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Turn your data into deeper insights

Leverage powerful tools and time-saving features for your research projects – from auto coding and sentiment analysis to teamwork and visualization.


Quick, reliable and easy-to-learn for students

Whether it’s a student assignment, thesis, or dissertation – with ATLAS.ti, students can intuitively uncover insights in any research data and present their findings with confidence.


Ideal guidance and supervision for professors

Developed with academic education in mind, ATLAS.ti helps professors and educators guide their students with collaborative tools throughout the entire research journey.


Best-in-class technology for academic researchers

Manage, analyze and visualize all your research data in one proven platform. ATLAS.ti enables researchers with everything they need to generate outstanding results.

ATLAS.ti boasts many benefits including intuitive design. But its customer service really is what wins them the gold star. Especially for those who are not too technologically savvy, ATLAS.ti is the software that will have the patience to deal with you!
Cristina Parajon
Sociology student, Harvard University

Increase your research impact with insights that matter



Develop a profound understanding of your interviewee’s attitudes, behaviors, and emotions.



Find out why people give particular answers and refine your survey’s analysis.


Focus Groups

Determine and comprehend a group’s perspectives and attitudes.


Literature Review

Analyze books, articles, and other publications in order to discover qualitative insights.


Field Notes

Extract qualitative findings based on observations like actions or processes.


Digital Content

Unveil valuable insights in images, audio, video, social media data, and more.

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