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IQRN Webinar Series: Anchoring your fieldwork in ATLAS.ti

About this training

ATLAS.ti is proud to partner with the International Qualitative Research Network (IQRN) at the University of British Columbia Okanagan, and Inquiry Methodology at the Indiana University School of Education, to offer you the best of qualitative research methods and initiatives from around the world.

You will learn

While no single aspect of your research can necessarily be isolated as being more pivotal than the next, the quality of your data gathered determines the quality of your analysis and subsequent outputs. The session will showcase how you can conceptualise, plan and execute your research with ATLAS.ti in mind from the start to the end of your project, including fieldwork, which is instrumental in collecting quality data.

Using a multiple-embedded case study methodology, this webinar will show how research can be planned with ATLAS.ti. This webinar will explain how to anticipate using the programme to support and structure research, including field notes and memos, organising data sources, and grouping data according to the different cases to strengthen analysis insights within and across cases.

Attending the webinar may inspire you to design your research through an ATLAS.ti-minded perspective or to better understand how ATLAS.ti can support your fieldwork even when you have already started your research. After the session you can recognise, target, and implement strategies to facilitate your research and collate information into a central data-management space using the tools, structures and functions of ATLAS.ti.

This webinar will be held on August 22nd at 12:00 PM Central Africa Time. Be sure to convert the time to your local time zone.

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