Non-Profit Discounts

ATLAS.ti supports certain non-profit organizations by granting them substantial discounts.

However, we make this decision only on a case-by-case basis, not as a general rule based on formal status alone. Mainly, we limit this offer to charitable organizations, i.e. organizations that provide assistance to people in immediate need.

If your organization would like to be considered for this discount, please submit the information requested below. Your answers to these questions will help us make this decision.

  • If you have a Web site, please send the URL.
  • What is your main source of funding and your annual budget?
  • Is your organization in any way considered a government agency or mainly doing work for or on behalf of the government?
  • Would you consider the work of your organization in any respect as charitable? If so, in what way?
  • Describe briefly the types of projects and/or areas of research your organization conducts or sponsors. (May be evident from web site. If so, please point out.)
  • How will you mainly use the software?
  • Is this for a specific project or for general use? If for a project, please name/send info.
  • If you publish your executives’ salaries, we would appreciate this information as well.

We will be happy to consider your request based on the information you provide. Send us the above information by email.