Special Topics

Approaches to Coding with ATLAS.ti Watch here.

In this video, Dr. Susanne Friese explains her approach to coding with ATLAS.ti. Also consider taking a look at her book “Qualitative Data Analysis with ATLAS.ti”. (60 minutes).

Project Management in ATLAS.ti 7.5 and higher. Watch here.

Description of changes in project management that came with the update to version 7.5. (60minutes).

Analysis Tools. Watch here.

Presentation by Dr. Susanne Friese on the different analysis tools ATLAS.ti 7 Windows provides. (70 minutes).

Network Views. Watch here.

Presentation by Dr. Susanne Friese on how to make the best use of the network view options in ATLAS.ti 7 Windows. This includes concept mapping and hyperlinks. (65 minutes).

Working with Surveys. Watch here.

This videos teaches how to make the best use in ATLAS.ti 7 Windows of the survey import function. It shows how to prepare a spreadsheet for importation and how to work with the data once imported. (55 minutes).

Working with Multimedia Documents. Watch here.

This video, by Dr. Kristin Kostick, teaches how to work with audio and video documents in ATLAS.ti 7 Windows. (65 minutes).

Because of the Covid19 situation that affects many universities, ATLAS.ti offers all institutional license holders the possibility to easily accommodate home use for students and staff. Please write to [email protected]