Newsletter 2014-2

Fellow coders,

If you had seen our headquarters in the heart of Berlin on September 17, you would’ve seen us all cheering: ATLAS.ti for Mac OS X launched!

Now we’re already back at work, improving existing features and adding new ones. I wanted to take a moment to say thank you to our beta testers and to all of you who have shared your requests and experiences with us over the years. ATLAS.ti for Mac OS X is a first important step to freeing you from having to use emulators and virtual machines.

We developed the Mac version from the ground up and with your user experience and habits in mind. It will take a while longer to develop the initial release version into the full-fledged application that covers all your research needs. But ATLAS.ti for Mac is a pretty great start.

Kind regards & happy coding,

Jörg Hecker
Director of Business Operations, ATLAS.ti

Mac Version Out Now!

Switching to the Mac OS X Version is FREE for All ATLAS.ti 7 License Holders

ATLAS.ti’s CEO and founder, Thomas Muhr: “We are extremely happy to release ATLAS.ti for Mac. And we are offering the download of the Mac version FREE of charge to everyone who is in possession of an ATLAS.ti 7 license.”

Download it here , and use your existing license key to activate.

30% Discount on New Mac Licenses

To obtain a new Mac-only license at a 30% discount, please go to . Just choose your preferred license type and select the Mac-only license version from the cart. Your discount is already automatically deducted from the price.

We have planned a series of updates and you will receive them all at no additional cost to you.

New Windows License Buyers Receive the Mac License FREE of Charge

For those who work with Windows computers but also own a Mac: If you buy an ATLAS.ti for Windows license, you will get the Mac license FREE along with your Windows license! Use it for yourself without incurring additional costs.

The New ATLAS.ti for Mac OS X. Who Should Be Making the Switch?

The number of Mac users working with ATLAS.ti has been growing rapidly over the past years.

We are happy to announce that we just launched ATLAS.ti for Mac, a fully native Mac application. It is built from the ground up after the latest OS X guidelines and reflects an understanding of the user experience that Mac users are accustomed to.

Some features are new and unique to the Mac version — the way it allows you to work with video and unlimited “Undo” are just two examples. However, some features around teamwork, deeper analytics, and reports are not yet available. They will be added and enhanced over time and will be available to you at no additional cost.

If you’d like to compare the features available in ATLAS.ti for Windows and ATLAS.ti for Mac OS X ide by side, have a look at this easy overview .

If you are new to ATLAS.ti altogether and do not have a license yet, we invite you to download the FREE trial version — it is available both for Mac and Windows.

To further assist you in making an informed decision whether you should make the switch right now, we have crafted the following recommendations.

Go ahead, make the switch if the following statements are true for you:

  • You prefer working with a native Mac app as you’re just not a Windows person
  • You’re starting a new project from scratch
  • You have no team project exchange requirements
  • You’re currently engaged in the code & retrieve and model building stages of a project
  • You exclusively use Mac compatible multimedia documents
  • You don’t need geo documents
  • You appreciate a virtually unlimited undo/redo
  • You can wait for some analytic features
  • You can wait for reports to become available
  • You don’t need a detailed help or program manual
  • You work in different languages simultaneously
  • You don't need associated documents yet (e.g. transcript and media)

Hold on, you should wait if the following statements are true for you:

  • You’re set up with the Windows version of ATLAS.ti on a Mac and OK with it
  • You’re past the earliest stages of an important project
  • You work in a team and need shared libraries
  • You work with non-Mac data formats (WMA, WMV)
  • You work with geo-spatial data
  • You need to edit textual primary documents

Training Is Available

Our trainers look forward to guiding you through the program and invite new users and “converts” alike to the upcoming trainings and webinars. They will teach you how easy and comfortable it is to work with ATLAS.ti on the Mac OS.

Contact our Training Center via [email protected]. Upcoming training opportunities can be found at

* * *

We really hope you enjoy working with ATLAS.ti for Mac. And we’d love to hear your feedback. Send us a note to [email protected] !

P.S. If you have five minutes to spare and want to see some of the features in action, watch a video about ATLAS.ti for Mac OS X here .

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, we offer temporary easy home-use licenses for institutional license holders, 25% price-reductions on courses and 10% on all licenses. We have new courses both free and premium at our ATLAS.ti ACADEMY and free semester licenses. See here for more -->