Newsletter December 2016

The December issue of Inside ATLAS.ti is fully packed with info on ATLAS.ti version 8 which was released earlier this month. As we discuss in the Best Practices article, ATLAS.ti version 8 brings new functions and tools, and opens the doors for new opportunities of data analysis. It also injects the ATLAS.ti team with a renewed motivation to continuing developing a user-friendly, powerful and beautiful software. With ATLAS.ti 8 Windows, we reaffirm our absolute commitment to the qualitative research community and project ourselves into the future.

In the Case Study section of this issue, we share with you a study conducted by Nana Owusu-Ansah from the Wildlife Division of the Forestry Commission of Ghana who describes his project on natural resource utilization. We also share with you some exciting news and opportunities for training and collaboration. Finally, we share our calendar of training opportunities for the next few months.

Happy Holidays!

Jörg Hecker
Director of Business Operations ATLAS.ti


ATLAS.ti version 8 – What’s new?


Completely re-designed in nearly every aspect, ATLAS.ti 8 Windows is poised to set new standards for computer-assisted qualitative data analysis:

ATLAS.ti 8 is easy to learn. Many formerly convoluted processes have been radically simplified. The focus is on getting results quickly and efficiently.

ATLAS.ti 8 is powerful and innovative. Stylish network visualizations serve both the analytical process and provide excellent presentation tools. Importing surveys, data from Twitter as well as from your favorite reference manager is a breeze.

ATLAS.ti 8 comes with the future built-in. Completely rewritten and based on the latest technological platform, ATLAS.ti 8 allows for rapid, modular expansion. So expect to see previously unthinkable new possibilities in the coming months and years as ATLAS.ti 8 continues to grow by design.


*ATLAS.ti licenses purchased after April 1, 2015 qualify for a FREE UPGRADE

Apply for the ATLAS.ti in the Classroom Award

If you are a professor planning to use ATLAS.ti in a university-level class, we invite you to apply for the ‘ATLAS.ti in the Classroom Award’. The three applicants with the best and most innovative plans for adopting ATLAS.ti in the classroom will receive a free perpetual license for the professor and a free 2-year student licenses for the students enrolled in class. The three applicants that come close behind will also receive a free educational license for the professor plus a one-semester license for all of the students enrolled in class. As part of the application process, professors need to submit a plan on how they will use ATLAS.ti in class and they must commit to submitting at the end of the semester a short report, including photographs, describing how the software was used and the results of the process. These reports will be published in our monthly newsletter, blog and the ATLAS.ti social media channels.

To apply, please click here

We Now Offer Free Webinars in Portuguese

We are happy to announce that Dagmar Heil Pocrifka has joined the ATLAS.ti training team. Dagmar has a degree in pedagogy from the Pontificia Universidade Católica do Paraná, Curitiba, Brasil, and a master’s degree in mathematics and technology education from the Universidade Federal de Pernambuco, where she is currently pursuing a doctoral degree in the same program. Dagmar will teach free webinars in ATLAS.ti Mac on Wednesdays at 2:00 pm Brasilia time. Click here to register. Webinars in Portuguese demonstrating ATLAS.ti 8 Windows will be offered starting in February 2017. Welcome Dagmar to the ATLAS.ti team!

Case Studies in ATLAS.ti

In this issue of Inside ATLAS.ti, we interview Nana Owusu-Ansah from the Wildlife Division of the Forestry Commission of Ghana about the research he is conducting in the Gbele Resource Reserve in the Upper West Region of Ghana. The study explores the exciting topic of natural resource utilization.


Best Practices ATLAS.ti

Rethinking How to Analyze Data with ATLAS.ti 8 Windows

With this Best Practices article we start a series reflecting upon the newly released ATLAS.ti 8 Windows, which comes with a completely new design and a set of new and improved functions and tools. These changes not only make ATLAS.ti look different from how it looked in earlier versions, but also means that fresh opportunities for analysis arise. The ability to now import data from Twitter, Evernote and reference management software clearly opens the doors for analyzing data that could not be analyzed before. But beyond those obvious improvements, ATLAS.ti 8 Windows invites the researcher to rethink how to interact with the data and the kinds of questions to ask.


Learning Resources

Free Overview Webinars

We offer free overview webinars in ATLAS.ti 7 Windows and Mac, in English and Spanish. They are offered at different times, making them convenient to people anywhere. To register for the webinar of your choice, please click here.

Premium Training

Our premium training activities include online synchronous and asynchronous courses, face-to-face workshops and and on-demand worldwide. Click here to see the entire calendar of training events currently scheduled. There you may read the course outlines and register for the course of your preference.

ATLAS.ti offers a variety of resources that facilitate the learning of the software.

All our learning resources can be accessed here.

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