Special Topics

Qualitative Visualizations with ATLAS.ti Desktop. Watch here

In this video, Dr. Ricardo Contreras gives an overview of qualitative visualizations with ATLAS.ti Desktop, explaining concepts and demonstrating procedures. (56 minutes).

Calculating Inter-Coder Agreement with ATLAS.ti. Watch here

Dr. Susanne Friese explains the inter-agreement procedures in ATLAS.ti 8. She defines concepts, explains, each of the measures, and describes procedures. (55 minutes).

Writing Memos with ATLAS.ti 8 Windows. Watch here

Ivana Radivojevic gives an overview of memos in ATLAS.ti 8 Windows. She explains what memos are, gives recommendations on how to use them, and provides tips of applications. ATLAS.ti 8 Mac users will also benefit from watching this video. (57 minutes).

Conducting Literature Reviews with ATLAS.ti. Watch here

Ivana Radivojevic gives an overview of how to conduct a literature review in ATLAS.ti 8 Windows and Mac. (57 minutes).

Team Collaboration with ATLAS.ti 8 Desktop. Watch here

In this video, Dr. Ricardo Contreras explains the teamwork process with ATLAS.ti 8 Desktop. You may download the presentation used in this video from here. 60 minutes. /p>

Revision Bibliográfica con ATLAS.ti 8 Windows y Mac. Watch here

La Dra. Neringa Kalpokaite ofrece una visión global sobre cómo podemos iniciar la revisión bibliográfica con ATLAS.ti 8. (60 minutes).

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