Video Tutorials (English and Spanish)

Our video tutorials will help you get started with ATLAS.ti, avoid some common pitfalls when using the software, and overall make your projects more efficient and enjoyable.


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ATLAS.ti 7 – Windows


Creating a hermeneutic unit

Adding documents into the project

Accessing the project’s primary documents

The Multi-document view

The Primary Document Manager

Creating primary document families

Importing surveys

Creating new codes

Creating free quotations

The Code Manager

Creating code families

Coding text documents

Coding graphic documents

Revisiting quotations linked to codes

Networks of weak link relations

Networks of strong link relations: code-to-code networks

The Word Cruncher


Creating copy bundles

ATLAS.ti 7.5. Project Management

Tutoriales en español version 7

Interfaz idioma español

Crear una nueva unidad hermeneutica

Agregar documentos primarios

Acceder a documentos primarios

Cargar multiples documentos

Administrador de documentos primarios

Agrupar documentos primarios en familias

ATLAS.ti for Mac OS X


Product Video


Creating a new project

Export-Import project


Importing documents

Grouping documents

Creating quotations


Working with memos

Working with networks


Exportar e importer el proyecto

Cómo empezar un nuevo proyecto

Interfaz de ATLAS.ti para el Mac

Administrador de documentos

Agregar documentos al proyecto

Crear citas en el proyecto


ATLAS.ti Mobile


ATLAS.ti Mobile for Android

Getting started

Segmenting and coding

Exporting your project

More Videos

IIQM-ATLAS.ti Webinar Series on Qualitative Methodology