ATLAS.ti 9 Mac - Overview

Starting a Project

Creating a project and importing data

Organizing project data – Creating document groups

Importing (automated) transcripts

Transcribe your own data with ATLAS.ti

Using memos in the early stages of a project

Exploring and Coding Data

Working with Quotations

Word Cloud

Working with Word Lists

Coding Data

Splitting Codes

Merging Codes

Quotation Reader

Creating and working with hyperlinks

Text Search and Auto Code

Sentiment Analysis

Named Entity Recognition (NER)

Data Analysis

Data Analysis: Explaining Boolean operators

Creating smart document groups for further analysis

Creating a Boolean OR query in the Query Tool

Proximity operators and example queries

Query Tool: Further example queries

Query Tool with Scope

Working with the Code-Document Table

Code Co-occurrence Tools and Analysis

Applying global filters

Using memos for data analysis


Networks: Visualizations in Building Understanding

An Introduction to ATLAS.ti Networks - why and what for

How to create networks