ATLAS.ti Windows and Mac – Different, but Equally Powerful

For over twenty years, ATLAS.ti has been the standard tool for the analysis of qualitative data (text, images, audio, video, and geo data). While originally available for the Windows platform only, its native counterpart for the Mac has now come into its own as an equally powerful tool of unrivaled flexibility, efficiency, usability, and, last but not least, elegance.

Since its launch in September 2014, ATLAS.ti Mac has been steadily expanding its functionality, adding tools and features that researchers require for effective data analysis. Now, ATLAS.ti Mac has reached a point of maturity as a powerful qualitative data analysis application in its own right, and can be considered on par with the long-established Windows edition of ATLAS.ti.

Drawing on decades of experience with practical user requirements in data analysis, both applications are unique in their own ways–firmly rooted in their respective environments–yet wholly unified in their approach to data analysis. Unlike most of their competition, neither program makes compromises in usability (such as requiring Mac users to accept and learn “Windows way” of doing things, or a Microsoft-style user interface on the Mac).

ATLAS.ti Windows and ATLAS.ti Mac intentionally make no claims of being identical products. We understand that Windows users and Mac users are different, have different experiences, expectations and habits, and make very different demands of their computing environments. This is why we have two separate development teams, one for Windows, and one made up of true “Mac heads,” fiercely competing with one another for new approaches and solutions. Importantly, though, both teams are guided by a common vision of the role ATLAS.ti should play as an aid to researchers.

Yet, despite their noticeable differences, both versions of ATLAS.ti continue to learn rapidly from one another, resulting in a swift and heavily user-centered evolution of all underlying concepts. The upcoming ATLAS.ti 8 for Windows will introduce a number of new concepts that have been brought about through direct “in-house competition” with the native Mac edition.

With ATLAS.ti 8 (coming soon), full interoperability between the Windows and the Mac editions will be achieved, and the common design goals between the two will make entirely new tools and features possible. We promise you rapid and continuous growth of both versions of ATLAS.ti over the next few years–with you, the user, benefiting directly from the no-compromise approach to creating the best-of-breed QDA tool that is designed just right for you!

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