ATLAS.ti in the Classroom

Here you will find resources useful for teaching ATLAS.ti.  We are making available bibliographies, course outlines, teaching resources and video libraries.  We invite you to contribute your own resources. If you would like to do so, please contact us.  We would be happy to hear from you!


Annotated Bibliography

ATLAS.ti Annotated Biblio Education-March 2015. PDF download.

ATLAS.ti Annotated Biblio Health-March 2014. PDF download.


San Martin, Daniel. 2014. Teoría Fundamentada y ATLAS.ti: Recursos metodológicos para la investigación cualitativa. [PDF]. Click here..

Smit, Brigitte. 2014. Teaching ATLAS.ti in South Africa. Reflections on Doctoral Preparedness. [PDF]. Click here..

Friese 2014. Using ATLAS.ti for analyzing the financial crisis data. [PDF]. Click here..

Scales, Jane. 2013. Qualitative Analysis of Students’ Assignments: A Practical Look at ATLAS.ti.

Class Outlines

Three-day workshop ATLAS.ti 7 Windows and ATLAS.ti Mac.  Word file.  Adjust the outline according to your needs.  For example, it may be adjusted for two-day sessions.  In that case, we suggest covering coding on the first day, and leaving analysis for the second day.

Face-to-face ATLAS.ti 8 Windows-English. PDF.

Analyzing and interpreting qualitative data using ATLAS.ti.  Gerben Moerman. Faculty of Social and Behavioral Sciences. University of Amsterdam.

Analysing and interpreting qualitative data using ATLAS.ti- 2. Gerben Moerman. Faculty of Social and Behavioral Sciences. University of Amsterdam.

Introduction to Qualitative Research & ATLAS.ti. Dr Petra T Buergelt University of Western Australia.

Literature with ATLAS.ti (Spanish). Dr. Neringa Kalpokaite.

Teaching Material

ATLAS.ti Research Blog

The ATLAS.ti Research Blog includes short articles discussing best practices with the software as well as research applications.  We welcome contributions from experienced users of ATLAS.ti.  To do so, send us an email ([email protected]) and let us know what you have in mind.


All quick tour documents, reference manuals, and how-to guides can be accessed here.

Sample Projects

You may access here sample projects for ATLAS.ti 6, ATLAS.ti 7 and ATLAS.ti Mac. These projects can be used to teach the program.  Select the sub-menu ‘Sample Projects.”

ATLAS.ti 8


The interface.

ATLAS.ti 8 Windows-Working with Survey Data.

ATLAS.ti 8 Windows-Importing Codes.

ATLAS.ti 8 Windows-Exporting SPSS Job.

ATLAS.ti 7 Windows Manual Sections

Here you will find manual sections or chapters extracted from the ATLAS.ti 7.5 Windows manual.  We hope that having here a collection of sections/chapter will facilitate your access to technical information on specific topics.

ATLAS.ti 7.5-Data management in ATLAS.ti 7.5 and higher.  This manual section must be read by people working in a teamwork setting.

ATLAS.ti 7-Backing up and transferring the project: The Copy Bundle function

ATLAS.ti 7-Data-level work: Basic functions.  This chapter discusses working with quotations and coding.

ATLAS.ti 7-Preparing the project documents

ATLAS.ti 7-Working with multimedia documents. These two manual sections discuss how to work with multimedia quotations and how to code them.

ATLAS.ti 7-The auto-coding tool. This manual section discusses all related to the auto-coding function.

ATLAS.ti 7-Survey import.  This manual section explains how to import survey data (and how to prepare the spreadsheet for importation).

ATLAS.ti 7-Family Life and Working with Variables. These manual sections discuss family organization.  Starting on page 242 you will find an explanation on how to import/export document families from/to Excel.

ATLAS.ti 7-Super Families. Here you will learn how to combine documents families with document families in order to create higher family structures.

ATLAS.ti 7-Data Transcription. This manual section explains how to transcribe audio/video files in ATLAS.ti and how to associate written transcripts and the original audio/video files.

ATLAS.ti 7-Network Views. This manual section discusses everything related to network views (semantic and non-semantic).

ATLAS.ti 7-Query Tool. Explanation of the Query Tool and its different operators.

ATLAS.ti 7-Code-PD Table. This function allows to produce an output of code frequencies across documents.  That is, the number of times a code (or the codes of a code family) have been used across documents (or document families).

ATLAS.ti 7-Code Co-occurrence Tools. This manual section discusses the different tools available to explore code co-occurrences. A co-occurrence is when two codes are coding quotations that are touching each other (i.e., coding the same quotation, quotations within other quotations, or overlapping quotations).

PowerPoint Presentations

ATLAS.ti Windows-Class. Author: Ricardo B. Contreras.  If you have questions, contact the author here.

ATLAS.ti Mac Class. Author: Ricardo B. Contreras. If you have questions, contact the author here.

Resources Developed by Consultants

Qualitative Research & Consulting (QUARC).  Website of Dr. Susanne Friese.  Here you will find many resources for learning and teaching ATLAS.ti.  Dr. Friese is the author of the book Qualitative Data Analysis with ATLAS.ti.

Qualitative Data Analysis with ATLAS.ti-Resources for Teachers.  This is a blog created by Dr. Susanne Friese in 2012, in association to her book.  Although not so new, the content in this blog is very good.

Video Library

ATLAS.ti Video Library: ATLAS.ti 7 Windows.

ATLAS.ti Video Library: ATLAS.ti Mac.

ATLAS.ti Video Blog.  This is a video library created and maintained by Susanne Friese (

ATLAS.ti Video Library: Lectures on Qualitative Methodology. These are the video recordings from the ATLAS.ti-IIQM webinar series on qualitative methodology.  To see the calendar of webinars scheduled for this year, click here. Look under ‘Webinar Series on Qualitative Methodology’.