El Lector de Citas ATLAS.ti 9 Mac

Nube de palabras ATLAS ti 9 Mac

Codificando los Datos ATLAS.ti 9 Mac

Codificación Automática ATLAS.ti 9 Mac

Analisis de sentimiento ATLAS ti 9 Mac

Reconocimiento de entidades nombradas ATLAS.ti 9 Mac

Herramienta de Consulta ATLAS.ti 9 Mac

The all-new ATLAS.ti 9 and ATLAS.ti Cloud have been launched!

From now on, all ATLAS.ti 9 licenses include full access to ATLAS.ti Cloud at no extra cost.

ATLAS.ti 9 represents a huge step forward: Implementation of new technologies (e.g., A.I./machine learning), a sleek and unified design between platforms, and laser-focused concentration on user experience and usability set new standards.

A flexible and easy-to-use license management system makes it a breeze to manage licenses seamlessly between computers, and to distribute individual seats under a multi-user license.