What’s New In ATLAS.ti 8.2

ATLAS.ti 8.2 is a FREE UPGRADE for all ATLAS.ti 8 license holders. — Be sure to update as soon as possible by running the Live Update.

New for Windows and Mac

  • Inter-Rater/Intercoder Agreement analysis . - ATLAS,ti 8 now comes with a sophisticated tool to measure intercoder agreement, i.e. assess the accuracy of how multiple coders analyze a given body of data.

  • Automatic focus groups Coding . - Automatically identify and code each speaker unit to allow for comparisons of statements by the different speakers or speaker attributes (such as gender or educational level).

  • import and export codebooks in vendor-Independent QDC format. - QDAS-XML is designed to enable project data exchange between different CAQDAS/QDAS programs . The creation of this format is a joint initiative of several QDA software manufacturers and an international group of researchers.

  • P DF annotations can now be displayed. - If you annotated your PDF document prior to assigning it to your ATLAS.ti project, your annotations will now be retained and can be displayed.

  • Document export . - Export documents from the ATLAS.ti library.

  • Create multimedia quotations by setting in/out points . - Usability significantly improved by setting quotation start/end points of quotations from keyboard

  • Improved stop/go lists for word cruncher. - ATLAS.ti can count all words in all or selected documents, all or selected quotations, or quotations coded by one or more selected codes. Detailed Stop and Go lists let you refine these operations.

  • Quotation previews in code document table

  • Multiple selection in project explorer

  • Create multimedia quotations without temporary selection

  • Auto-scrolling multimedia margin

  • Show start time, end time, duration for selected multimedia quotation

  • Print Memos and Comments

  • SPSS export improvements

  • Improved Excel outputs

  • Improved newline/paragraph detection in PDF text

New in ATLAS.ti 8.2 Windows

  • New Interface Language: Chinese . - ATLAS.ti 8 Windows is now also available in Chinese! - ATLAS.ti recognizes the language of your operating system and automatically adjusts the language. - To change the language manually, select Options / Application Preferences / Display Options .

  • Print memos and comments

  • Improved PDF text newline/paragraph detection

  • Auto-scrolling margin in multimedia

  • Create multimedia quotations without temporary selection

New in ATLAS.ti 8.2 Mac

  • New Icons. - ATLAS.ti Mac now uses the same icons as the Windows version to make platform switching even easier.

  • Twitter Import

  • Code cooccurrence explorer

  • SPSS export

  • Project explorer navigator

  • Added "expand to chapter" option to auto coding

  • Added groups column to all managers