ti at the reduced student rate. (You will also have the option to order a CD if you prefer.)

Note: Student licenses are strictly PERSONAL licenses and cannot be applied for or obtained by institutions or third parties of any kind. Payment must be made by the license holder.


Student License
(two years)
Use of the program in the context of your degree studies for two years. $99*
PC, Mac, Web
PC, Mac, Web
PC, Mac, Web
Semester License
(six months)
Use of the program in the context of your degree studies for six months $51*
PC, Mac, Web
PC, Mac, Web
PC, Mac, Web
License Extension Convert your semester license into a regular two-year student license at a reduced price. $89*
PC, Mac, Web
PC, Mac, Web
PC, Mac, Web
Web-Only monthly license Use ATLAS.ti Web for 30 days; subscription renews automatically $10*
Web, 30 days
Web, 30 days
Web, 30 days

* Local VAT added where applicable. - Many other currencies available in the shopping cart.


Licensing Info

Student Licenses

Student and semester licenses can only be purchased by full-time students of accredited educational institutions with PROOF OF ELIGIBILITY.

Student and semester licenses are PERSONAL licenses and can NOT be purchased by or through institutions or organizations. This also means that a program purchased under a student or semester license is not to be installed on an institutional computer (educational institutions wishing to provide ATLAS.ti to their students can do so via (a) computer pool installations of ATLAS.ti multi-user licenses or (b) by contracting a Campus License).

Under no circumstances must software obtained under an ATLAS.ti student or semester license be used in a context outside of the licensee’s personal academic studies. This specifically prohibits use in any commercial or semi-commercial context (such as training, non-degree-related research, work-study), and other activities not related to the licensee’s personal education. Any violation of the license agreement will be prosecuted. Student licenses are not transferable. Student licenses and semester licenses are not transferable. Student licenses and semester licenses cannot be upgraded, but all in-version upgrades and service packs are included.

Student licenses as well as semester licenses CAN be converted into educational or regular licenses, so your project data will always be available.

Except for the above restrictions, the program is 100% identical to the full version. A semester license grants use of the program for six months. A student license grants use of the program for two years; an extension can be purchased at a discounted price.


We reserve the right to refuse orders for student licenses at any time without giving reasons. The decision to grant discounted student licenses will be made solely on the basis of the submitted evidence. Please note: Discounted student licenses are a special service we offer to students, i.e. people in academic training and thus with (presumably) limited financial means. It is our concern to support the education of prospective scientists, researchers and practitioners by giving them access to one of the world’s best research tools already during their studies by offering a significantly reduced special price. Since this is a voluntary initiative on our part, and based on the fact that this offer is not subject to abuse, we particularly reject the notion that there is or could be a legal claim of any kind to the granting of this special price.

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