Universal Data Export

ATLAS.ti Is Not An Island

ATLAS.ti understands the necessity of re-using research results for processing and publication in other applications. It therefore sports the widest range of export and reporting facilities of any QDA package.

Export Your Complete Project to Virtually ANY Application or Software

SPSS, Excel, and HTML are standard export formats for your projects. But they by no means exhaust the possibilities for integration with your IT demands.

Through its native XML output and assisted by an extensive number of XSLT-filters that come included in the package, ATLAS.ti can export your complete data to virtually ANY application.

The official XML schema is available here:

Dozens of High-Class Export and Reporting Filters Prepackaged

By supporting the open data standard XML, ATLAS.ti was the first QDA tool to create a platform for the universal exchange, storage, and processing of QDA data.

Formats that can be supported by implementing this standard are as manifold as their intended purposes. Elegant reporting on- and offline, professional pre-print, conversion into diverse application formats, and many more.

ATLAS.ti comes with several dozens filters for reporting, exchanging data between users, and export to application formats. All of these can be modified and adapted by users to suit their specific purposes.

Custom Programming services are also available for specialized projects.

ATLAS.ti and XML – enjoy your freedom!

CAQDAS Data Compatibility and Universal Data Exchange

ATLAS.ti is the only QDA software that offers universal data export and supports open data formats. So your project data remain “free,” permanently accessible, and reusable in a myriad of other applications, including long-term archives.

In fact, ATLAS.ti is also the only QDA software to actively support the initiative for universal CAQDAS compatibility/CAQDAS data exchange.

Unlike other QDA software manufacturers who lock users into their product with proprietary formats, ATLAS.ti supports an open, universal data format and publishes its data structure.