Try it – you will be suprised how easy it is..


You don’t have to be a software engineer to achieve outstanding results with ATLAS.ti.

ATLAS.ti has not only been setting the standards in computer-aided data analysis (QACDAS) for over two decades. ATLAS.ti has always been by far the most intuitive and easy-to-use program of its kind.


As the makers of ATLAS.ti, we believe in one thing above all: Ease of use. For ATLAS.ti 8, the latest incarnation, we worked in close collaboration with usability experts to completely revise and redesign the program from the ground up.

Our highest goal is to make software that is as user-friendly as it is powerful. Qualitative data analysis is already a complex enough endeavor. So at least your software should be as straightforward, clear and understandable as can be!

ATLAS.ti excels at making complex matters simple and manageable. Our users typically agree that it lets you...

  • Get up and running within minutes.
  • Feel at home with every operation.
  • Produce great results with little effort.
  • Concentrate on your *real* work.

See below the clean interface of ATLAS.ti 8 Windows.

A Most Natural Habitat

That's what makes ATLAS.ti so unique--it is intuitive through and through. Everything is where you would expect it and does what you want it to. For example, the margin area, where your codes, comments and links exist, is modeled after the time-honored paradigm of the book margin, the scholar's "natural habitat" for ages.

In ATLAS.ti, it is same for all document types and can be understood within seconds. The basic work process--creating quotations, coding, commenting, and generating stunning visualization--can literally be learned in a few minutes.

You'll Never Walk Alone

Assistance and support are never far away: Call or write in to our help desk for expert advice and competent support. Our friendly team is there to help you!

And our Training Center can help you elevate your skills to a new level.

ATLAS.ti has got you covered!