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The class provided very useful information and guidance regarding analysis of different types of data. Great inclusion of articles available in the Resources section. Good review of the capabilities of the software.
Beth F. Carter
Behavioral Scientist, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
The workshop was wonderful! Having the opportunity to work hands-on with ATLAS.ti to analyze data was invaluable. The instructor was thorough and able to explain things in a manner that could be understood by the layperson.
Denise J. Jones
PhD Student Human Services Counseling Capella University
This was an exceptional training experience. The workshop was very hands on. All concepts and their applications were clearly explained. I highly recommend this to qualitative researchers.
Dina Martinez-Tyson
PhD MPH, Louis de la Parte Florida Mental Health Institute University of South Florida
In relation to the course, I express my sincerest congratulations to the instructors for their delivery, dedication, and friendliness regarding problems and questions I had throughout the course.
Augusto Sequeiros Pumar
University Barcelona
The 1-hour tutorial was jam-packed with great information! I'm really excited to start using this new tool on my Mac!!
Herbert Lias
Consultant, Utah
ATLAS.ti Introductory Webinars represent a great opportunity for learning the basics of this software through the guide of highly qualified and experienced qualitative researchers. I strongly recommend these courses to professionals and researchers who want to incorporate ATLAS.ti into their analysis, but have little or no knowledge of how to do it.
Marvin Rodriguez Vargas
Sociólogo Universidad de Costa Rica Banco Popular y de Desarrollo Comunal

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If your organization is in the process of evaluating ATLAS.ti for a multi-user or campus license, or if you would like to introduce it to your students in class to ATLAS.ti, schedule a one-hour FREE demonstration of the software through web-conferencing.

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Campus License holders receive a substantial discount for On-Site Training. Please contact our Training Center at [email protected] for detailed information and to make arrangements.