Utilisez les meilleurs Outils d'analyse systématique de contenu

ATLAS.ti permet de réaliser des analyses de contenu performantes et collaboratives grâce au logiciel leader en matière de recherche qualitative et de recherche par méthodes mixtes.


Atteignez plus rapidement vos objectifs en matière d'analyse de contenu

ATLAS.ti facilite la gestion, l'organisation et l'analyse d'articles, de PDF, d'extraits et plus encore pour vos projets. Grâce à un ensemble complet d'outils spécialement conçus pour l'analyse de contenu et l'analyse documentaire, vous obtenez les aperçus qualitatifs dont vous avez besoin.


Figure out the "why" behind your participant's motivations

Understand the behaviors and emotions that are driving your focus group participants. With ATLAS.ti, you can transform your raw data and turn it into qualitative insights you can learn from. Easily determine user intent in the same spot you're deciphering your overall focus group data.


Visualize your research findings like never before

We make it simple to present your analysis results with meaningful charts, networks, and diagrams. Instead of figuring out how to communicate the insights you just unlocked, we enable you to leverage easy-to-use visualizations that support your goals.

Extremely interesting software which is useful for facilitating and expediting qualitative research. In addition to all of the features ATLAS.ti offers, it has been a pleasant surprise to discover that I can also use it as a database for my literature reviews.
Patricia Rocu Gómez
Faculty of Education, Complutense University of Madrid, Spain

Everything you need to elevate your literature review


Import and organize literature data

Import and analyze any type of text content – ATLAS.ti supports all standard text and transcription files such as Word and PDF.


Visualize and present findings

With just a few clicks, you can create meaningful visualizations like charts, word clouds, tables, networks, among others.


Analyze with ease and speed

Make use of powerful analysis tools that save you valuable time such as auto coding, sentiment analysis, team collaboration, and more.

The faster way to make sense of your literature review. Try it for free, today.