Version 9.1.7

Release date: 2021-11-11

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where quotations were not visible in the margin.
  • Fixed licensing issue for customers using proxy authentication
  • several minor bug fixes

Version 9.1.6

Release date: 2021-10-13

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where documents were merged incorrectly during project merge
  • Fixed an issue where quotations in certain text documents were not displayed in the margin
  • Projects containing PDF documents with faulty quotation boundaries are now repaired on import
  • Fixed a bug where in rare cases changes in text documents were not saved, which became visible only when reloading the documents
  • Bars for Codes that have no color are displayed correctly again in the bar chart view of the Code Manager
  • Fixed an issue where the coding tool did not open when trying to code multiple quotations at once
  • The comments field in Managers is now correctly updated when comment changes are undone
  • Text selection no longer collapses when a code is dragged onto a text selection
  • Renaming with the F2 key now works again in the Code Manager
  • Fixed a crash when importing broken project bundles
  • Fixed a crash in the code co-occurrence table when coding with a code that was currently selected in the code document table
  • Fixed some rare crashes in the analysis tables
  • Various minor improvements and fixes

Version 9.1.5

Release date: 2021-07-28

New and Improved

  • Improved stability in text editing


  • Fixed a crash when using Classic Theme in Windows 7
  • Fixed a problem with icons that were sometimes not displayed correctly
  • Fixed an issue with the positioning of the coding window

Version 9.1.4

Release date: 2021-07-14

New and Improved

  • Added option in Code Manager to sort codes by color
  • Copy and paste quotation inserts the quotation reference, title and full text content
  • Enlarged previews in Quotation Reader to show more content and more codings
  • Full code names are displayed in a tooltip when you hover over a code in the Quotation Reader
  • Coding dialog opens at a position that ensures that the context remains visible
  • Largely improved keyboard navigation in the coding dialog
  • Proper document previews are now displayed in networks
  • Cells in analysis tables are deselected when clicking outside the table
  • When creating new a group via drag-and-drop in Managers, the drag preview no longer covers the naming dialog.
  • Stop list import is now more flexible
  • When adding a code to a code group in the Code Manager, the code group is displayed in bold
  • When creating a new code group from selected codes, the correct number of codes is now displayed next to the group in the Project Explorer


  • Fixed a bug that caused caused quotations not to be visible in particular text documents
  • Fixed a bug where reports were incomplete
  • Fixed an issue where video and text were out of sync after editing a transcript
  • Fixed a bug when importing a project without a project name
  • Code Co-occurrence table is now correctly updated when a global filter is removed
  • Comments in network nodes are updated correctly
  • Some network modifications did not update the network’s modification date
  • Fixed a crash when updating the code co-occurrence table after deleting a document
  • Fixed a crash in the Quotation Reader when playing a video quotation of a linked multimedia document
  • Fixed a crash that could occur the next time a project was opened after a user had been deleted
  • Fixed several more crashes
  • Fixed some visual issues related to the Dark Mode
  • Fixed multiple cosmetic issues

Version 9.1.3

Release date: 2021-06-09

New Features

  • Code Cloud
  • Bar Chart in Code Manager
  • New Welcome Screen
  • Exported projects now use the new .atlproj9 extension
  • Print PDF and image documents with margin
  • Preview in Print dialog


  • Added option to rename codes in the context menu in the margin
  • Added the option to merge users in User Manager
  • Added the option to change the current user in the User Manager
  • Current User is now displayed in bold text in the User Manager
  • When opening a Network out of the Quotation Reader the quotation will be included in the Network
  • Added option to add document neighbors of codes in Networks
  • In the Network Editor we have added an option in the context menu of links to create a new relation
  • Fixed context menu when clicking on quotation overview bar in the margin
  • Added extra slow and extra fast playback speeds for multimedia documents
  • Better display groundedness of codes in Quotation Manager sidebar
  • Added quotaion reference to quotations in Split Code window
  • Better empty state for the Previews in Synkey diagrams
  • Changed default color theme to Automatic

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where the global code group filter incorrectly returned no results in the Code Manager
  • When creating Smart Groups with AND operator, an OR operator was used instead by mistake
  • Fixed Document Import for HTML files containing images
  • Fixed a bug where Quotation creator and Coders were not imported correctly from web project
  • Fixed a crash when importing transcripts without any timestamps in it
  • Fixed a bug when merging projects where quotations received the comment of the document
  • Fixed a bug where ATLAS.ti did not start after the message “No License Found” was displayed
  • Fixed an issue when searching quotations in Quotation Reader and in Analysis tables
  • Fixed a crash in the Quotations Reader when the list of quotation changed
  • Fixed that the Quotation Reader opened from the Query Tool was accidentally closed when a code used in the query was deleted
  • Fixed export of projects with illegal unicode characters
  • Fixed a crash when creating a word list in projects without any codes and quotations
  • Fixed stop list duplication when merging projects
  • Fixed missing document previews in network editor
  • Made renaming dialogs more user-friendly
  • In Code Manager code groups containing a selected code are displayed in bold text
  • Fixed Keyboard navigation in Document Search results
  • Fixed sorting quotations by reference in Quotation Manager
  • In the Project Explorer, the quotations of a document were not updated correctly
  • Improved Project Import information in the Files menu
  • In darkmode Network is now exported as image with dark background color
  • Fixed an issue where windows started to flicker when text document and a comment window were opened
  • Project Export dialog is now scrollable for projects with many multimedia documents
  • warnings in project export report difficult to read in dark mode
  • Fixed layout issues in Focus Group Coding dialog
  • Revised empty state in Code Document Table
  • Titel in Named Entity Recognition results was truncated
  • Fixed highlighting of text segments in Search & Code results
  • Fixed some incorrect display texts
  • Fixed a few display texts that were cut off in German
  • Fixed some missing or incorrect icons
  • fixed some incorrectly scaled icons
  • Version 9.0.24

    Release date: 2021-04-27

    Bug Fixes

    • Restored missing group in Network Editor ribbon

    Version 9.0.23

    Release date: 2021-04-15

    New and Improved

    • Code Co-occurrence tables now offer an “AND” operator
    • Timestamps of transcripts are now shown in a list in audio and video files. Timestamps can be played or deleted via right-click menu
    • Improved keyboard navigation in many windows

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed a problem that caused codings to be lost during project export, and repaired such broken codings
    • Fixed problems in account management that could occur after network failures and that led to licenses being temporarily unusable
    • Fixed a bug that sometimes prevented a restart after click on “Logout and Restart”
    • Fixed some issues with the new Dark Mode, such as missing or hardly visible icons
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when clicking “Manage Models” under Application Preferences in Options
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when the selected volume for Text Analysis Directory was not available
    • Fixed a problem with the positioning of floating windows when they are reopened
    • Fixed the disabled Close and Exit buttons in the File Menu
    • Fixed a bug in the presentation of search results in geo documents
    • Fixed a crash that could occur during Reference Manager import
    • Fixed an issue with quotations spanning over multiple pages in PDF documents and a number of other PDF-related issues
    • Many more minor bugfixes

    Version 9.0.22

    Release date: 2021-04-01

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed an issue that removed codings in some projects during export

    Version 9.0.21

    Release date: 2021-03-12

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed an issue that prevented import of some PDF documents

    Version 9.0.20

    Release date: 2021-03-02

    New and Improved

    • Dark mode has been introduced
    • Added support for .srt and .vtt transcript files
    • Improved PDF import and transcript import
    • Added icons to the Link Manager to provide a better overview
    • Various improvements when working in text documents (especially right-to-left text documents), PDFs, geo documents and transcripts
    • Improved print with margin
    • Improved performance when searching in Managers
    • Improved performance of Project Explorer
    • Added features to .msi installer for better customization
    • Updated to .NET Framework 4.8
    • Many more minor improvement

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed an issue where student licenses were incorrectly indicated as expired
    • Fixed an issue where windows sometimes were not opened when using multiple screens
    • Fixed a bug showing incorrect context menu in networks
    • Fixed a bug showing the wrong entity list when adding nodes to a network
    • Fixed previews in network nodes for image exports
    • Fixed a bug causing disturbing interaction when searching in text documents
    • Fixed a bug that causing quotations to be slightly shifted after importing a Refi-QDA (.qdpx) project
    • Fixed a bug where quotations were filtered incorrectly in Quotation Reader
    • Fixed keyboard shortcuts for Undo and Redo in the Search & Code tools
    • Fixed Detail and Percentage view options in word cloud
    • Fixed several rare crashes

    Version 9.0.19

    Release date: 2021-01-19

    Bug fixes/improvements:

    • Fixed a rare crash when editing text documents
    • Fixed an editing issue with certain text document

    Version 9.0.18

    Release date: 2020-12-02

    Bug fixes/improvements:

    • Hotfix; some valid licenses wrongly misidentified as invalid

    Version 9.0.17

    Release date: 2020-11-30

    Bug fixes/improvements:

    • Improved word reports: text content displays linebreaks correctly and can be copied to the clipboard
    • Improved presentation and handling of geo documents; in-vivo coding is now available for geo locations
    • Improved presentation of search results for Named Entity Recognition and Sentiment Analysis: Suggested codes are now listed first, followed by existing codes
    • Improved visual feedback during drag & drop operations by indicating the source item attached to the mouse pointer
    • Repeated survey import no longer creates duplicate cases
    • Fixed a crash during installion
    • Fixed a bug that caused folder “GPUCache” to appear on desktop
    • Fixed bug where codings were missing in the margin
    • Fixed a bug where text document import failed in rare cases
    • Fixed a bug which caused the Evernote import to fail in some occasions
    • Other minor bugfixes

    Version 9.0.16

    Release date: 2020-10-28

    Bug fixes/improvements:

    • Fixed an issue where edited document were skipped during project merge. The edited documents will be added to the target project, so that both versions of such documents are available in the resulting project. We are working on a solution to be able to merge edited documents in the future.
    • Improved startup performance
    • Improved performance loading text documents and opening Managers
    • Quotation names are no longer used to store quotation content in Survey Import
    • Survey Import no longer fails due to too long group names
    • Fixed a crash in the survey import
    • Fixed a crash when running out of disk space during upgrade from ATLAS.ti 8
    • Fixed a crash when Library is not accessible, and a number of other rare crashes
    • Regular Expression Search test text now appears in your display language and can be replaced by a custom text
    • Fixed Excel Report of Quotations grouped by Codes
    • Search in Quotation Reader now finds matches in the complete quotations, not only in tiles
    • Fixed Ctrl+Z keyboard shortcut in Network Editor
    • Fixed shortcuts in Text Editor ribbon
    • Show error message when importing stop list with invalid format
    • Avatar button in narrow welcome screen is fixed
    • Cleaned up library locations history
    • In Named Entity Recognition, similar codes names with different capitalization are summarized
    • In Named Entity Recognition, Undo nows applies to *all* proposed codes in a single step
    • Improved Machine Learning Model overview
    • Number of Quotations is now calculated correctly in Quotation Reader
    • Multimedia document of a transcript now opens side by side in the same area
    • Labels in Query Tool are not being cut off anymore
    • Quotation no longer gets scolded out of view when resizing project window
    • Added “paste as plain text” in text documents
    • various minor bug fixes

    Version 9.0.15

    Release date: 2020-09-21

    • Fixed global filters in Word Cloud and Word List
    • Corrected counts in Word Cloud and Word List when including infelected forms
    • Project names remain unchanged when an import of the same project is canceled
    • Fixed offset PDF quotations after iPad project import
    • Added “Paste Plain Text” option in Document Editor
    • Fixed a bug where numbered lists and bullet lists at the end of a document were saved as normal body text
    • Fixed a bug that prevented the last used view options from being saved correctly
    • Project Explorer refreshes correctly when Smart Group results have changed
    • Exported documents get correct file names again
    • Password error is no longer presented in the login screen if email is filled in after password
    • Fixed a crash in in the Intercoder Agreement alaysis
    • Fixed some translation errors
    • Various minor improvements