Reseller Program

We receive many inquiries from software dealers wanting to become ATLAS.ti distributors. ATLAS.ti Scientific Software Development GmbH now offers a comprehensive and convenient way to start reselling ATLAS.ti as our registered reseller.

The ATLAS.ti Reseller Program is available to software resellers, value added resellers, consultancies, and other businesses or institutions related to either software or qualitative data analysis. Some of our prospective resellers already have clients waiting for ATLAS.ti, so we have streamlined our process of application for resellership not to delay product delivery. Our reseller terms are fair, and we strive to make it easy for you to quickly start generating a profit with ATLAS.ti.

ATLAS.ti Scientific Software Development GmbH actively encourages the distribution of our products through your channels. We supply all the technical, product, and sales information to help you provide your customers with the highest quality service.

  1. Becoming a Reseller
  2. Existing Resellers

Becoming a Reseller

Please note that we accept only serious professional resellers. We usually require applicants to provide evidence of professional activity (e.g., an adequate web site).

Answers to practically all commonly asked questions are available in the official ATLAS.ti Resellers’ Guide. Please read this document before contacting our support.

Click here to start your application to become an ATLAS.ti Approved Reseller.

Existing Resellers

Existing Approved Resellers with an excellent understanding of ATLAS.ti’s license models can qualify as Certified Reseller. Certified Resellers have access to a larger group of products, in particular license subscriptions.

Because of the inherent complexity of these products we require that existing resellers who wish to sell license subscription demonstrate their understanding by answering a detailed set of questions (online form, see above). To learn more about selling license subscriptions as a Certified Reseller, read “Leased Licenses / License Subscriptions” in the ATLAS.ti Resellers’ Guide.

Click here to fill out the online form to become an ATLAS.ti CERTIFIED Reseller.

Reseller Guide

Everything you need to know to become an ATLAS.ti Certified Reseller

Terms & Conditions for Resellers

General Terms and Conditions of cleverbridge AG for ATLAS.ti Resellers